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Sudbury - Ontario

I too would love some recommendations in Sudbury.

I will be in the area for a couple of days next week.

If you had to choose 2 or 3 musician-budget friendly (i.e. inexpensive) restaurants you'd recommend in the area, it would be greatly appreciated.

My band eats far too many meals at Tim Horton's.


Whitby/Durham restaurants that don't suck

Big thumbs up on Pino's, Mt. Everest, and Halibut Time! All great.

If you want Greek food, I think that Milos Greek restaurant on Kingston Rd. in Pickering is fantastic. Good, solid well-prepared basic Greek food, great service, HUGE portions (easily enough for lunch the next day). As good as or better than on the Danforth, I think.

Odine, Japanese-Thai Fusion Restaurant in Ajax, Ontario

I love this place. Between my wife and me, we've had the Sushi, the bento box lunch set, the pad thai, and the green curry. I think it is some of the best, most well-balanced, versions of all of these things I've had anywhere in the GTA. Especially the green curry. That's absolutely fantastic.

This place is a gem. I really, really hope it continues to be popular, as I'm hoping to go back there many more times!

i highly recommend it.

El Sol in east end

Holy cow! You're not kidding about the website. Yikes.

Looking for a nice Mexican Food

Well, that sounds awful.

I have seen multiple mexican restaurants with that name and/or logo style.

I don't know if they're officially a 'chain', though.

I think I'll give the Oshawa one a miss. But I definitely love the Ajax Harwood one. That one's really good and absolutely worth the money, I think.

Good luck!

Looking for a nice Mexican Food

Mexico Lindo, on Harwood Avenue in Ajax is some of the best, most authentic Mexican in the GTA. You should go there. However, beware the diablo sauce. It's crazy spicy (but really good if you like the heat.)

Mexico Lindo
915 Taunton Rd E, Oshawa, ON L1H7K5, CA