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Thai Groceries on Long Island

i saw dried Galangal in the Westbury Fairway today. It came in a jar and is located in the Asian aisle.

Shan-e Mughlia, East Meadow Long Island

i believe only some items are done like that, (cold then microwaved). I didn't find it ruined the items i had that were(I'm pretty sure the Jalfrezi, maybe the Punjabi Chana Masala)

I hope they do find some customers. Haven't seen any advertising in any of the local flyers, papers etc. I was hoping by posting my original topic that they become more Googable if someone searches for them.


It is opening in the plaza next to the East Meadow bowling alley where the mexican restaurant, bagel place and wing place is. Also a Sushi Lounge opening in there, but there are so many sushi places what is the chance that it stands out.

Shan-e Mughlia, East Meadow Long Island

I don't normally start posts recommending restaurants as i rather comment on other peoples questions or add suggestions when other people are looking for a restaurant suggestion. But i just had takeout from the this new Pakistani/Indian restaurant that opened less than a month ago in East Meadow across from Home Depot. It was dirt cheap and delicious. The portions were a little small for the Chicken Jalfrezi but it tasted great. The price is so low you can't complain about the size. Also had Chicken Seekh Kebab, Chicken Tikka Boneless, Punjabi Chana Masala(phenomenal), Vegetable rice(maybe it was a biyrnani, but i don't know, they didn't have plain rice according to the guy on the phone and said i could have vegetable rice or Chicken Biryani), glad i had it though because it was tasty. Also had Garlic Naan and Keema Naan. I have posted the WHOLE MENU. i say it like that because the menu is tiny. I think people should know about this little tasty and affordable place, especially since i was the only one in there. Want to do my part to make sure this place makes it because this is a great thing to have like 4 minutes from my house.

FYI, East Meadow i getting a Filipino restaurant soon too

Noodles for pad see ew (phat si io) in NYC?

anybody know if they sell this in Flushing? I live in Long Island and have been looking for this for years. I have given up hope in finding it out here, but I can get to Flushing easily.

Apr 03, 2014
jpf1980 in Outer Boroughs

Jackson Diner? [Queens]

If u go to Jackson diner's website they list a location in floral Park on hillside Ave. So it is connected to the Jackson hts original

Apr 03, 2014
jpf1980 in Outer Boroughs

Yevma, East Meadow

i live a totally different life and can't get to all the places i want to try, but i only get 2 maybe 3 total meals a week from a restaurant/food establishment of some sort or another.

u forgot to tell us how your two take out meals were at Yevma

My Hero Deli - N. Bellmore / N. Merrick

i like Figarelly's in East Meadow quite a bit but i will be trying My Hero.

on saturday we had the Nam Sod salad which was the first time we had that dish and was ultra tasty, the Pad thai(which is something i normally avoid at most thai restaurants but can't get enough of here when they cook it spot on) and Beef with Green Curry. What an awesome Green Curry sauce.

Yevma, East Meadow

what about you? what is your opinion?

and do you eat out every meal of every day? I can't keep up with the amount of places you report on! Your asking about Yevma today, and it sounds like you ate at Kyma today based on your pic. I'm jealous................

My Hero Deli - N. Bellmore / N. Merrick

i was getting takeout from Thai Chef a couple of doors down from My Hero on saturday night. I've never really paid attention to My Hero before but i noticed that at approximately 6:30 or so on a Saturday night that they had a long line inside. I was shocked to see that. I looked at the menu on My Hero's website, and nothing looks that interesting or different than any other regular deli. I told my wife we have to give it a try, but what am i missing, what is so special here? How is it different than any other deli making quality sandwiches.

By the way, if anybody cares, I really enjoy most items i've had at Thai Chef. Sometimes the spice level is off, and sometimes the flavors aren't consistent on the same dish that i've had multiple times.

Long Island Gyros

yeah i agree, way to much lettuce and the lettuce on the bottom and meat on the top which was annoying too. But i just remember really enjoying the way the meat tasted and how it was different then every other gyro I've had in my life.

unfortunately with a wild toddler i don't get out as often as i would like and we do much more take out then we used to pre baby. The Adana you can do as a sandwich or as a meat platter. I had it once as a sandwich. It was many months ago, it doesn't stick out in my mind which means to me that i probably didn't think too much of it.

I do love their lamb shish kebab, and the Jujeh. I had the Barg once and it was much better than i was expecting. I am not a fan of Falafel, i normally find it gross, but it is delicious at this place. My wife gets it every time and i really enjoy taking a bite or 2 of it.I am also i big fan of their babagonosh. I hear great things about their Brook Trout and plan on trying it when i finally get to dine in again. I refuse to order fish as a take out item.

Long Island Gyros

I'm guessing based on your lack of commentary that you didn't like it.... I did warn you it was different.

Long Island Gyros

does that mean you tried it since yesterday?

Long Island Gyros

don't forget, and you are the one who made me realize this, the gyro at Sufiya's is only available for take out. I have only had take out from there for the last year or so, so it didn't affect me the time i tried it. The reason why i want you to try it is because as you said you usually order a grilled meat skewer vs meat sliced from a vertical slit. I don't know for sure, but i don't think this gyro was made on a vertical spit?!?!?!

Long Island Gyros

This is basically for Gastronomos:

A. curious if you tried the gyro at Sufiya's yet?

B. this opened in East Meadow i think sometime in the last few days http://www.yevma.com/index.html

ISO Long Island Oysters on Long Island

haven't been there since i moved out of Oyster Bay 4+ years ago. But Canterbury's usually had both Blue Points and Pine Island(actually pulled Oyster Bay)

New churascarria in Hempstead?

churascarria genesis i believe, i passed it on Sunday and wondered when that arrived.

Long Island Gyros

yes it is. Azerbaijan grill menu didn't have a Gyro though.

Long Island Gyros

Gastronomos, i'm curious what you would think of the Gyro at Sufiya's Grill in East Meadow. I've had a lot of Gyro's in my life(but no where near as many as you i can tell from reading your comments) and none have ever been anything similar to the Gyro at Sufiya's I had about 3-4 weeks ago. I've had many things there that are good, including this Gyro, but it was just so different.

West Hempstead Eats

Cherry Valley Deli. Not your normal deli. I haven't been in a while, but the place is great.

Any good non-chain kitchen stores on LI?

that different drummers place reminds me of the Viking cooking school and shop that was in Garden City.

Blue Moon - in Rockville Centre on Long Island

i like getting the Blue Moon Salad and the Blue Moon Pizza. For the pizza, i have found that they have a tendency to undercook the pie, so ask for it to be extra crispy.

Zim Zari [Massapequa Park]

got another one for you. Once again, I am putting this on here with no experience of actually eating at this place,(i do want to try it, but haven't had a chance yet) but it isn't asian or italian, and they have the right prices for you.


Zim Zari [Massapequa Park]

just thought of this place. I haven't been here yet, but it might fit into what you are looking for. Not your avg. nassau county type of place. http://salumibarli.com/

ISO CFS - Chicken or Country Fried Steak In Nassau On Long Island

biscuits and BBQ!

Zim Zari [Massapequa Park]

haven't had it for lunch but i like Sabroso in East Meadow for Dominican quite a bit. Lots of their entrees are not very expensive. The owners are super friendly.This is not a waiter service restaurant.

Kitchen Kabaret in Roslyn makes some great sandwiches. I've also heard great things about their stuffed garlic knots in their pizza section but haven't had that yet.

I like Souper Fry in Merrick quite a bit but haven't been there in a while.

i agree with the biscuits & bbq suggestion

i've had some very good things at Little Mexico, i suggest u try other things on the menu.

Press 195 has some some really good hits, but also some misses.

Fh rileys in huntington village is very good.

by the way, did u ever make it to Its Greek to Me?

i'm sure i can come up with more, but i always struggle under pressure with coming up with lists.

Zim Zari [Massapequa Park]

i know your not a 5 guys person Scott, but come on, All American burgers taste like Mcdonalds. I really don't see the difference. I almost wonder in a blind taste test with all ingredients and physical attributes being equal could someone even tell the difference.

Long Island: good food along Rt 27

with no table, and only bar type seating, how could bigelow's be called family friendly?

Long Island: good food along Rt 27

A. Route 27 is Sunrise Highway, have you done this trip before? In Nassau County and through the first few towns in Suffolk county, Sunrise Highway is not a highway but more of a very busy 3 lane in each direction road with lots of traffic lights.
B. Assuming you want to stick with this plan, Rockville Centre probably has more restaurants than any other town in Long Island except for Huntington. I personally like Press 195, Blue Moon Pizza.

Chowhound alert! New South Diner - Hicksville

i dont know if i have been to a diner on long island that didn't have challah french toast. which does not make me happy, i much rather have white bread french toast.

Food trucks in Long Island

wait!....does that mean we are going to finally have a vietnamese restaurant on Long Island that people may actually go to!?!?!?!

I liked everything i ever tried except the Pho at Atlantic Cottage years ago in Lynbrook. Every time i was there the place was empty. Then there was that place in Mineola a couple of blocks from where Sripraphai is, and the food wasn't very good.

Is rolling cubans really not good, i still haven't had a chance to get there, being a new father has killed my ability to do whatever i want when i want to get food.