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Best Clam Chowder

I made this tonight, omitting the flour and garlic (per grammywheels' instructions), and I mashed up some of the cooked potato to thicken. Personally, I can't stand the goopy, cornstarch-laden chowders that most seafood places serve up, so I found the potato-thickened version lovely. It's just thick enough to be luscious and substantial, but the rest of the flavors in the pot weren't overwhelmed by thick, pasty goo.

And as a recently relocated West Coaster who can't FIND fresh clams in the middle of NM, using canned clams & clam juice in the recipe enabled me to make a chowder quickly and easily. All told, it was a nice treat on a cold, rainy Friday night.

Next time I'll throw a bay leaf in there to simmer when the potatoes are cooking, but otherwise I think it's a lovely, simple recipe.

Sep 13, 2013
lawyerette in Recipes

Tuk-Tuk Sacramento - Amazing!

I'm happy to report that the khao soy at Tuk-Tuk is still delicious. I picked up an order for lunch today, and it was lovely - and nice and spicy, too, per my request.

Haven't tried the other items on the menu yet, but I'm encouraged by the khao soy - I'll definitely be back!

Feb 28, 2012
lawyerette in California

Boston Baked Beans

Mar 17, 2011
lawyerette in Recipes

Croquants with extra almonds and extracts

May 18, 2010
lawyerette in Recipes