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Peking Sauce Recipe

It could be a translation issue. In Beijing, there is a dish called Jing Jiang Rou Si 京酱肉丝, Shredded Pork Fillet with 'Beijing Sauce'*. The sauce here is made by stir frying Sweet Flour Sauce (Fermented Flour Sauce, or Tian Mian Jiang 甜面酱), sugar and ginger and shallots. There are other stir fry dishes based on this sauce too.

This sauce is distinctly different from Hoisin sauce and quite different from the authentic Beijing Duck sauce. It is one of the common home dishes from Northern China. I love use this sauce to stir fry some diced chicken and green peppers.

The recipe is:

- soak some finely chopped ginger and shallots with a little water
- two tablespoon of Sweet Flour Sauce
- two tablespoon of caster sugar
- one tablespoon of peanut oil

Heat oil in a wok over medium heat, when hot, add in Sweet Flour Sauce, the water with ginger and shallots, and sugar. Stir until the sauce has reached a nice consistency and lightly caramelised. Then add meat (already seared), and vegetables of your choice, quickly stir and serve.

*Jing Jiang: Jing as in Bei*jing*, Jiang means sauce or paste

Peking Sauce Recipe

I am from Beijing and I most definitely have never heard of Pekin Sauce. Do you mean the sauce they use for Beijing Duck? In Australia many places use Hoisin Sauce. It's not from Beijing though and authentic Beijing Duck sauce is made of sweet flour paste.

EDIT: I remembered a typical Northern Chinese dish with what could be called a 'Beijing sauce'. See my post above.

Sydney: Inner city restaurants that are open on Sundays?

The Four in Hand sounds amazing, and just my type of food! Thanks Phil, I will be sure to check it out.

I am not sure if it's the right choice for the birthday dinner though, there are a couple of vegetarians in my group >.< and there are no vegetarian mains from The Four in Hand.

For style, I was thinking Japanese, or Italian, Spanish - not really fussed as long as it's good food. Surry Hills is more convenient for us but open to suggestions. :)

Sydney: Inner city restaurants that are open on Sundays?

Can anyone recommend some inner city restaurants (Surry Hills, etc) that are open on Sundays?

I have a birthday party on a Sunday and would like to go to a restaurant for dinner with a group of friends afterwards.

Thanks in advance!

Were we overcharged?

Sigh, the boy doesn't drink and was grumpy that night after an afternoon's shopping, and he just wanted to get back to the hotel. The bill seemed high to us, but I now think we simply didn't manage our expectation well enough, due to a lack of understanding of yakitoriyas.

Thanks for clearing things up, Robb and Scharn. It's good to know the customs of yakitoriyas and good to know that we weren't overcharged. Cheers!

May 01, 2010
shallotpancake in Not About Food

Tsukiji donburi

I have heard that Daiwa are rude to patrons, tend to rush you through the meal, and don't allow photography, whereas Dai speak better English, are nicer to patrons and happy for people to take photos.

On the day that I went, (a weekday with bad weather), there was no line outside Daiwa and the line outside Dai extended to behind the corner. We went to a new sushi place at the end of Hall 6 instead, and it was also good.

Apr 30, 2010
shallotpancake in Japan

Were we overcharged?

We were in Tokyo recently. One night, after walking around Omotesando Hills, we decided to get some cheap eats, and ended up in this yakitori place off Aoyama Dori. Just a normal small place with heaps of locals. We sat at the bar, and ordered 3 skewers and 2 bowls of Chicken Egg Rice between the 2 of us. That's it, and the complimentary ( I assume) small dishes, no drinks, and we were charged 6380 yen in the end. There wasn't any breakdowns and it was just a handwritten subtotal number on the receipt.

Knowing a skewer usually cost between 200 - 300 Yen, and a bowl of Chicken Egg Rice usually cost between 1000 - 1500 yen, my question is, were we simply overcharged as foreigners? Could it have happened?

Apr 30, 2010
shallotpancake in Not About Food

Honeymoon in Japan looking for two TOP recommendations

Joel Robuchon in Tokyo. It's a 3 Michelin star restaurant. Joel Robuchon has several restaurants in Japan. I recently tried Joel Robuchon and L'Atelier - Joel Robuchon was definitely the best meal I have had.

Kikunoi in Kyoto. They serve Kaseiki meals. I would suggest the main restaurant with private dining rooms, gives you a more romantic atmosphere and a better setting for such an exquisite meal.

Tenyu in Kyoto for tempura I heard is good, though I have never been.

Apr 30, 2010
shallotpancake in Japan