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Where Can I Purchase Mini Hot Dogs/Buns?

I'm looking to throw a slider party, only with mini hot dogs. Buddha Dog on Roncies used to have them. I know they still exist, and sell their wares at the Brickworks every Saturday, but I'm hoping to find a somewhere where I can buy 100 mini dogs/buns, bring them back to my place, and cook them up.

Any ideas?

Buddha Dog
163 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R2L3, CA

Jul 19, 2011
lukeyb123 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Rhubarb in Downtown Toronto


Anyone know a grocery store in downtown Toronto that is currently selling fresh rhubarb? I believe it's in season, but I can't find it anywhere!

Apr 27, 2010
lukeyb123 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)