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What to order at... Coco500?

The Vacherin (dessert) and gorgeously described, is one of the best desserts I have ever eaten. For 2, not for 1. The flatbread was outstanding as well. Be careful with noise volume at Coco500 - when we went at 830 it was insanely loud.

Seasons (Four Seasons restaurant)?

Been thinking about checing it out - can anyone offer any thoughts on Seasons? How does it stack up vs Silks or the RC Dining Room? Special dishes, environment, price/value ration? Etc. - any thoughts appreciated.

Your Favorite Korean places in SF?

My Tofu House out on Geary has incredible hot pot but their bbq'd meats (esp. their pork) and side dishes are also really quite good. I drove by there just tonight and at 7 pm it was standing room only so they continue to do something very right.

Fresh Turmeric in San Francisco?

I just got back from Malaysia and took a great cooking course, and many of the recipes called for fresh Turmeric. Does anyone know where I should be able to procure this in the Bay Area? Many thanks.

Presidio Social Club (quick review)

We checked out the 8-day old PSC this past Saturday night and overall found it to be excellent value and a nice addition to the SF dining scene.

The room is quite nice and it's clear the owners invested quite a bit of time thinking through the room. The bar is all marble and the modern army barrack look is quite unique. Service was extremely courteous and friendly.

The food is pretty basic, I'd say think a more upscale Chow. Very limited menu, primarily retro-American served California style. For appetizers we tried the Tuna Poke, Gruyere Cheese Toasts (w.Tomato sauce on side) and Crabcakes. Cheese Toasts the standout, nice and buttery yet light. Crabcakes were a bit dry and the Tuna Poke was solid but not a revelation.

For entrees we tried the Pork chop and the Roasted Chicken. My pork chop was alternately a bit salty and dry, but my friend savored every last bite of his, so it's a bit uneven. Sauteed spinach sides were solid, but not nearly as good as the whipped mashed potatoes that came with the Roasted Chicken, which was excellent. The Banana Cream pie dessert was made with freshly cut bananas and was outstanding.

I strongly suspect that the food is going to continue to improve as the kitchen settles into its groove, and the prices here are right - entrees are all around $15. Excellent handmixed cocktails (Margaritas esp.) , and a well-priced and picked wine list to boot.

This chic place nestled just inside the Presidio, and the parking lot is a major bonus. While the food is not really innovative, it is quality comfort food and fairly priced, and I think this restaurant will do quite well over the long run.

Florio (Fillmore Street) review - short

First time at Florio - we wanted to go to Jackson Fillmore, but it was closed. So we were seated by a friendly maitre'd. The atmosphere is very warm and inviting. Our server was nice, but pretty absent, and the food was at best mediocre.

Caesar salad forgettable. The cavatelli were overly sauced with a meaty ragu, and it was a bit too salty. At $16, a failed dish.

The cotecino (ground chicken, into a sausage) laid down over lentils and rapini was the most interesting thing we ordered, but it was still a bit flat. The bread there is good however.

Truchard Merlot at $32 struck me as good value, but unfortunately Florio as a whole did not - th entire meal (wine plus 1 salad, 1 entree, 1 pasta, tax and tip) ran $100, which does not compare favorably with other SF restaurants in that range. Not returning.

(415) 775-4300
1915 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA 94115

A16 Quick Update

There has been so much hype about the restaurant. Plus reports from trusted palates more or less said if this place was in NY it would be a pretty good Italian place, but SF it's heralded beyond its abilities. But I'm glad to have found it was very good indeed.

A16 Quick Update

With a great deal of skepticism I ate at A16 and wanted to give a quick report.

The atmosphere was buzzing and filled with a NY-like level of excitement. Wine list was well chosen and service excellent.

The olive oil placed on the table was delicious, very peppery and with that spiciness in the back of the throat that very good oil gives you.

The "eggplant parmesan" was grilled eggplant, a paperthin slice of ham, mozzarella and Early Girl tomatoes. I was a bit thrown off by the room temperature aspect - after seeing the Parm word - but it was well prepared and very fresh. My gf raved about it.

We got 2 1/2 orders of pasta, (1) Bucatini with Manila Clams, Tomatoes, etc. This was delicious - the clams super fresh and the pasta al dente and perfectly sauced. (2) was a Taglioni with Chanterelles and Guanciale. The pasta was super fresh but I thought the saucing too rich - there must have been a stick of butter in it.

The highlight of the dinner was unquestionably the boned Short Rib, eeasily the best I have ever had. This rectangular chunk of beautiful beef came out in a deep red pool of tomato sauce. It was cooked to perfection and reflected a long and thoughtful braise. Truly fantastic.

Wrapped up with a crusty/puddingy chocolate dessert, name escapes me now, but it was served with salt and olive oil on the crust. Very well done.

I'll be back!

Gourmet Carousel - Not a Pleasant Ride

A few weeks ago I gave the GC a spin and have to say I was a bit disappointed. I am hoping that I just had a bad outing, but wanted to report that the food was not fresh and it was overly greasy and of a generally poor quality.

The best recommendations were definitely the Long Life noodles and the crispy chicken, but the mongolian beef was inedible. The fried squab was not great either, but to be fair we did eat take out and perhaps it declined significantly en route.

byo at Bodega Bistro?

The corkage is now a whopping $9.00, up from the $7.20 of 2 months ago. The food is still quite delicious - that Ban Xaeo crepe particularly tasty. Don't miss the beef Pho and order 1 bowl for every 2 people if having other food, it's huge.

Great Chinese Food in the Tenderloin/Civic Center/Western Addition?

We are visiting an older friend this Saturday for lunch who lives at Van Ness/Sutter. Thinking about bringing over Chinese food - anyone have a good recommendation for takeout down there? We will consider Thai as well...

Suggest some places I may never have been- Polk Gulch, TL, Mission...

Bodega Bistro, with its divine Vietnamese, is right there on Eddy/Larkin and is perfect for your requirements. Great food, nice place not too fancy. Amazing value. I have eaten there 2x in the last 3 wks and am very impressed.

Saturday Brunch/Lunch Sugg for Visiting SF Chowhound

Visiting SF Chowhound coming to Manhattan....I already booked Friday night at Peasant, looking forward.

Party of 6 (including a 5 and a 7 yr old) - looking for a great Lunch/Brunch place to dine. Odeon is a contender. Somewhere in Chelsea/SoHo/West Village best.

Any great suggestions that are at least marginally family friendly (kids are Parisian, very well behaved)?

Aug 16, 2006
BlaineResident in Manhattan

The Best Delivery Pizza in SF - FOUND!

I am with you all the way. I have been eating Victor's for 12 years and find it really delicious, and much better than many nouveau pizza places that have sprung up here in SF. Francisco is a genius server - he's the one with the mustache there. Try the Victor's Special. Outrageously tasty.

Where is this, Five Spiced Roast Chicken?

Yummy Yummy at 10th/Irving has delicious 5 Spiced Chicken. You will not be disappointed...

Macrina Cafe and Bakery

SF Chowhound inadvertently found himself in this lovely Belltown spot this past Sunday. The line was pretty serious but people were patiently waiting in anticipation. I soon found myself at the counter, drinking an earthy Americano, and savoring a bracing fruit salad with a clever ginger garnish atop.

After much agonizing I opted for the Market Special, which was a crepe filled with basil, ricotta, fresh corn and Tiger Shrimp. I don't even like crepes but this was utterly delicious - super fresh and just plain tasty. Adorning the plate was a nice side of salad greens, what appeared to be fingerling potatoes and some crusts of homemade bread.

Service was excellent and attentive. I only wish we had a Macrina here in SF - truly good. Enjoy, my Pac NW friends.

Business Lunch in Kirkland/Bellevue

SF Chowhound coming up to Seattle in July. Cannot wait to get back to your beautiful city.

I need to take important client somewhere nice in the area. Below are three places they suggested, so of the three, which is the best?

However, they and I and they are open to other places as well...

Third Floor Fish Cafe -
Daniel's Broiler -
Yarrow Bay Grill -


Short report on Zuppa. Group of us met up there tonight after today's Giant game and I was very pleasantly reminded at how tasty the place is.

The Olive/Margherita pizza had a tangy sauce, lovely cheese and the crust had just the right amount of chew.

The Rigatoni witht the Pork Ragout was possibly one of the best pasta dishes I can remember having in SF. Perfect amount of salt, the pasta was judiciously cooked the porky flavor was redolent. A standout dish.

The veal chop I ordered was nicely on the rare side and had excellent flavor. Pork chop with cardoons toothsome. The Halibut with Crazy Water "acquapazza" light and spicy. Panacotta hugely vanilla with a bordering on excessive creaminess, but the Tiramisu was on the light side so they balanced each other out.

Wine list was generous, plenty of good bottles to pick under $40.

In a city with all too many so-so Italian spots, Zuppa was a standout tonight. Recommended.

564 4th St
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 777-5900

Farmer Brown Review

I think it's quiet most of the time, and when there was music being played, I didn't find it intrusive (i.e. no one was dancing :)) - it was more for the ambience than anything. But, I am sure the restaurant will be able to tell you. I am excited about that pepper jelly and those muffins.

Farmer Brown Review

I went to FB last night and it was a great experience. The watermelon margarita is one of the best cocktails I have had in a long time - great watermelon color and not too sweet at all, just a really nice natural fruit flavor and almost a hint of cucumber. The spicy salt rimming the glass was a nice touch as well. Mirror Pond in jelly jars was fun. The gumbo was light and subtle, nicely flavored. I tried the fried chicken - unfortunately my first order had to be sent back b/c it wasn't entirely fried thru, but once they got it right it was really good chicken - maybe could have used a tad more salt but nice and crunchy and the macaroni and cheese was divine. The staff was very professional and nice and altogether this was a great place to check out. Disclaimer: my friend is a DJ there - but the music is a great ambience-setter. Hoping this place succeeds where so many before it in the location have not been able to..