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Need a great, casual caterer for a Pensacola Beach party on Saturday, August 24th!!!

We are having a family reunion in PB on 8/24. None of us live in PB, we're coming from all over the country. Need a great, casual caterer for a party for 50 guests that can come out to the beach. We will be in a rental condo and aren't sure if the condo has any equipment needed to facilitate a party of this size. Who knows of a good caterer that can do bbq, fried chicken, sandwiches,etc.. We are open to any ideas, doesn't have to be fancy, just tasty!

Jul 24, 2013
bogle821 in Florida

kosher turkey

Does anyone know where to get a really good kosher turkey in the Lehigh Valley or Hunterdon or Warren County, NJ? I just don't feel like brining this year. I guess I could just pre-salt it myself, but I'm feeling incrediby lazy and wiped out after the hurricane and it's going to be all I can do to get this meal on the table. Thanks!

Nov 09, 2012
bogle821 in Pennsylvania

large batch vodka mint lemonade cocktail recipe

Does anyone have a great recipe for vodka mint lemonade that yields a large quantity (50 servings). Is there an interesting ingredient to liven it up a little? Can it be made ahead? Anyone?

Jul 02, 2012
bogle821 in Spirits

pork belly - Lehigh Valley

Great! Thank you so much!

Jun 23, 2011
bogle821 in Pennsylvania

pork belly - Lehigh Valley

Does anyone know where I can buy pork belly in the Lehigh Valley?

Jun 22, 2011
bogle821 in Pennsylvania

good lamb butcher or retailer (NOT a supermarket) in the Lehigh Valley

I need a really good source for quality lamb - loin, tenderloin and racks, in the LV. Can be sourced from US, NZ or Australia. Does anyone know of such a place? Has anyone purchased anything from R & R Provisions in Easton, or know anything about it?

Mar 06, 2011
bogle821 in Pennsylvania


Has anyone seen kumquats that are still on the stem with the leaves on?!! I used to be able to get them at Citarella in NY, but can't get into the city to look. Is there any Asian store in eastern PA or anywhere along the I-78 corridor in NJ that has them? Wegmans can't get them for me. They told me their buyer says the leaves are quarantined from entering the country. Maybe, except that they're also grown in California, so someone must carry them!

Dec 02, 2010
bogle821 in Pennsylvania

rehearsal dinner in Lehigh Valley?

Bolete now has it's covered back patio open for private events. I believe they can accomodate up to 40 or 50 people, and the food is just exquisite. Sagra Bistro in Hellertown has a private room upstairs, not sure how many it can accomodate, but their food is approachable, quite tasty and well priced. Edge also has a private room and I believe they can do parties of about 30 or 40. They also have an outdoor patio, which you could also use. Delicious food - doesn't get the credit that it should. Then there's always the Sayre Mansion, which is such a pretty place, and lovely rooms for guests to stay in, and a beautiful tented patio, but you have to use their caterer. The Sun Inn in downtown Bethlehem is now used just for events like this (no longer a full time restaurant) and they have a chef doing the catering there that's got some mad skills. He used to be at the Farmhouse in Emmaus until very recently. His name might be Mark.

1740 Seidersville Rd, Bethlehem, PA 18015

Jul 31, 2010
bogle821 in Pennsylvania

BBQ caterer that will travel to the Lehigh Valley

Does anyone know first -hand, of a REALLY good bbq caterer/restaurant? I don't think we want a pig roaster, we really want true bbq. Especially one with a travelling smoker to do ribs/ chicken/ brisket on-site. I'm in the Lehigh valley and the ones that are here are not up to snuff. It's for a rehearsal dinner in June. Thanks for any and all help!

Jan 11, 2010
bogle821 in Pennsylvania

Help with a whole night of delicious, mellow celebration

My husband and I will be in Philly this Saturday night, unexpectedly, to celebrate his birthday. We're going to stay at the Ritz-Carlton. We need a GREAT, intresting, not loud restaurant. My budget would be about $250.00 for dinner (including drinks), and it would preferably be a place that also has a good beer selection and isn't pretentious and too serious. I just want amazing food; that's not too much to expect, right? Then we need some cool, mellow, possibly romantic bars to hop to. Jazz, or blues would be a huge bonus. We will have a car, but I don't really want to drive all over the whole city since we will be drinking. I know NOTHING about Philadelphia, and since we won't be arriving until about 4:30 Saturday and we'll be leaving by noon on Sunday, I don't have time to find out a whole lot. I'm relying on all you Philly Chowhounders to help me out. Oh, and will I even be able to get a reservation at this late date? I'm nervous!

Oct 27, 2008
bogle821 in Pennsylvania