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Poppy Seed Cooking Oil

I first posted re: Poppy Seed Oil for cooking purposes and where it could be found around my area (St. Catharines-Niagara) in 2010. I'm still looking and any help anyone can give me would be much appeaciated. I'm willing to look elsewhere in Canada too. Than youin advance for your time and effort. I'm doing this for my father who grew up in Germany and remembers that the woman in his house used extensivly in their cooking. He is getting homesick in his old (85) age and I would like too indulge him.

Poppy Seed cooking oil

Hi there!

Does anyone out there know about poppy seed cooking oil and where I could obtain in my neck of the foods. I've already tried grocery stores like Zehrs, Metro etx and no luck. If anyone out there can help me I'd really appreciate it. Thank you