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Has Pomme de Terre Closed?

It's hard to say. I live a block away. I just know what I've seen on the ground. and the awning sign is still up but the outside beer signs are gone.

Supposedly, they're expanding into the Latino Pentecostal church but i haven't seen any evidence of that. also, they had a beer license before. But they still had ups and downs. They canceled Sunday brunch and closed on Mondays. And being closed through may doesn't seem to help, not to mention that all the weekly specials didn't generate a ton of business. It's a bad location for a restaurant. There's no other real restaurant of that caliber on Newkirk.

It's a rough nabe for anything calling itself a gastropub. Voxpop is still closed due to back taxes. there's a Japanese restaurant that has been threatening to open for a long time on Cortelyou. Also, consider the fact that the Pentecostal church is LOUD when they are having services. They don't have much in the way of A/C so in the summer they keep their doors open. Allowing the sound to go over to Pomme de Terre. Who hopes to have outside dining.

I'll check out Pomme de Terre when it reopens but if it's going to be the same heavy fare with $17 per entree prices, I'll rarely go. It's a lot of sauteed fare and meats. And getting a liquor license isn't really going to make it more palatable. It's a tiny space on an out-of-the-way street with a torn-up subway station nearby.

I'm not holding out a lot of hope.

May 04, 2010
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