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Lunch in Pasadena for about $10-$15/person

Thanks everyone for your help. I'm going with The Green Street Restarant for this gathering. It sort of feels like playing favorites choosing between all of the great ideas that were thrown about, but I think this works best because the menu fits the bill... "boring" enough for my mom, but tasty too. If there is anything eventful to report I will post back here to let you all know how it was.

Cheers to me for finally being done with school... more time (and money!) to EAT!


Green Street Restaurant
146 S Shopper's Lane, Pasadena, CA 91101

May 18, 2010
RNHarris81 in Los Angeles Area

Lunch in Pasadena for about $10-$15/person

Hi Folks,

I am new to CHOW and my MIL recommended that I search here for a good restaurant idea. I am graduating with my masters (finally!) in Pasadena next month and I would like to take my cheering section out to lunch afterwards as thanks. I have searched the posts prior to this, but things seem a bit out of my price range; I want to treat, but I have a budget of about $10-$15 per person. Also, my mom is not going to be okay with anything "weird" and to her sushi is weird, just so you get the idea.

Thanks so much in advance and happy eating!


Apr 27, 2010
RNHarris81 in Los Angeles Area