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Restaurant Recs near Trump Doral Hotel

I am going to be in town for a conference at the Trump Doral. Looking to sneak away from the suits for a dinner on my own. Any recs? I was thinking about Basilico for Italian or Kamiko for sushi. Open to any cuisine, price, etc. Just looking for great food and something I can't get in DC.

Best Fruit Tart in DC?

Can any recommend a great fruit tart in the DC metro area? I usually trek to Stella's Bakery in Rockville for a great fruit tart but I wanted to find a place a bit closer to DC.

Something similar to Boston's Haymarket?

I just moved from Boston where I would frequent Boston's Haymarket, the large and very cheap fruit/veggie/flower market which were actually supermarket rejects.

Although I love DC's various farmer's markets, they can get a bit expensive when I just need a bunch of very ripe limes/lemons/etc on the cheap.

Is there something like Boston's Haymarket here in DC that metro accessible?

Good Inexpensive Asian Lunch in Times Square?

I am seeing a 2 pm matinee and looking for a good asian lunch place near the theatre. I don't want Ruby Foos but something like a noodle soup, bento box, or something like that.

Jan 29, 2008
hungrygal in Manhattan

Dessert/Drinks/Cafe in Midtown West?

I am looking for a good after-dinner place for just dessert/coffee/drinks in Midtown West (near 54th St & 6th Ave). Nothing too fancy. Just a good place for a sweet bite and chance to chat with some friends.

Any suggestions would much appreciated!

Jan 28, 2008
hungrygal in Manhattan

Boston Chowhound in San Fran for one night

I need some help! Where are the best places for great dinner? I don't mind spending some money on a great meal. Any cuisine is fine but I am partial to Asian food.


Toscanini's Breakfast@Big Table?

Has anyone tried Toscanini's Breakfast@Big Table at their central square location? Their breakfast menu looks yummy:

Jun 26, 2007
hungrygal in Greater Boston Area

Suggestion off the Dupont/Cleveland/Woodley Park Metro -- Casual and moderate $

Can anyone recommend a place off the Dupont/Cleveland/Woodley Park Metro for casual and moderately-priced dinner, with a decent range of menu options for a party of 6? Any kind of cuisine is fine. I am in DC for the summer (Boston Hound) so any help is greatly appreciated!