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Chinese food in St. Louis

I'm actually not a fan of Lulu's for dim sum. I only go to Mandarin House for that these days. Stuff just tastes better at MH imo. Haha!

Last time I went to FSP was before they moved and I had the sweet and sour pork - thinking it'll be the style that my mom used to cook...yuck. The sauce was sour and really un-balanced. Unless she changed her recipe, I wouldn't recommend that dish to anyone.

Chinese food in St. Louis

That place has changed owners and cooks multiple times already and i heard the chef just left again...not sure if its true. Please comment if you have visited this place recently.

Chinese food in St. Louis

i had the yu shan pork which was tasty but on the sweet side, the Dan Dan noodles, and the spicy dumplings. All were tasty.

Chinese food in St. Louis

it is west of where Manchester and Big Bend intercept...i believe.

Chinese food in St. Louis

Actually you will be surprised i had better Chinese food in st Louis than in Philly and Manhattan (Flushing has alot of Chinese and therefore great Chinese food so not gonna compare w that)

Chinese food in St. Louis

I know this is an old thread but for anyone out there interested here is my 2011 update on Chinese food in St. Louis ("Authentic" only - sorry I don't know anything about General Tzao's Chickem)

- Old Places:
All the places mentioned above still exist, however, I hardly think these are the extent of "authentic" Chinese in this city. There are so many places that weren't even mentioned and I'm pretty sure they have all been open for ages.

- Best Dim Sum: Mandarin House (on Page in a shopping mall strip with Schnucks)
- Best Hole in Wall: The Shanghainese restaurant and Chao Zhou directly opposite of Lulu's on Olive
- Best new restaurant: Famous Szechuan Pavilion (on Manchester). This place has been in existence for three months and is owned and ran by an older lady from Chongdu who cooks home-style Szechuan dishes on her four range stove. The restaurant is tiny. It only sits about 4 at most. It was converted from a drive-through coffee shack.
- Best remodeled restaurant: Joy Luck Buffet (Manchester). This place has been around for more than two decades and I'm amazed no one above mentioned it! It's the most authentic Szechuan restaurant in town. They offer all you can eat hot pot with lamb, beef, pork, shrimp, squid, crab sticks, rice sticks, cabbage, tofu, and mushrooms. It's $21 and includes a buffet (buffet has alot of options including Mongolian BBQ and sushi. Buffet is average but you really don't go there for the buffet). They have traditional Szechuan dishes on the Chinese menu (Spicy beef and trip + spicy boiled fish, etc)

- Best Oldie but Goodie: Steak and Rice (owned by a Taiwanese family I believe). The beef brisket and beef noodles are delicious! This place has been around for ages and again, I'm surprised no one mentioned it above.

Honorable Mentions:
- Panda Palace Restaurant (not to be confused with Panda Express) has meat buns, red meat, and other authentic dishes. I remember they were on the Chinese menu. Service is a bit slow but food was fantastic!
- Asiana's on Olive has great Taiwanese style spicy beef noodles.

That's all I have so far. I personally do not think Royal BBQ and Lulu's are anything special despite all the positive reviews above, but they do fall somewhere between authentic Chinese and Americanized Chinese and if that's your niche then you'll be fine at those places.

Joy Luck Buffet
8030 Manchester Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63144

Panda Palace
17 Nationalway Shopping Ctr, Manchester, MO 63011

Steak and Rice
951 S Kirkwood Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63122

I am extremely torn about using the coupons from this website. For those of you who don't know how it works, basically the restaurants enter into the program for advertising purpose. The ENTIRE cost of the coupon = profit to Restaurants only take in whatever amounts over the minimal limit that customers pay and the tip for the waitstaff. Hence there are all sorts of restrictions and that in most places the majority of participating restaurants are places that don't get alot of customers to start with. While I am all about being thrifty and try new places, I feel bad for using too many of these, especially at smaller mom and pop restaurants, due to the fact that the restaurants do not make real profit on these. When I do use coupons and if I like the restaurant, I usually return and pay regular price on subsequent meals.