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Spokane question

another fun place I didn't see mentioned was Haha's Grill House. its out Garland ave. almost to market. Its not much to look at from the outside but has a great casual korean food. Jon usually comes out of the kitchen with a new dish for me to try that he has been working on. tasty, creative, organic, simple and friendly. We usually go their for lunch for the bim bim bop.


dear mypolishsausage, Europa is hardly any of the things you just described. bad choice of recommendation after an otherwise scathing rant. However on many occasions I have left restaurants thinking I could have done a much better job and spent a lot less money if I had just stayed home.

2 lunches, downtown Spokane

wild sage or scratch is the best bet. cafe maron or the elk (this is a pub and will be a little loud but if it warm out they have a great patio) both of these reside in a quiet little neighborhood just west of the downtown core. Mizuna is another decent choice (lots of veggie options), another really great patio option if its warm (if if she's a shopper, macy's is right across the street, its also close to the park). I like Latah bistro but is a few miles down the pullman highway. Isabella's and europa (italianish, better than olive garden, but not a ton) will fall in the right genre but seem to lack any sort of heart put into the food.

Looking for the best burger in WA

nice work on removing jack in the box. If that made it to the revised list, you certainly weren't trying very hard to find something delicious.