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Opinion on Mutsukari and Seryna in Tokyo

Thanks. Any feedback on the other two?

Apr 25, 2010
JoseA in Japan

San Juan Report

I'm surprised by your experience in Il Perugino, locals almost unanimously consider it the best italian on the island and I have many foodie friends who think its the best italian in all the caribbean. Maybe you just had a bad experience.
The other top choices in SJ would be Compostela, Augusto, Pikayo and Jose Jose. All those are on the expensive side but would be my top five list.

Opinion on Mutsukari and Seryna in Tokyo

I'm going to Tokyo in June and would like to get opinions on Mutsukari for Kaiseki and on Seryna for shabu shabu. Also any views on Il Ristorante at Bulgari would be appreciated.

Apr 22, 2010
JoseA in Japan