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Deli meat bargain!?!

ham salad, coarse chopped with celery, onion,sweet pickles hard boiled eggs and mayo. Also slice & freeze and use on pizza with pineapple and bell pepper. Ham is always welcome in a bean soup; and ham cubes with peas and a gruyere sauce with pasta is another dish.

Feb 08, 2014
lg7128 in General Topics

What's for Dinner #273 - 6 More Weeks of Winter Edition [Through February 9, 2014]

definitely comfort food, though in San Diego we have no snow. shivering at 41 degrees this morning.....Yesterday I made a pot of gigandes with a honeybaked ham bone that was very meaty. I love the depth of flavor and creamy texture of those huge beans; cooked them low and slow to keep the skins intact

1lb Ground Buffalo Meat...

I love bison; and it is really good as meatballs. I mix chopped onion, minced garlic and seasonings, and an egg and roll into balls; then sear and steam in my pressure cooker with a bit of stock. They are delicious, taste like well-aged beef. slice and make a good stroganoff with sour cream, seared onions, mushrooms and noodles

Feb 06, 2014
lg7128 in Home Cooking

Leftover cranberry orange relish-need suggestions!!

I just bought a box of orange cranberry Krusteaz muffin mix; added it to 1 cup of leftover cranberry-orange relish and a half-cup of orange juice and baked in a square cake pan for 40 minutes. Looks & smells heavenly. I kept their little can of cranberries to use later.
I froze the rest because I love it with pork!

Dec 05, 2013
lg7128 in Home Cooking

Uses for labne

Labne is delicious....use as you would use sour cream; or cream cheese. We add a dollop into our yougurt/w/fruit and it thickens and makes it silky and rich. The smear topped with a good oil and drizzle of flavored balsamic vinegar with crackers to dredge is marvelous; or a side with any salad and toasted nuts. Dips are great with it, too.

Jan 30, 2012
lg7128 in Home Cooking

The Holy Grail: Does anyone make a good fat-free salad dressing?

In the yogurt section; see if you can find "Labne" (Kefir cheese) it is a wonderfully creamy Lebanese cheese that I use and smear a bowl with, then toss greens and veggies to coat and finish with sea salt and cracked pepper. It has a lemony kind of zing but is mostly creamy tasting, like a great ranch.

Nov 24, 2010
lg7128 in Home Cooking

Any ideas for making beets more palatable?

I love the pickled kind in a jar.....they really add a spark to a salad. Try a mandoline shaved beet + fennel + granny smith apple whisked with a vinaigrette made from lemon juice, cider v, garlic and olive oil and then top with good goat cheese crumbles and toasted sesame seeds.

Nov 24, 2010
lg7128 in Home Cooking

Sunday Graduation dinner in Providence?

There is a block that is like a Little Italy and a restaurant that starts with a Z. It is fabulous. They have a dish called spaghetti shui shui and I still dream about it; have not been able to create it myself though it was simple ingredients; hot pasta perfectly al dente; with small sweet tomatoes and garlic and fresh basil. Very reasonable pricing and wonderful wine list.
Just found it; it is Zooma and can be found at Honestly, my hubby and I are foodies, and we both rave about the one dining experience there.

245 Atwells Ave., Providence, RI 02903

May 04, 2010
lg7128 in Southern New England

Old Denver Dry Goods Cream Mints

I think what you are looking for are buttermints; not too sweet but very creamy and melt into butter in your mouth. You can do a google search for "buttermints" and find them; in pastel colors like the Denver dry goods store had.

May 04, 2010
lg7128 in Mountain States