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Another Ho hum food experience in Palo Alto

I've enjoyed Mandarin Roots on El Camino. Somewhat pricey for Chinese, but nice ambience.

If you had a $100 OpenTable gift certificate, how would you use it in the Bay Area?

Never knew I could actually deposit it, so thanks!

It does say the restaurant should process as a Traveler's Check, so clearly it is not a rebate from OpenTable- it's really a check.

Just deposited my $20 check via my bank's mobile phone app.

Nice early Sunday dinner in Palo Alto, plus transportation help

If you are willing to go to the border of Palo Alto and Mountain View, there are a couple of nice new restaurants in the revamped San Antonio center: Paul Martin and Pacific Catch. Both slightly upscale with good food.

Grocery Outlet (June 2014)

At Sonora, CA: did have the extra aged goat gouda, and purchased but haven't tried: Vincent Aged Dutch Gouda (best by 6/27/14) and Don Bernardo Manchego (by 9/19/14). Bought & tried: Kashi Hummus Crisps Sea Salt & Vinegar- pretty good but not as crunchy as the TJ Lentil chips I love.

Murphys/Calaveras winery recs

Four Winds (was called Laraine) has a small tasting room a few miles away from Murphy's. I always find one or two wines worth buying. Nearby are several other standalone wineries that I find to have mixed quality.

Oct 04, 2013
maxmanx in California

Beijing-like food in Mountain View/Silicon Valley?

Just returned from a business trip to Beijing, and really enjoyed the food. Of course, I had the Peking duck, but what really impressed me was the variety of spicy food (not Thai hot) - spicy with an interesting mix of spices. I enjoyed the Hot Pot, a fish dish that was literally covered in red chili peppers but was only spicy not crazy hot, and "custom stir fry" (you choose all of the ingredients, most cooked separately but served all together in a delicious sauce in a big pot on the table.

I haven't seen dishes like this (except for Hot Pot in Fremont).

Is there a restaurant that serves food similar to what you can get in Beijing?

I'm not an expert on Chinese regional cuisine, so please educate me.


Tommy Thai - Mountain View

I find asking for "Thai Hot" works for me. I haven't tried it a Tommy, but it works at Thai Basil in Sunnyvale. A friend that has a Thai wife suggested it.

Grocery Outlet 20% off Wine Starting Nov 9 - Opinions?

Melanie- I agree with you on the Louviere Blanc. I bought it a few months ago at Redwood City, but didn't see any when I was there on Wednesday. Which GO did you find it at?

Restaurants near the Wharf?

Though I haven't eaten there in several years, Pompei's Grotto had decent food at decent prices (past Castagnola (sp?) on the water side.

This past summer, I ate at the bar at the Franciscan several times. Ordered the Salumi and Burrata combo ($30) which was served on a tri-level tray: cheese, salumi and pickled vegetable/smoked salmon with lots of bread. This served 3 not very hungry guests, or would easily feed 2 hungry ones. The ladies enjoyed the cucumber martinis too. And the view is why you are there!

Pompei's Grotto
340 Jefferson St, San Francisco, CA 94133

Castagnola's Restaurant
286 Jefferson St, San Francisco, CA 94133

Grocery Outlet, September 2011

I bought 2 Faively blancs, and one was good and one was Premoxed. I was at the Redwood City GO about 10 days ago, and they had a sign that said Rouge, but I could only find the white.

Hong Kong Style Stinky Tofu??

I've been told that this is what Queen House in Mountain View on Castro serves. I've had it there. I'm not sure if it is HK style, but it certainly is stinky! :-)

Hayward Recommendation, please

Try this place:
Very reasonably priced.

Grocery Outlet January 2011

Bought 2 bottles of the Jocelyn Lonen ($14.99) last week. First bottle didn't decant enough and wasn't impressed, but liked it a lot on the 3rd day. Second bottle, with 2 hours of decanting was amazing. I bought a case. Thanks to everyone on this board for finding this wine for me!

Grocery Outlet, November 2010

Redwood City is out of the Axis Pinot.

Anyone know where they still have inventory?

Are You In CA? Is there a Costco near you? Unbelievable $14.99 red....

I was just at the Sunnyvale store, couldn't find it and the Costco employee never heard of it. :-(

Jul 01, 2010
maxmanx in Wine

Mexican in South Bay