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Dark restaurants in Toronto ?

Madeline's is quite dark.

most avant garde in Washington area?

Can anyone tell me what the most avant garde restaurants are in the Washington area? Any places that do high-end experimental, cutting edge cuisine?

Susur's Madelene - Makeover?

Susur's wife, Brenda Bent, has worked for the show as a guest designer, so I'm guessing either Igor was somehow involved in the renovation of Madeline's privately, or maybe they did a Makeover Episode to partly finance Madeline's.

Downtown pub/bar with party room

Irish Embassy at Yonge & Wellington has a party room. Not sure how big.

retaurants in st.catharines

One of the best restos in the whole region is Treadwell Cuisine in Port Dalhousie. Not cheap, but truly amazing food.

Wellington Court is pretty good too, though a bit outdated in style.

Galicia, Markets

The Pontevedra market has many, many more butchers than that. There are at least twenty or thirty. Maybe you were there at an off time. On a Saturday morning, the outer walls are filled with meat vendors. There are more upstairs, along with cheese.

Nov 14, 2008
grilledcheese in Spain/Portugal

Calgary/Edmonton - cutting edge chefs

I'm researching a magazine article about cutting-edge restaurant chefs in Calgary and Edmonton and I thought Chowhounders might have some suggestions. I'm looking for chefs who are pushing the envelope and being innovative with the major trends in cooking right now, such as farm-to-table, molecular cooking, etc... They can be established chefs or up-and-comers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

cast-iron pan with vertical handle?

Nope. These were solid cast iron, pan and handle. The handle went straight up about 8 inches and was bent to a hook at the top.

Oct 20, 2008
grilledcheese in Cookware

cast-iron pan with vertical handle?

I was in a restaurant the other day and they were using cast-iron frying pans that had vertical iron handles. That is, rather than sticking out laterally from the side of the pan, the handle went upwards, about 10 inches. The chef said they were from France.

Anyone know what these are called?

Oct 13, 2008
grilledcheese in Cookware

Best of Polish/ Roncesvailles

It is worth checking out Inter Steer. Their chef is the the nephew of the Polish owners. He trained at Susur, but is doing a lot of Polish food. He is an excellent chef and the value is amazing.

I also live and die by the take-out counter at Super Kolbasa.

ISO nice 75th birthday restaurant

Celestin on Mt Pleasant is wonderful and it is only at Manor Rd, so it's not THAT far south of Eg. They have food that will satisfy traditionalists and those looking for something more interesting. The room is very elegant and comfortable. Their website is not a very good representation of the restaurant, but here it is anyway: And if the menu seems a bit stodgy and old fashioned, rest assured the cooking is not.

Arizona Foodie Seeks Biz and Personal Recommendations (Dntwn Toronto)

I've eaten in a lot of high-end restaurants in the last 2 years and the only two I'd go back to are...


Don't waste these on clients.

best one dish this year that you long to return for

Pastrami sandwich at JK Gardiner.
Sea bream at Acqua.
Pulled pork at Karuchie.
Mascarpone & fennel pollen-stuffed date at Cava.

All amazing.

Venue with space for live band

Best winery tour/tasting at Niagara/Niagara-On-The-Lake?

buy goat brain in toronto

Is there a resto in Toronto serving this? What cuisine serves goat brains?

ISO duck tongues, downtown Toronto

Where is the best Chinese resto in downtown Toronto to eat duck tongues? I had them at King's Garden (now closed) and would like to try them again.

Suggestions in Roncesvalles?

Balluchon is at 221 Sorauren. French-style takeout (pret a manger) in partnership with Gamelle resto on College St. Custom roasts coffee in micro batches. Does cold takeout--salads, pate, cheeses, desserts (great brownies). Really amazing coffees made by Ray the house java guru. Super friendly & chillaxed.

Game meat

Springcreek Farm Produce on Roncey has some. (Elk, Bison) Mostly frozen but they could probably get you fresh to order.

Suggestions in Roncesvalles?

- The Local is a great pub with live music, micro brews and good burgers.
- Brad's serves excellent brunch.
- Mitzi's is good but can be overcrowded.
- Dizzy's makes great wings, but you have to put up with drunkards and soccer yobs.
- Cherry bomb has good coffee, but IMHO Alternative Grounds' is much better. (And sorry, but too many hipsters at Cherry Bomb.)
-If you want truly AMAZING coffee (much better than both above) go to Balluchon on Sorauren. They also have great French take out.
-Tinto is great for salads and hanging out with a laptop.

Looking for the best smoked meat in Toronto offering an inadequate "me too" product...

IMHO that has always been Loblaws' MO.

Help me w/ NOTL Planning..

I mean, if you want the best overall experience, you should go to Vineland Estates, and many other wineries as well. It sounded like you were just going to stay in NOTL. The distances are not very far, the coutryside is beautiful and many of the best wineries are over near Jordan. Port Dalousie is also very pretty, as is the drive from there to NOTL along the lakeshore.

Zucchini (Courgette) Flowers in TO?

These were in stock yesterday at KO's on Roncesvalle's.

Birthday dinner...where to go in GTA?!

I was going to say Nyood too.

Help me w/ NOTL Planning..

Doesn't make sense to go to Niagara and not go to a vineyard. The exploration is part of the fun. And the drives are very pretty.

Steak - Not Cumbrae's, Healthy Butcher etc....

Not sure what you want here. You say you want top quality and are willing to spend but you don't want to shop at two of the best butchers in the province. Why not?

Maybe try Olliffe's or Whole Foods instead.

And how well you can, or can't, cook has no bearing on the quality of the meat when you buy it.

Dinner before Dirty Dancing

My usual suggestion for this subject: La Fenice

Quite good Italian. Miles above everything else in that King West strip.

Help me w/ NOTL Planning..

My best experiences have been at Vineland Estates and Treadwell Cusine. Superb cooking at both. Exceptional service at Vineland, and an especially beautiful location. Let them pair wine's by the course.

By far the worst experience was Inn On the Twenty, which gets consistently mediocre reviews. Don't be fooled by the hype.

Which wineries are worth visiting at NOTL?

Vineland Estates is excellent. The food is some of the best in the region. The grounds are beautiful. And the staff in the shop are extremely helpful and friendly.

Hillebrand also has gorgeous facilities. Get yourself in the upstairs tasting room if your pockets are deep enough.

Looking for a restaurant that would belong on the show Columbo!

Senior's Steak House IS leftover from the 1970s. Great steak.

1397 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T1Y4, CA