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5 lunches, 4 dinners

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Chris and I have just returned from our trip and it was a tasty one. He isn't an adventurous eater so unfortunately, I had to compromise on what we had ordered but sometimes that is a good thing or else I would end up ordering the entire menu.

Sunday lunch, I had In n Out burger for the first time. I had the cheeseburger animal style with extra raw onions and it was amazing. The east coast is truly deprived without an In n Out.

Sunday night, we ate at Lotus of Siam and ordered the following...
Nam Kao Tod: very good. Chris, who is an extremely picky eater, said it was the most flavorful dish he's ever had.
Garlic shrimp: love any shrimp where you can eat the crispy shell, shell reminded me of Korean fried chicken a bit
Garlic pepper chicken wings: nice and crispy, although not memorable
Beef pad see ew: eh, I've had many that were better.
Next time, I would really like to try the whole catfish which I did not order as Chris does not like fish.

Monday-Tuesday lunch: Grand Canyon... a place we later found out was kind of a food desert. We ate burritos at Plaza Bonita.

Tuesday dinner, we ate at Raku. We called that evening and got a reservation for 11:30pm which turned out to be one of their private rooms... a nice surprise. The steamed foie gras egg custard was AMAZING. I'm still craving some more of it. I also really enjoyed the pork cheek. We ordered the agedashi tofu, juicy deep fried chicken, kobe beef with wasabi, kobe with garlic, kobe tendon, kobe liver, duck with balsamic soy glaze, eggplant, and foie gras with glazed soy sauce base. I think the eggplant was smothered in bonito flakes which I was not a fan of. Everything else was great. Unfortunately, no specials that night that piqued our interest.

Wednesday lunch, we headed to Eureka to try Fat Choy. We had the duck buns, pork buns, potstickers, and short ribs with rice. Food was good, especially with the old school-ish atmosphere/crowd. Always appreciate it when a restaurant can get duck skin and pork belly nicely crisp.

Wednesday dinner, we had the seasonal menu at L'atelier. Amazing service, awesome waiter, great view of the action in the kitchen, and some great dishes. Scallop carpaccio, quail stuffed with foie gras, eggplant stuffed pepper with tuna confit, and desserts were phenomenal. The other dishes ranged from ok to good, but not because it wasn't perfectly executed. I could appreciate the combinations/complexity of flavors, but sometimes it just wasn't my cup of tea. Next time, I would do the other prix fixe options over the tasting menu.

By Thursday, we had been overeating so much over the past few days we decided to calm down a bit with our meals and catch a show instead. We canceled our reservation at Sage for that night and used a $50 food credit to the MGM hotels to go to the Aria buffet which Chris insisted would be better than the Bellagio buffet. We went at 3pm so we could catch the dinner turnover at 3:30pm with lunch pricing and frankly, I was not impressed at all and slightly upset we wasted a meal there. I ate a few platefuls of snow crab legs (no king crab, probably because it wasn't a "gourmet" night?) and called it a day. I am sure Chris just wanted to go there for the unlimited drinks for $13.

As a sidenote, we caught the show Absinthe that night which we found HILARIOUS. However, it is definitely not for those easily offended.

On Friday, we packed our bags for our return to Boston... but only with some more In n Out on the way.

Sep 08, 2014
lslao in Las Vegas

5 lunches, 4 dinners

Thanks for all of the input so far.

Felt like I needed to add something really cheap to soften the blow of how much some of the other meals will cost and didn't realize Earl was a chain so will likely sub Fat Choy.

I tried making a reservation at Bouchon for lunch, but it's completely booked. Is it usually truly this booked or is there the possibility of walking in to get a seat at the bar?

Aug 07, 2014
lslao in Las Vegas

5 lunches, 4 dinners

I am getting ready for my first trip to Las Vegas and, after much research on the board/Google, I would like some feedback on the list I have put together. I tried to include a variety of price points here so my husband and I don't return to Boston broke, but still experience some of the best the city has to offer.

Lotus of Siam
Earl of Sandwich


I intend to do the prix fixe at L'atelier and Sage, but was wondering if the omakase at Raku is considered a must-do experience.

I also thought about substituting a buffet in there somewhere because it's all you hear about when you mention Vegas, but it seems like for the cost there are better options.


Aug 06, 2014
lslao in Las Vegas

duck eggs

They do! I saw them there last week, although quite expensive. $5 for a box of 6 eggs if I remember correctly, but were on sale when I had gone buy one get one free. Located in the back left corner of the store, wish I had grabbed some when I was in the area.

Jul 13, 2012
lslao in Greater Boston Area

Truly great cheap eats in Providence RI

Recently went to Asian Bakery for the first time and got their BBQ banh mi sandwich for $4: delicious!

Nov 26, 2010
lslao in Southern New England

Banh MI - Providence

Was looking for a place to get banh mi sandwiches and went to Asian Bakery due to this thread. Asian Bakery on Broad St is still open and the BBQ banh mi is $4 and quite good (when you don't bite on a whole chili pepper).

My mom says that all of her friends get banh mi sandwiches at an Asian supermarket called Am Kes on Potters Avenue, although I have never tried them.

Nov 26, 2010
lslao in Southern New England

Turducken and toufurkey in RI?

This is late, but for future reference, they had turducken at the Walmart in Coventry, RI for around $40. Can't comment on how it tastes, though.

Nov 26, 2010
lslao in Southern New England

Where to find sushi rice and ingredients in rhode island?

Whole Foods in Cranston definitely has sushi rice in the bulk aisle for $1.xx/lb. They also have brown sushi rice if that is something you prefer.

I've seen nori sheets pretty much everywhere, although I don't know who sells it for the cheapest price. I buy nori sheets at the Chinese American Market in Cranston. They also have frozen unagi there if interested (it's already cooked with the sauce, and all you do is boil the vacuum sealed container to heat it.)

May 06, 2010
lslao in Southern New England