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best crab cakes in maryland - any suggestions?

The Venezualen crabmeat is *not* the same species of crab as the north American blue crab. It's better than the Asian crabmeat that Phillips peddles, but it's not as good as blue crab from the Gulf, Atlantic coast, or Chesapeake Bay.

Where can I buy Brewer's Art canned/bottled beer (NoVa/DC)

Ah, they must have a bar. I'm not familiar with the place.

Where can I buy Brewer's Art canned/bottled beer (NoVa/DC)

It's very unlikely that you can get a growler filled at a liquor store, unless it's one that has a bar attached. Draft kegs are required to fill a growler.

Where are the Balto chowhounds?

Baltoellen is still alive and well, just doesn't do Chowhound much anymore (neither do I, for that matter).

Jon Parker, sadly, died recently.

Linthicum, MD

I've never understood the attraction of Olive Grove. I've been dragged there a few times for work lunches, and been totally underwhelmed. Even when trying to order down to not challenge the kitchen I've been underwhelmed.

They do a great business, so apparently lots of people like them, but I just don't understand. Then again, "ubiquitous salad and breadsticks" wouldn't tend to be something that would attract me.

Where can one find Queso Chihuahua in the greater D.C. area?

This won't do the original poster from 2012 much good, but Chihuahua is easy to find in the Hispanic and near-Hispanic neighborhoods in Baltimore.

Remember Gampy's Monte Cristo sandwich with the raspberry sauce?

That looks good, but it isn't what was served at Gampy's (which has been gone for quite a few years). The Gampy's sandwich didn't have turkey, and definitely had a raspberry sauce, not blackberry.

Remember Gampy's Monte Cristo sandwich with the raspberry sauce?

From memory, the Gampy's Monte Cristo sandwich was essentially a Croque Monsieur (ham and cheese, usually Gruyere) that was dipped in egg batter and deep-fried. As I recall, Gampys sprinkled powdered sugar on the final product (which I don't think added anything useful).

For recreating the raspberry sauce, I'd suggest starting with raspberry jam or jelly (increasingly hard to find) or preserves.

Baltimore dinner recommendation

Aldo's in Little Italy is one of the best restaurants in the city. Impeccable service to go with the great food. Not inexpensive, though.

Spanish Chorizo in DC/NOVA

Spanish chorizo is readily available at Chesapeake Wine Company in Baltimore (Canton neighborhood).

Best Fried Chicken

Wow, I stop at Lowery's semi-regularly when driving to Newport News to visit my parents. It never occured to me to try their fried chicken. I'll have to do that next trip.

Lowery's tends to have very good oysters.

They do usually have a buffet, nowadays, but I hate buffets so that's not an attraction for me.

crabs - cantlers or harris or other

I always get the largest available, too, but a better choice would be the fullest crabs. Unfortunately, this is pretty much impossible to find out without trial and error. Although I have heard there's a place somewhere east of Baltimore that sells their steamed crabs by the pound.

Want to make (Colorado) Green Chili monday nite

Around Baltimore, tomatillos are available in just about every supermarket. I can't help with Hatch chiles, but lot's of other chiles are readily available. Most supermarkets around here even have poblanos.

Is it still blue crab season? OR What are all the crab house posts 10 years old?

May's is great if you happen to be out in Frederick for another reason (I always go there for crabs when I'm out that way running a race), but I wouldn't make a special trip out there from Baltimore just for crabs, what with plenty of local places available.

Is it still blue crab season? OR What are all the crab house posts 10 years old?

There are a bunch of decent crab houses in Baltimore and its surrounds (Mr. Bill's is not actually in Baltimore, it's in Essex east of Baltimore). The important thing is to find one that cooks the crabs to order rather than precooking them and reheating them when ordered.

Living here in Baltimore, I usually buy live crabs and cook them myself at home. That way I'm assured that they're freshly cooked.


It gets confusing because everything in the 21231 zipcode tends to get called "Parkville", whether they're really Parkville or not. Yakona Rd is as close or closer to Towson as it is to Parkville proper.

Is Baltimore Boring restaurantwise?

The Baltimore dining scene isn't boring, it just doesn't get much action on Chowhound. It's more that Chowhound is boring.

Marinelli Bread Bakery in Baltimore

Marinelli's is (sadly) gone. What flavmeistr smells is the giant Paterakis-owned H&S bakery nearby (which will soon move out to an office park in east Baltimore to make room for more retail and apartments at the current H&S site).

Buffet Restaurants are not all bad, are they?

Buffets are the triumph of quantity over quality. Bleh...

Peanut Oil in Local Grocery Stores - nearlly extinct?

I just bought a 24 pz bottle of peanut oil at my local Safeway (Canton neighborhood of Baltimore). Best as I can tell, peanut oil has a long shelf life.

No tangerines this winter (2012-2013)?

Don't know where you're located, but tangerines have been readily available at the Canton Safeway (on Boston St.) in Baltimore. And if the Canton Safeway has them, there isn't likely a shortage.

Looking for good food northeast of Baltimore

Middle River is pretty bleak food-wise.For high end food your daughter should become familiar with Baltimore.

Dinner On Sunday - Near the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

Cinghiale (bar side), Waterfront Kitchen.

Jackets Required?

In Baltimore, neither the Prime Rib or Charleston require jackets anymore, but both suggest it.

Solo chow for Thanksgiving?

Why "with the exception of Baltimore"?

Birthday Dinner on a Monday in Baltimore??

Cinghiale is definately open on Mondays.

Hunting for brioche/challah

Challah is not the same thing as brioche. Challah is easy to make yourself if you're so inclined. With all the egg in the dough it's very easy to handle.

Pho in East Baltimore Suburbs

That would be more North Baltimore suburbs, n'est-ce pas?

Birthday Dinner on a Monday in Baltimore??

Baltimore doesn't seem to have as many restaurants closed on Mondays as a lot of other cities. What exactly are you looking for?

Come on Man... or, I Don't Get It...

Yes, tapas was bar snacks, essentially. It's trying to morph into something else in the States nowadays.