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Best of Danforth Thread

Can anyone tell me which place(s) do the fried dough-balls coated in honey syrup? I had them once at a Taste of Danforth and remember them fondly whenever I want to sicken myself with sweets.

Where is the best place to buy cheese in Mississauga?

This thread is a bit old but...

Global has a branch in Etobicoke, on Norseman (between Kipling and Islington, near Dimpflmeier). It's a clean, cheerful store with nice people and none of the Kensington Market buying-cheese-from-a-stinking-garage feeling. Its selection isn't as extensive as Cheese Boutique's, but it's not at all bad.

If you're from Mississauga and you're willing to go to a non-downtown midpoint, definitely also check out International Food Depot (or similar name) on Jutland, it's next to European Meats (near Kipling). Cheapest (decent) cheese I've seen: $5 or $6 for nearly a pound of harvarti, for example. The selection is less "fancy," but there's a good variety to be found at fairly low prices.

Cheese Boutique
45 Ripley Ave, Toronto, ON M6S, CA

Real Cider in Toronto?

Glad you liked it too! I was really pleasantly surprised. And if Spain's luck doesn't improve I'm going to have to keep drinking it.

Real Cider in Toronto?

I haven't seen that. Which locations do you routinely see it at?

Real Cider in Toronto?

I just tried William Cider, which is Canadian and comes in a grey-silver tin and has only very recently appeared at my nearest LCBO. It's got added sugar but its only other ingredient is fermented apple stuff--no carbonated water or caramel colouring or anything.

It has a good beery-apple taste with a bit of acidity and while it could be drier, it's pretty good.

Real Cider in Toronto?

The problem is with the limited variety of UK ciders you see here. I routinely see Strongbow, Gaymers, and Bulmers (the latter two are made by the same company, I think?); the second ingredient in all of those is some kind of sugar.

I found Stone's Ginger Wine in an LCBO, which is much more obscure; I should be able to find more than 3 or 4 kinds of cider!

Real Cider in Toronto?

Thanks for the replies!

I'm hoping to try some of the fancier ciders--the sort that come in wine bottles rather than cans or plastic containers--and I'll start with the Clos Saint-Denis. Frankly, I'm primarily looking for kinda "beer-equivalent ciders" that I can drink from a can or pint bottle but aren't crap loaded with sugar.

I've had Waupoos at bars; it's not bad, so thanks for the reminder. I'll seek some out.

Real Cider in Toronto?

I'm not often a beer drinker so in the summer when my usual red wine or gin and tonic doesn't feel very seasonal, I'm partial to hard cider. I don't mind the regularly available English/Irish varieties--Strongbow, Gaymers, Bulmers, Blackthorn, etc--as well as Grower's and the Swedish berry-flavoured stuff I've seen lately at the LCBO that's sort of like an alcoholized fruit punch. All the same, I'd rather have the real stuff.

I've had the good fortune of having "real cider" a few times, the stuff made from fermented pressed apples, rather than the standard sort that's chock-full of added glucose/fructose and filled with carbonated water. Does anyone have brand recommendations or know of branches of the LCBO that carry what I'm looking for? I've tried a few LCBOs in the west end and have only seen the same old brands.

I don't claim to be very knowledgeable about the stuff, but I'd like to broaden my knowledge of it and taste some of the best of what's available in this province. I'd prefer to get varieties I can drink at home throughout the summer but if anyone knows of some bars that have a fair variety available, let me know about those too! Thanks everyone!

Tim Tams lost again !

Both Sobey's on the Queensway seem to have them whenever I go in. Weirdly, a few European grocers seem to carry them; I'm pretty sure I saw them at a Starsky's once.

2040 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L4X, CA

Best Pho in T.O.

I like MiMi. The food is good enough, plus the people are really friendly. I recently tried Pho Mi Asia (just off Dundas, west of Dixie), which is mentioned a bunch in one of the big threads. I got rare beef; the broth was lovely and I couldn't finish a medium. There was literally so much meat I made a stir-fry the next night from what I had left over. Their chicken wings, however, are served with a "Special House Sauce" that seemed identical to Kraft French dressing.

Pho Mi Asia
1248 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L4Y2C1, CA

Diners, drive-ins and dives

Hewitt's and The Arbor are both great--if I've had an adequate walk around Port Dover after eating a bunch of fried food I get a malt at Hewitt's on the way back into the city.

But, to me, Port Dover means perch. I know both of the Knechtel's-owned places have their devotees, as well as the Erie Beach hotel. The Knechtel's places make good fried perch (the batter is pancake-y, but you're right by the beach so the ambiance does a lot to make up for it) and the cucumber salad at their salad bars contains some secret ingredient(s) I've been unable to discover. The fries suck, however. If you happen to be down there in cooler weather, the homemade soups of the day at the place across from The Arbor are usually good too.

Closer to home, Tom's on the Queensway might have pretty standard fare, but it's got tradition going for it. I know I'm not alone in having frequented the place for the entire 20-some years of my life. Got Christmas trees there too.

And a place on Roncesvalles that I've never checked the name of. I think it's Super Kolbassa? It's basically next door to Abstract Tree. Anyway, it's not a restaurant; it's sort of a deli--in the buy-a-bag-of-sliced-meat sense, not the meat-on-bread-with-pickle sense-- but it's got a really good hot table frequented by both Polish people and yuppie newcomers to the neighbourhood. Their beet-horseradish salad is great, they make my favourite coleslaw in the world (oil and vinegar, not creamy) and their borscht is a pretty good Ukranian-style version of the soup. Schnitzel is tasty but unexceptional.