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Places to take vegans in Phoenix?

I invited my vegan brother out to dinner this weekend, and I'm having trouble deciding where we should go. I'm tired of Green and Fresh Mint, and I haven't been particularly impressed with Mandala Tea Room.

Any other suggestions for restaurants with good vegan options on the menu?

Apr 09, 2009
turophile in Phoenix

Sweet lemons?

I just bought these at the local Middle Eastern market, mistaking them for Meyer lemons. I haven't figured out a use for the fruit or juice, but the zest seems to work just fine in baked goods that call for "regular" lemon zest.

Pickling or preserving the fruit seems like it might be worth a shot.

Apr 07, 2009
turophile in General Topics

Black Forest Ham and Caramelized Onion Grilled Cheese

christ, this was fantastic. i used gruyere instead of cambozola. so comforting.

Mar 16, 2009
turophile in Recipes

Soup Dumplings in Phoenix?

This might be a long shot, but does anyone know of a place in the Phoenix metro area that serves xiao long bao?

Mar 13, 2008
turophile in Phoenix

Late-Night Dining in DC/NoVA

My mom is flying into DCA at 10:00 PM, and she's going to be starving. Where should I take her for a bite to eat? I live in Falls Church and her hotel is in Rosslyn, but we'd be totally willing to drive anywhere in a 20-mile radius. (Except Yechon in Annandale, which was really disappointing last time I went.)

Late night dining in No. VA?

It's almost 1 AM and I am very, very hungry. Where can a girl go on a night such as this for a quick and delicious meal? I live in Annandale, but suggestions in surrounding areas would be nice as well.

Fro-Yo in NoVa/DC?

It's listed on the menu as "yogurt ice cream". Delicious, but they're stingy with their toppings.

Fro-Yo in NoVa/DC?

awesome! so, uh, where IS dolce?

Bellisimo in Fairfax - Thoughts?

It's good. The waitstaff is very attentive and knowledgeable, the atmosphere is nice, the food is simple and reasonably authentic. Make sure you dress nicely, if you decide to go.