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Help: addicted to kale smoothie

I'm sold on kale smoothies!

I had one in Palm Springs this past weekend that was made with kale, mint, spinach, banana, and dates.

I just tried my own version using a regular blender and it came out pretty good.

I removed the stems and spines from the greens and chopped them fine.

Using non-sweetened almond milk as a base I added the chopped dates and bananas, a spoon of hemp seed, and few goji berries.

I slowly added the chopped greens until they liquefied into a brilliant green. The tiny date flecks give it this drink the perfect sweetness.


Apr 24, 2010
encore in Home Cooking

The Basics: How to Make Steamed Artichokes

I love artichokes hot or cold.

I use scissors to trim the tips off the leaves. I give the choke it a 'flat top' taking off almost an inch off the top. A small wedge of garlic gets pushed into the middle section with splash of olive oil out of habit. An hour or more in the steamer seems to bring out the most flavor, depending on the size.

I bought a few large ones a couple of weeks ago at our local downtown market. They had thin leaves and were thin on flavor. The next day I finished one from the night before for lunch. It seems to have developed more meat and much more flavor in the fridge. Go figure!

Apr 24, 2010
encore in Features