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Fox Hills Branch of 101 Noodle Express Re-Tools

That's exciting news... might have to hit that up tomorrow!


Actually Gottsui (the okonomyaki specialist on Sawtelle in West LA) serves a beef ramen during lunchtime only. It's surprisingly not terrible.


Great Lunch Spot in Los Angeles

Son of a Gun does lunch now. That would be my first choice (although I guess technically it's not WeHo.) Comme Ca is good too, but only for the burger IMO.

Fox Hills Branch of 101 Noodle Express Re-Tools

Yeah... the dan dan was decent for the Westside but no great loss. And if I remember correctly the dumplings are gone too (also no big loss.) They are serving a decent Taiwanese beef noodle soup now.

And I totally agree with Chandavki... the new combo plates are a ton of food for the price, and better than most of the other options in that food court. (Plus you get the beef roll!)

You can see photos here if you want:


Lunch - Olympic and Bundy

Monte Alban is good, but I think Juquila is better. And for Persian, I'd go for Javan on Santa Monica. They definitely deliver to your area, and the lunch specials are around $10. And Sawtelle north of Olympic is great... Tsujita for ramen, Furaibo for Japanese fried chicken, and Kiriko for Sushi (although that will definitely push your $15 limit)

Lunch in Little Osaka?

Second the recs for Furaibo and Hurry Curry of Tokyo, and I've heard good things about Sawtelle Kitchen. But if you want ramen you should definitely hit up Tsujita L.A. They just started serving ramen and tsukemen at lunch and both are pretty phenomenal (and can be had for under $10).

2057 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Indian Lunch Buffet Recommendations

Annapurna does have a lunch buffet too. It's only $9 and pretty great. (They give you a whole, freshly cooked dosa!)

Looking for a place like Momofuku Saam Bar in Los Angeles

I just moved here from NYC too (in Feb.) and Animal is hands down my Momofuku replacement. (Minus the Asian influences, and like molly said there is no cheese plate.) Buffalo "wing" pig tails... bone marrow... foie gras loco moco... oxtail poutine... I could go on and on. The Momofukus were my favorite NYC restaurants... Animal is my fave L.A. restaurant.

Lazy Ox would be a good second choice.