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What's good near Steiner Ranch?

I'll be staying with a cousin here during my time in Austin. I don't know anything about the layout of the city or anything but I'm willing to drive to get the good stuff. And by good stuff I mean barbecue, tex-mex, taco trailers, UCHI (does anyone want to come with me? They only do omakase for two people and there's jsut one of me. I'm seriously bummed about this). Whatever local food you recommend. I like inexpensive and authentic. Uchi will be my one splurge. Thanks!

May 13, 2008
Baby Ruth in Austin

Table 8?

Special porterhouse is great, but you must request in advance of your arrival. It's not on the menu, or at least it didn't used to be. I really like the bar menu. It's affordable and good. The regular menu left me lukewarm. For the price, you can do better. They have a serious problem with their red wines too. Serious. They are cooking them. Even by the bottle.

Apr 18, 2008
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

BLT: Crazy expensive ... and DON'T order the Steak!

That's right, don't order the steak. The flavor profile just isn't there. No real taste except the weird butane-y flavor that is becoming sort of pervasive in restaurants. What causes this? And they can't seem to get temperature right. I know medium rare is difficult to acheive, but they are called BLT Steak, and when "Steak" is in the title of your restaurant, and you are charging more than $40 bucks for it, there's an expectation that you know what you are doing. Sending it out blatantly medium is not good, sending it back rare (i.e. cold center is a textbook rare meat), is not any better. It begs the question, would I rather have my meat overdone or underdone. Well, neither, really. Not when I'm paying $40something bones for it. Such a bummer. Also, the TASTE: Ick.

Overall, we liked our meal, but I don't see how they can justify something like $29 for four tiny pieces bluefin toro. It was good but not worth it for the price.

And those onion ring towers you see being delivered to every table, let you curiosity end there. Not worth it. They are super greasy and overly salty. The popovers, which come free, are fabulous, though!

What is worth it: Seasonal fish dishes. Maybe they should be called BLT Fish instead. The potatoes au gratin went over big at our table. I didnt' try them because I don't eat a lot of cheese. The shellfish was a crowd pleaser too, but again, I wasn't able to try it. Desserts were pretty good in a rich way. Nice wine list.

Apr 18, 2008
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

BLT Steak - or how we ended up at Craft

One Sunset is part of the same group as STK, not BLT.

Apr 16, 2008
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

Uchi - Perceptor's Photo Report

This looks amazing! I'm in L.A., too but am coming to Austin in May ... How far in advance do you need to/can you reserve? Also, I noticed that the nigiri seems to all come in two pieces, which is great for sharing, but I may be dining alone ... Did you see anyone who only got one piece or is that not possible with omakase there? Thanks!

Apr 10, 2008
Baby Ruth in Austin

'Sup with Father's Office? Downhill alert

i didn't even think of that. excellent point. the whole point for no substitutions was that it was perfect as is, right?
hard to believe they ran out at 6:30pm on a Friday night ... only 90 min after opening.

Mar 24, 2008
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

'Sup with Father's Office? Downhill alert

They changed their buns out for tasteless sandwich bread. Buns are an integral part of the burger. That suggests a permanent shift, not an accidental overcooking or even the fact they slopped on too many carmelized onions.

Mar 24, 2008
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

'Sup with Father's Office? Downhill alert

Friday evening experience not so good. Waited outside for 10 minutes in line. Don't mind that part, but when we went in, there was a group of girls who had several open seats at their table. We asked if we could join and they had the audacity to say no. They were having a "private party." You're kidding me, right? A private party at F.O? What, is this like some Hollywood velvet rope place now? The beauty of F.O. has always been the open, communal seating, and, of course, the burger (I'll get to that in a second).

Eventually, we find two counter top seats behind the mean girls and take them, but not before letting the bouncer know, since we obviously won't be the first or the last people to be thwarted from taking the open seats.

Ordered famous burger, sweet potato fries and white anchovies. Loved the latter two, fries have never been better, but burger was pretty disappointing.

1) They've changed the bread. It's now served on some not even toasted thick sandwich bread. What happened to the once crispy bun?
2) All I could taste were carmelized onions. Blue cheese was totally lost on it.
3) We ordered medium rare and got it more like medium rare to medium.

Such a bummer. Not sure I'll be going back. Not for burger anyway.

Mar 24, 2008
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

where to eat on jersey island?

i'm spendng the weekend on jersey and have no idea what is good there. we will be in st helier but able to travel. all types of food welcome. some budget, some nicer? TYIA

Nov 22, 2007
Baby Ruth in U.K./Ireland

Fine dining in West End?

Hi there,

I'm looking for a very nice restaurant somewhere in the West End, non-Gordon Ramsey. Needs great wine list with some reasonable picks, nice linens. Can we any type of food, ideally French or Asian, but we are flexible. Something relatively new would be a plus. Thank you.

Nov 21, 2007
Baby Ruth in U.K./Ireland

Need good Cuban/Jamaican-type b/w WeHo and Van Nuys

i'm looking for something like el cochinito or tigeorges but either near WeHo/BH or in the Valley near Van Nuys or Studio City, ideally not too far from Ventura. Any suggestions appreciated. Barring that, maybe good Thai food or something else spicy but not too heavy. Thank you.

Sep 14, 2007
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

Spitz - doner kebab?

sorry to say the doner there is really salty. i couldn't finish mine. left me wanting too much water. not really like the ones i remember at all the street stands in berlin. i had great hopes for them. haven't been back to try anything else there. :(

Aug 26, 2007
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

ISO Moderate price Group Dinner spot in central location

Looking for good food somewhere near the Beverly Glen area for a group of maybe 20 people or so. Lots of 'houd-type, communal dining a plus, friendly corkage a bigger plus. We are open to cuisine ideas.

We can travel a little but ideally no further east than Fairfax or La Brea, and can we as far west as SM south to Culver City. Only b/c people may be coming from further away, so we have to meet in the middle.

This would be for a Thursday night ... Is Campanile still doing grilled cheese. Hmmm ...


Aug 26, 2007
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

Nice restaurant kid-friendly around eastside/hollywood?

I'm looking for a nicer place that is kid-freindly. Kid in question is well behaved and likes food in general. Nothing too exotic for him, but doesn't have to be burgers. I'd love a place that has good adult food but also doesn't mind kids. I've heard some of the Patina group places have good deals for kids, but i'm not certain the food is really that great outside the flagship restaurant. Thanks!

Aug 16, 2007
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

Great takeout food in SGV/Eastside/W. Valley?

looking for a yummy takeout place to take stuff for a picnic. compact and not messy would be great, but i managed recently with pakistani food so anything is fine. i'd like somewhere that is not corkage friendly, b/c not eating it onsite makes it a great excuse to try (somewhere that is corkage friendly, i'd rather enjoy a sit-down meal).

barbecue, korean barbecue, chinese, vietnamese, japanese, anything like that would be idea.

if it helps, i have a bottle of roussane and syrah i'm hoping to pair. not essential but that would be great.

thanks so much!

Aug 08, 2007
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

Laguna Beach Sunday: Recs for Cheap-ish eats?

Checking out the Festival of the Arts Sunday, and would love a rec for relatively inexpensive food in the area. I tried the taco place walking distance from Irvine Bowl last year. Would love something in that price range, but a little more expensive is fine. Friendly corkage a big plus, spending a max of maybe $25 per person. We are happy to share stuff. Thanks!

Jul 27, 2007
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

seeking good food and free wifi in LA area

looking for a place i can hole up tmo and get some work done, but not a coffee shop unless it serves good food. i'd really like somewhere i can try good food. ideally around eastside/hollywood.

Jul 23, 2007
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

cheap eats pickup en route from SF to Eugene

i'd love a great rec somewhere about halfway or so from SF to Eugene. Nothing fancy, just a place I could eat a quick meal or something portable enough to eat in the car. I love all kinds of food. Thanks!

Jun 26, 2007
Baby Ruth in Pacific Northwest

Inexpensive picnic baskets?

I'm going to the Bowl this Friday but don't want to spend a lot of money. Where can I get a nice picnic/box type of thing? Any food type is fine. Geography is flexible too (we're all comign from different areas anyway!). Thank you ...

Jun 19, 2007
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

one night in Eugene. where to eat? open to ideas

we'll be staying near U of O/downtown. it's a friday night. something that typifies Eugene food. totally open to ideas. prefer not to spend a lot of money, but if there's something spectacular, we might be up for it. something local in character, cuisine and vibe. not a touristy place. if this were LA for instance, i would suggest maybe a hatfield's or mozza on the higher end, or maybe grilled cheese night at campanile or ruen pair for thai. nice wine list a plus ...

Jun 11, 2007
Baby Ruth in Pacific Northwest

good bbq place with low/no corkage?

i'd love somewhere downtown/eastside-ish. i like baby blues but it's too far for this weekend.

May 25, 2007
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

Wil Wright's macaroons

were these french macaroons or coconut?

May 22, 2007
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

low corkage near music center?

food type unimportant. cost hopefully not outrageous. promiximity to music center essential. Thanks!

May 03, 2007
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

Have good wine, need place with no/low corkage

How about the Lodge on La Cienega?

Apr 19, 2007
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

Little J's in Downtown LA?

i actually like this place, but i had a dinner there very early on before it got crowded. we were one of only a few tables and got great food and service. i was worried that might not hold up once the bar/club crowd moved in. i kind of like the bigness of the space. the downstairs feel more chicago than LA to me, the cabana patio is nice on a warm-ish night and the patio outside is great for me cigar-smoking friend. they make a good drink. i like that burger too and their kennebec fries.

Mar 23, 2007
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

Name of coffeehouse on Cahuenga in Hollywood?

Does anyone know the name of the place with the yummy vegan soups. It's right across (I think) from teh Spotlight and the Wings place? They have a magazine rack, etc? Thanks! Not Karma Cafe.

Mar 09, 2007
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

How's the food at Redwood?

i thought the redwood was nice enough. they just won best downtwon burger in downtown news. i wasn't blown away, but it was good. we LOVED their wings. and i'm not really a wing person AT ALL. lots of meat and yummy sauce. great with the ranch. not somewhere to get anything more than burgers and wings type food. we tried salmon and it was overcooked and boring. desserts are generic. but for pub fare, it's pretty good.
i do like J as well. if you get there early, you'll be good. later on they get a very clubby crowd.
between J burger and Redwood burger, i'd choose J. great kennebec fries, too. better wine list. fun space.

Mar 02, 2007
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

Which restaurants in LA allow reservations for a specific table?

i've found that most restaurants will not guarantee a specific table, however, they will put in requests, and this is best accomplished by talking to a mgr not a host. i'm thinking a special occasion of some sort might also sway them if you are celebrating such a thing. but that's just a guess. and you will always have better luck at established places versus some new celeb venture.

Jan 22, 2007
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

Ok, settled on Sona's tasting menu for my special dinner this year...but how much $$$?

i agree on the six course vs. nine. i've done six course twice, havne't done 9. always been full, even when we didnt' do cheese. tho i'm not a football player or anything. wine pairings are a must. best part is if they are doing dual tasting menus, so you each get different food with most courses, so you can really try more like 10 different things!

Jan 22, 2007
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area

Best 5 Chefs in LA

i'm having trouble picturing all those guys working together. specifically the birdman. ;)

Jan 19, 2007
Baby Ruth in Los Angeles Area