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Farm Eggs in Hamilton Area

My parents recently moved from Toronto to Hamilton, leading me to discover all the farms selling directly to the public. However there seem to be quite a few that sell eggs, and I can't differentiate from websites.

I don't really care about the organic designation but I am looking for orange yolks and freshness and if I can find it, chickens being allowed to roam free outside the barns.

I've never had a proper egg like my mom describes from her childhood, so I'm determined to buy a few dozen and do taste tests.


Best Canned Tomatoes

I get San Marzano D.O.P's produced by Emma at Vincenzo's market on the Danforth. It was 3.49 a can (800ml), far more than my mom pays for her Unico's but I've been eager to see how different the flavour is with the family recipe.

I know they're also available at the Whole Foods in Oakville.

Long Branch, New Toronto, Mimico Restaurants & Food Shops

The neighbourhood has changed dramatically since then. The remaining 'crack' houses have been renovated and full on gentrification is happening. Right behind Konrad now on 6th is an organic breakfast bar, run by the guys from the Village Butcher. It's opening soon.

Where to buy GOOD eggs in Toronto or GTA?

I'd love to hear how this farm was, their prices online seem too good to be true. Beef that's ethically raised (stewing for 3.25) is totally worth the drive.

best breakfast joint in Toronto?

I grew up going to Mars and was shocked and appalled earlier this year to go in and be served disgusting food. Frozen food at which they microwave in front of you and then plop on the plate. It was vile, I took one bite and sat while my companion ate their burger and then left and vowed never to return.

I think the telltale sign of a restaurant is when you walk by and there are people in there. I live a few blocks from the original Mars and have not walked by in the past six months and seen more than two people in at a time.

It's a shame too, I had such fond memories of the place from when I was a kid and my dad took me.

Best Place to Buy a Weber SMC In Toronto?

I'm quite excited to get one, I had restaurant brisket today and it was awful, it looked well done and had no flavour. So I'm excited to try my own.

Already have a vac sealer, but with the people in my house, I doubt leftovers would last that long.

I'll probably go with Dickson's, but I may not be buying till June now, so I'll price check again then, to see if parity has changed anything.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Best Place to Buy a Weber SMC In Toronto?

$360 seems to be the common number, but Dickson's, while not having any in stock, said they could order it in a week and it would be $329.99.

Best Place to Buy a Weber SMC In Toronto?

I'm looking to purchase the smaller Weber Smoker in the Toronto( Canada) area. I've seen the 18 for $419 but that seems excessive considering it retails for $279US on Amazon, and currency is at par right now. I know it's luck of the draw regarding what hardware stores carry it, so if anyone knows any that do, it'd be greatly appreciated. I can drive to anywhere in the GTA. I'm looking to purchase within the next few weeks.

Many thanks,