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Rind on Bacon

Your best bet may be farmer's markets. The bacon I've bought at Waverly has had the rind on (I don't remember the vendor as I dislike rind-on bacon and haven't bought it again as a result). Truck Patch at the JFX market (not back til April) sells approximately one-pound blocks of slab bacon. You'd have to slice it yourself (or order it as such), but it comes with the rind on. Also, JW Treuth out in Oella sells sides of bacon in their refrigerator case with the rind on. You have to buy the whole thing (somewhere between $3-4/lb), but they'll slice and wrap it for you if you'd like.

Can't recall that I've seen it elsewhere but have never really made a point to look.

Restaurants & Bars Featured in HBO's The Wire

Orlando's from Season 1 is Ritz Cabaret on Broadway
The bar that Lamar looks for Omar in in Season 3 is Leon's
Separate scenes were shot in both the bar and dining room of Louisiana but can't immediately recall which

JFX Farmer's Market 2011!

The pork vendor, Truck Patch, has it. They've got a big spread of coolers in the southeast corner of the market (next to the beans and across from the melons). About $2/lb and they don't carry much, so can sell out fast.

Baltimore Food Trucks?

We finally walked over on Friday. It's called Silver Platter, in parking lot on the east side of Central just south of Bank.

Lobster roll was okay. Surprising amount of food for $14, big chunks, celery, rosemary and mayo with a slice of lemon on the side. Lobster meat was a little tough, but willing to guess it was a bad day as you'd think they'd chop it finer to hide the textural problems if it were a consistent issue. I'll probably end up getting something else if/when we go back (am not a huge huge fan of lobster roll in the first place and am probably good for the summer now).

Man said that "all" of the food trucks are getting together in the lot on Friday 7/8 from 5:30-9:30 and that it may become a monthly thing.

JFX Farmer's Market 2011!

Sonar reportedly plans to be open for normal operations again in the next couple of weeks, so my guess would be that if they were open yesterday, Sunday service (such as it is) will be uninterrupted.

Lousy weekend for foraged goods. The Waverly market didn't have any ramps at all and the lady at JFX said she only had a few left and could only sell with mushrooms. As I'd already bought a half-pound of morels the morning before, I had to pass. Anybody know how many weeks are left in the season?

JFX Farmer's Market 2011!

The key word there being "farmer." Ramps can be cultivated with difficulty, but they're usually foraged, and dealing with brokers and getting the necessary approvals from the market master are probably outside the experience of most of the vendors. Ramps will probably start hitting the JFX market next year the way that favas and heirloom melons really only started to show up en masse last year.

I'd guess that if they show up the mushroom vendor will have them, although if they're priced anything like the $60/lb morels, it probably won't be worth the bother.

JFX Farmer's Market 2010

Peas were gone by 9:30. Anybody have a sense of whether they're having supply issues or whether it's the new and improved crowds? It still hasn't quite sunk in yet that 9 is basically the new 10:30.

Calvert's strawberries have arrived, and they're the smallest and prettiest I've seen so far. Lewis's also looked wonderful, and the local/retail options (especially Baugher's at Mill Valley and Burton's at Eddies in Mt. Vernon) are in full swing. So many choices, all good; I just hope the hot weather this week doesn't spoil anything so I can still have time to buy a flat or two for saving.

The one veg farm over by the smoothies is from southern VA, and it shows--their onions are nearly mature, and they've got 3 or 4 kinds of squash already. Summer can't get here soon enough.

JFX Farmer's Market 2010

Anybody got strawberry recommendations? Last year the best I had, hands down, were One Straw's, but they were CSA-only for a single week (and they're not at the JFX market anyway). So this year I've been going farm by farm--McCarthy (best flavor, worst texture) and the farm two tables down from Calvert (beautiful color, flavorless) two weeks ago, Bartenfelder (consistently good but never superlative) last week, and this week, Zarahdka and Woerner, which I haven't tried yet.

Which leaves at least Reid, Lewis and the guy with the huge beard who sells the melons and gourds later in the season. Who's your favorite?

JFX Farmer's Market 2010

The list of farmers' markets on the meatcrafters site doesn't list the Baltimore market anymore, so it seems like they're gone.

Call me curmudgeonly, but I don't mind. I think Salt River, Albright and Truck Patch are the only vendors new within the last 5 years that I've really thought were worth patronage (not that I don't have misgivings about an outdoor summertime seafood vendor...). Hard to know what to make of the produce stand next to the smoothies in the west market, but their radishes looked good.

Meatcrafters lost me when their $10 prosciutto was a 3oz pack of La Quercia.

Sorry I missed the peas, though. I stopped by for asparagus around 9 and all that was left was an empty cooler in the truck and a handful of mashed peas on the table by the scale. Maybe next week I'll actually get up when my alarm goes off--I haven't seen the market open since at least 08.