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Thanks chowhound! (lv review)

I used chowhound to plan meals while in las Vegas and can report that Milos was every bit as good as promised. The cocktails were expensive but ten times better than the cocktails we had elsewhere. (i had the Gardner.) The prix fixe at $23 or so was amazing value. At Vegas prices, the tomato salad appetizer was worth that. The wine pairing was good value too.

Speaking of good value, tacos el gordo. Oh. My. God. I only discovered this on my last day or I would have returned every day, despite it being at the other end of the strip from where I was staying. Run. Don't walk.

Also worth a mention is samba Brazilian BBQ at the mirage. It was not as special as Milos or el gordo, but it was an experience and the meat was good quality. You pay $45 but you can get $10 off if you buy a ticket from 1/2 price tx. It's all you can eat, with a focus on grilled meats. There are something like 9 or 10 different kinds. The first steak we has was excellent and you could choose your degree of doneness, although I don't think well done is an option. Rare is. Delicious. Other meats varied in quality but I always enjoy a lot of variety. The sides were variable too, but I especially enjoyed the salad, which had beets, olives, heart of palm...

Anyway, chowhound never steers me wrong. Thanks!

Jun 10, 2014
hany in Las Vegas

Downtown Cleveland suggestions please :-)

On the basis of the recommendation below I ordered take out from Noodlecat. Maybe it was the fact that it was take out but it was truly awful. I ordered three dishes. The gyoza were deep fried. Gross. And the filling was bland and there was too little of it so that it was like eating fried wontons. The kimchee salad was very bitter and contained pieces of raw winter squash which were hard to eat. The noodle dish I ordered contained no noodles. The flavour was fine but it was a container of sauce. Did I misunderstand something about the ordering process.

Mar 23, 2013
hany in Great Lakes

Most Overrated/Underrated Fine Dining in Halifax

I supposed you've come and gone but being an old Haligonian, you may be back. I agree with your assessments (Hamachi good, A Mano and Morris east don't live up to hype. Saege is really hit and miss -- more miss than hit lately). My favourite place in Halifax these days is Brooklyn Warehouse. It's not fancy (nor is it very casual) but they do really good food -- from burgers to fish to vegetarian. Jane's on the Common moved and I haven't been since then, but I assume the food is still good. Last weekend I discovered Ace burger in Gus' Pub. It was definitely a great burger. Fid is great but is closing in May.

Finally, a word on the 5 Fisherman. I used to work there in the early 90s and even then we knew that a lot of the fish dishes simply weren't any good. That said, the simpler the menu item, the more likely they are to get it right: mussels, oysters, seared scallops, grilled fish... Just avoid anything with goopy sauces and don't expect sophisticated side dishes.

Mar 16, 2013
hany in Atlantic Canada

Best Beer in NO?

Yes, Crescent City. Wrote that late en route home. Thanks again.

Jan 07, 2013
hany in New Orleans

Best Beer in NO?

Thanks to all of you. I went to Avenue Pub on Friday night and enjoyed myself very much. I had a Hopitoulas and a West Coast IPA(?). I must admit, when I first walked in I was dismayed: I had forgotten that you could still smoke in a bar in North America. But then I discovered the upstairs bar for non-smokers. Otherwise the smoke would have been a deal-breaker.

I also went to Crystal City Brewery and had a decent IPA (which was, I think, a special and not part of their regular tap rotation.) It was good but not as good as Hopitoulas. I also tried the Abita IPA and their Golden Ale (they had it at a reception at my conference).

BTW, I also went to the rum distillery, which was pretty cool and I really liked the ginger drink they make there. I think it could be a tad less sweet, but it isn't very sweet for that kind of drink.

So thanks again for all your suggestions. I had a great time in NOLA.

Jan 06, 2013
hany in New Orleans

Best Beer in NO?

I'll be in NO for 4 days next week. I know there are a few craft brewers in the region. I love IPAs, ESBs, best bitters, and ales in general. What should I be sure to try? Also, I know that Abita beers will be widely available but is there somewhere (in the French Quarter) that's especially good for local beer?

Dec 31, 2012
hany in New Orleans

Single Gal Looking for Great Food in Buenos Aires

I'm not afraid to eat alone, just that my experience is that some restaurants see it as a waste of a table. Just wanted to know whether I'm likely to get that reaction in BA.

Looks like I'll have to adapt to staying up late... Any recommendations for restaurants?

Single Gal Looking for Great Food in Buenos Aires

I'm going to be in BA in about a week and I'm really looking forward to the food. Once concern, however, is that I'll be traveling alone. Anyone know of great places to eat (restaurants, cafes...) that a person wouldn't feel awkward dining at alone? Also, I'm a morning person so the idea of dining at 10 pm is a bit daunting. Will I stand out like a sore thumb if I try to eat at 6:30 or 7? I'd like to avoid overly touristy places. I don't have a ton of money but could splurge on a meal or two.

Thanks for your recommendations...