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Trip to Chautauqua and Finger Lakes

last year i did a few days in between Seneca and Cayuga Lake. Lots of wineries, some of them very good. But my favorite part of my trip and would have been my wife's favorite if the 2nd time we went there during that trip she didn't get stung by a bee was 2 Goats Brewing in Hector. Great View of the lake, great beer. They sell their own and they also sell other craft breweries as well. Good Roast Beef sandwich and good popcorn(free) and that is the extent of their menu.

Food trucks in Long Island

tonight for the first time i tried Empire Halal Grill Food Truck that parked outside of the East MEadow Walmart after 6pm and it was quite tasty. THe guy who was running it seemed friendly, so it may be worth asking him.

Calling All Buffalo Wing Experts - Help Needed With Recipe

i've never been to duffs, never been to anchor either. but when i visited buffalo i was with a local who took me to a couple of locals types places. i also went to school in upstate ny and everywhere upstate cares about their wings. my buffalo friend tells me it is just franks and butter/or margarine. after a lot of reading of comments and recipes online i believe what you should try is this. Don't buy the regular franks, buy Franks Xtra Hot, it is harder to find but its spicier and it supposedly as hot as the original Franks used to be many years ago. When you make the buffalo sauce you use half the amount of butter(so for example for 10 tablespoon franks use 5 tablespoons butter) as Franks which makes it more vinegary and thicker both of which you mentioned as traits you are looking for. then you should fry the wings extra crispy and i recommend using only about 3-4 tablespoons sauce per 12 wings.

Shan-e Mughlia, East Meadow Long Island

i want to update my original post. I walked by this place today and it brought back a memory of my third and final meal at this restaurant. It was horrible. Everything tasted old, like potentially days old. There might have even been mold on a piece of meat. I threw basically everything away that i had ordered that night.

Roosevelt Field Dining District

i had food from The Little Beet a few weeks ago. I ordered the steak with 3 sides. The steak was fine, nothing special,but not bad considering it was in a food court at the mall but definitely no to be mistaken with a quality steakhouse. But the sides, the sides were absolutely fantastic. I had green beans, charred cauliflower and lentils. Among the best sides i've had anywhere.

Family Restaurant - Nassau County

i agree, jonathan's is very kid friendly. we go there 1-2 times a year with my wife's family and i have a 2 year old. Food isn't bad whatsoever. i've only ordered 1 mistake in maybe 10 visits and it was on the specials menu.

Jamaican on Long Island

i've had patties from Jamaican Flavors in Queens, i know they have a Baldwin location across the street from Pathmark that opened late last year, but i haven't been there. They make patties with other items then just beef, like jerk chicken, bbq chicken among other things. Pretty good i would say.

Pepper Steak on Long Island (not chinese)

i think you should be specific that you are looking for steak au poivre and not pepper steak which is more popular as an Americanized chinese dish

Pakistani / Indian Outside of Hicksville - Lazzat, North Bellmore

i had Lazzat once, i thought it was ok, but nothing special, i feel like the food wasn't spiced aggressively enough. I'll try it again someday.

Borrelli's - East Meadow

cant answer that, ive only lived here for 5 years.

Borrelli's - East Meadow

i ate there once, probably 3-4 years ago. no desire to go back. I think we only had appetizers and pizza,absolutely nothing special whatsoever. I didn't think though that it was the local "must avoid" and "Eww, don't go there" spot, to me, it seems to be the Spumante Restaurant located at the Motor Inn about a 1/10 of a mile East of Boreelli's.

ISO Souvlaki on Long Island - GreeKrave

have u had either of these two places?, hoping you can get there so i don't have to if they stink.

ISO Peconic BayScallops 2014

never had Peconic Bay Scallops, are they available for sale anywhere in Nassau County? i'm talking fish stores, not restaurants.

Cracker Barrel on Long Island

i like the southern style breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

what is "QSR" that you said in your first post?

LIE Roadside Food Guide/Comp

i think 10 minutes off a LIE exit ramp is a little much. Gastronomos is implying you can make it to Farmingdale, Bellport and Bellmore within 10 minutes. Morning Rose is south of the Southern State, Spicy's is south of Sunrise, how is that off of the LIE! I think you should change your rules to be like 2-3 minutes off the LIE.

Thai Groceries on Long Island

i saw dried Galangal in the Westbury Fairway today. It came in a jar and is located in the Asian aisle.

Shan-e Mughlia, East Meadow Long Island

i believe only some items are done like that, (cold then microwaved). I didn't find it ruined the items i had that were(I'm pretty sure the Jalfrezi, maybe the Punjabi Chana Masala)

I hope they do find some customers. Haven't seen any advertising in any of the local flyers, papers etc. I was hoping by posting my original topic that they become more Googable if someone searches for them.


It is opening in the plaza next to the East Meadow bowling alley where the mexican restaurant, bagel place and wing place is. Also a Sushi Lounge opening in there, but there are so many sushi places what is the chance that it stands out.

Shan-e Mughlia, East Meadow Long Island

I don't normally start posts recommending restaurants as i rather comment on other peoples questions or add suggestions when other people are looking for a restaurant suggestion. But i just had takeout from the this new Pakistani/Indian restaurant that opened less than a month ago in East Meadow across from Home Depot. It was dirt cheap and delicious. The portions were a little small for the Chicken Jalfrezi but it tasted great. The price is so low you can't complain about the size. Also had Chicken Seekh Kebab, Chicken Tikka Boneless, Punjabi Chana Masala(phenomenal), Vegetable rice(maybe it was a biyrnani, but i don't know, they didn't have plain rice according to the guy on the phone and said i could have vegetable rice or Chicken Biryani), glad i had it though because it was tasty. Also had Garlic Naan and Keema Naan. I have posted the WHOLE MENU. i say it like that because the menu is tiny. I think people should know about this little tasty and affordable place, especially since i was the only one in there. Want to do my part to make sure this place makes it because this is a great thing to have like 4 minutes from my house.

FYI, East Meadow i getting a Filipino restaurant soon too

Noodles for pad see ew (phat si io) in NYC?

anybody know if they sell this in Flushing? I live in Long Island and have been looking for this for years. I have given up hope in finding it out here, but I can get to Flushing easily.

Apr 03, 2014
jpf1980 in Outer Boroughs

Jackson Diner? [Queens]

If u go to Jackson diner's website they list a location in floral Park on hillside Ave. So it is connected to the Jackson hts original

Apr 03, 2014
jpf1980 in Outer Boroughs

Yevma, East Meadow

i live a totally different life and can't get to all the places i want to try, but i only get 2 maybe 3 total meals a week from a restaurant/food establishment of some sort or another.

u forgot to tell us how your two take out meals were at Yevma

My Hero Deli - N. Bellmore / N. Merrick

i like Figarelly's in East Meadow quite a bit but i will be trying My Hero.

on saturday we had the Nam Sod salad which was the first time we had that dish and was ultra tasty, the Pad thai(which is something i normally avoid at most thai restaurants but can't get enough of here when they cook it spot on) and Beef with Green Curry. What an awesome Green Curry sauce.

Yevma, East Meadow

what about you? what is your opinion?

and do you eat out every meal of every day? I can't keep up with the amount of places you report on! Your asking about Yevma today, and it sounds like you ate at Kyma today based on your pic. I'm jealous................

My Hero Deli - N. Bellmore / N. Merrick

i was getting takeout from Thai Chef a couple of doors down from My Hero on saturday night. I've never really paid attention to My Hero before but i noticed that at approximately 6:30 or so on a Saturday night that they had a long line inside. I was shocked to see that. I looked at the menu on My Hero's website, and nothing looks that interesting or different than any other regular deli. I told my wife we have to give it a try, but what am i missing, what is so special here? How is it different than any other deli making quality sandwiches.

By the way, if anybody cares, I really enjoy most items i've had at Thai Chef. Sometimes the spice level is off, and sometimes the flavors aren't consistent on the same dish that i've had multiple times.

Long Island Gyros

yeah i agree, way to much lettuce and the lettuce on the bottom and meat on the top which was annoying too. But i just remember really enjoying the way the meat tasted and how it was different then every other gyro I've had in my life.

unfortunately with a wild toddler i don't get out as often as i would like and we do much more take out then we used to pre baby. The Adana you can do as a sandwich or as a meat platter. I had it once as a sandwich. It was many months ago, it doesn't stick out in my mind which means to me that i probably didn't think too much of it.

I do love their lamb shish kebab, and the Jujeh. I had the Barg once and it was much better than i was expecting. I am not a fan of Falafel, i normally find it gross, but it is delicious at this place. My wife gets it every time and i really enjoy taking a bite or 2 of it.I am also i big fan of their babagonosh. I hear great things about their Brook Trout and plan on trying it when i finally get to dine in again. I refuse to order fish as a take out item.

Long Island Gyros

I'm guessing based on your lack of commentary that you didn't like it.... I did warn you it was different.

Long Island Gyros

does that mean you tried it since yesterday?

Long Island Gyros

don't forget, and you are the one who made me realize this, the gyro at Sufiya's is only available for take out. I have only had take out from there for the last year or so, so it didn't affect me the time i tried it. The reason why i want you to try it is because as you said you usually order a grilled meat skewer vs meat sliced from a vertical slit. I don't know for sure, but i don't think this gyro was made on a vertical spit?!?!?!

Long Island Gyros

This is basically for Gastronomos:

A. curious if you tried the gyro at Sufiya's yet?

B. this opened in East Meadow i think sometime in the last few days

ISO Long Island Oysters on Long Island

haven't been there since i moved out of Oyster Bay 4+ years ago. But Canterbury's usually had both Blue Points and Pine Island(actually pulled Oyster Bay)