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Cheap-eats food itinerary for 4 days in Manhattan?

Or take a train up to Montreal ;)

May 05, 2010
hummusfiend in Manhattan

Cheap-eats food itinerary for 4 days in Manhattan?

Thanks, all. You're all being incredibly helpful.

In case you're interested, today we checked out Motorino pizza neapolitana in EV, which was excellent... had the margarita and the daily special, which was 'ramp' (as in the vegetable). Delectable crust and tastefully understated toppings. Nice middle ground between an actual italian slice, and the hyper-dressed american variety, inspired mainly by the former.

We then hit up Katz's for the standard experience. Split a pastrami, round knish and full sour pickle. While im a Canadian, and devotee of Montreal smoked meat, i must say this was really quite good. Chatted with the guy manning the knish counter for a bit and was informed that virtually the entire staff is Dominican, which he seemed to find amusing.

Speaking of knishes, i was informed by someone else today that Yonah's Knish Bakery, also on E Houston, is pretty solid.

There's a 5-yr old knish thread here that seems to suggest Yonah's is no longer the go-to knish joint. We're knish fans so if anyone has thoughts there, feel free to chime in.

Thinking of checking out Zoma and/or a noodle bar next.

2084 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY 10026

349 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003

May 04, 2010
hummusfiend in Manhattan

Cheap-eats food itinerary for 4 days in Manhattan?

Wow. I'm stunned. Thank you all for your deliciously thorough responses. Two down so far--Hummus Asli and Empanada Mama. Both good finds--neither was 'mind-blasting,' so to speak, but solid, enjoyable eats we can't get at home.

Looking forward to trying more of everyone's suggestions.

While i scan through, any particularly stand-out spots amongst the same price-range contenders, but specifically for vegetarian (not vegan, just low meat-content) menu items?

We're likely going to need to balance our binging with some (hopefully innovative / memorable) ligher, veggie-based fare (some earlier suggestions, like Azuri Cafe, Hummus Asli, ethiopian, etc,. are great starts).

(Also, just curious, is there anything to eat *north* of Central Park? Is there a 'Spanish Harlem' cuisine to speak of?)

Azuri Cafe
465 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019

Empanada Mama
763 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019

May 03, 2010
hummusfiend in Manhattan

Cheap-eats food itinerary for 4 days in Manhattan?

HI UnderemployedInNYC...

Great--thanks for those two. Will be sure to check them out...

We're definitely willing to venture outside of midtown... once you're brainstorming, anything else come to mind? Turkish, South American, Arab, etc?

I heard there's a decent hummus chain---Hummus Place--with a few locations around Manhattan. Any thoughts for or against?

Also--we're pro-Deli and pro-cheesecake, but there seem to be too many options to wade through. Any tips, there? UndenmployedInNYC or others?

Thanks for any more info! Much obliged.

May 02, 2010
hummusfiend in Manhattan

Cheap-eats food itinerary for 4 days in Manhattan?

Hi all,

My gf and i are in Manhattan for 4 days. We're big foodies, but on a small budget. We especially like Middle Eastern, Italian, Indian, Latin American, but are open to anything fun and innovative. Not big on red meat.

Any must-eats, either new or stand-by institutions, that we should hit up for dinner/lunch?

We're trying to spend under 15$/person on average, not including drinks.

Thanks for any tips.

Edit: we're based around 5th ave and 40th, but are open to travelling (not stupidly far) around Manhattan for worthwhile finds.

May 02, 2010
hummusfiend in Manhattan