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Good poutine in Toronto?

You've got to check out newly(ish) opened Smoke's Poutinerie. Lots of locations and lots of choices.

Try the curry poutine, the nacho poutine and, of course, the original.

They are open for your munching pleasure until really really late ( i think until 4am on weekends!)

Focaccia help

1. Focaccia with a sponge is the best way to ensure chewy, moist, flavourful bread.
2. you could use any small trays, with a cornmeal base underneath
3. It should be rough ad uneven : it's rustic!
4. Try cutting your topping in bigger chunks. Or, rehydrate your sun dried tomatoes in warm water before butting them up. The added moisture should prevent burning.

May 01, 2010
Jennys_Food_Ink in Home Cooking