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Best Pancakes in Baltimore?

Can anyone recommend a restaurant in the Baltimore area with really good pancakes? I'm looking not only for great flavor, but size as well. I really like IHOP pancakes, but after spending last weekend out of state and visiting a local restaurant there, I'm now looking for a place locally that can match what I had last weekend.

DC/Inner Harbor Suggestions

Unfortunately, anything within a few miles of the Inner Harbor is generally on the pricey side of moderate. If you travel about a mile or so east of the harbor, there are a couple of choices you could check out. Both are a little pricey to me, but that might just be my empty wallet talking. If you travel about a mile east on Pratt St, you'll come to Obrycki's (1727 E Pratt, near Broadway). Famous for crabs and seafood, but you can also get sandwiches. Prices are generally $20-30 for entrees, and roughly $10-$15 for sandwiches.

About 2 miles east on Boston St is Bo Brooks' (2701 Boston St), which is similar to Obrycki's. The prices are generally the same as well, but pasta will run you about $10-$15.

Speaking of pasta, if that's your thing, you might want to check out a number of the restaurants in Little Italy, which is a couple blocks east of the Inner Harbor. Everyone has their favorite restaurants in Little Italy, but all of them are quite good. Keep in mind that pretty much all of the restaurants in Little Italy are a bit beyond what most people would call "moderate" in price. Expect to pay about $25-$45 per entree at most places, although Amicci's is closer to moderate.

If you're determined to stay in the Inner Harbor area, you might want to check out Rusty Scupper (402 Key Highway). Seafood restaurant, with nice views of the harbor, but with tourist prices. Prices here are about even with Little Italy at $25-45 per entree.

You mentioned you weren't too interested in certain ethnic foods, but may I suggest Little Havana Restaurant (1325 Key Highway, a few blocks further down from Rusty Scupper). Obviously a Cuban menu. If you've never tried Cuban food, you're really missing out!

231 S High St, Baltimore, MD 21202

Bo Brooks Restaurant
2701 Boston St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Ruby Buffet

The old Jade Garden buffet on Taylor Ave near Loch Raven Blvd in Towson has now been replaced by a new buffet, called Ruby Buffet. It appears to be a clone of the Hibachi Grill, and certainly looks more extensive than its predecessor.

Has anyone tried this place yet? It's only been open for about a month, apparently, so if you've been there, can you give a brief review?

Jade Garden
7697 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, Glen Burnie, MD 21060

Best deli on Corned Beef Row?

I plan on making a trip down to corned beef row soon, and I'm looking for the best of the 3 delis down there, specifically for a Reuben Sandwich.

From other reviews on the internet, each place (Attman's, Weiss, and Lenny's) have their own share of fans. From a quick evaluation, it looks like Weiss is getting the best reviews. Attman's has been a long-standing favorite, but has gotten some not so nice reviews as of late. Lenny's gets good reviews, but more for the niceness of the building itself, rather than the food.

So what I'm looking for is A) Quality B) most generous portions and C) price. This is for carryout - I don't intend on eating at the establishment, so dining areas don't matter to me.

What say you, Baltimore? Which deli should be my first venture into Corned Beef Row?

Pizza in Baltimore

I mentioned Lombardi's in Ocean City in my last post. I know this place is a bit beyond the scope of Balt/Wash pizzas, but I was just wondering if anyone has been there in the past few years, and if so, how was their pizzas? I might get down to the beach this year (first time in QUITE a while), and if I do, I plan on going there first day.

They're located in the 94th street shopping center.

Any good German food?

My personal favorite German deli would be Binkert's on Philadelphia Rd in Rosedale.

I would highly recommend the Bauernwurst!

Pizza in Baltimore

I work at a large university, which has many students from New York, and practically all of them would say that Pasta Mista in Towson is the only place to get a true pizza like in New York City. Personally, I found that they are good, but not my favorite. My all-time favorite would be Lombardi's in Ocean City (back when they used to be called Wolfy's).

Pasta Mista
822 Dulaney Valley Rd, Towson, MD 21204