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Nosher Rye Deli In Allendale seems closed

After talking with my sister and friends, we're going to be trying Kosher Nosh in a few weeks. None of us have been there. I'm sad that the Nosher Rye is gone, but I am looking forward to trying Kosher Nosh. My family goes to New City Kosher in New City NY (Rockland County) often. But my friends & sister are in Jersey, and there just aren't many of these delis around anymore. I am really sorry Nosher Rye is gone.

Apr 27, 2015
barbgail61 in New Jersey

Nosher Rye Deli In Allendale seems closed

I tried contacting Nosher Rye Deli in Allendale, but their website no longer exists. Does anyone know if they're out of business? I've gone there several times when I've been in Northern NJ and it was a really nice deli. It'd be a shame if they are no longer in business!

Apr 25, 2015
barbgail61 in New Jersey

Temptations Cafe in Nyack was wonderful

We tried Temptations Cafe in Nyack tonight with some friends and we all agreed that it was wonderful. It looks like an ice cream parlor in the front, but if you walk through to a hallway, they have a nice, cozy dining room in the back. The regular menu has salads, burgers, sandwiches, pub-type appetizers, but they also have specials. We shared an appetizer of tortilla chips with black beans, cheese, hot peppers and lime, cumin sour cream. The sour cream made the dish. I tried a special which was white fish in a cream sauce with Japanese eggplant and vermicelli. It was excellent, the fish was flaky and the sauce had a nice seasoning. Kind of Asian/French. My husband had a nice-sized burger, properly cooked, with lots of carmelized onion. Our friends each had salads, one with beets and chicken, and the other had grilled chicken and sweet potato fries. The fries were definitely not frozen. They've been in business 5 years but it's the first time we've eaten there. We will definitely be back, they are a real restaurant and not just an ice cream parlor.

Indian Aroma in Rockaway NJ - Great lunch buffet

I was working a temp assignment in Denville, NJ, and didn't know where to go for lunch. Stumbled upon Indian Aroma in the Walgreen's shopping center on Rte 46 in Rockaway. The lunch buffet was really good. The buffet had fried vegetables for an appetizer. They had tomato soup which was plain but good. They had a small salad which I skipped because I could get that anywhere. I had several types of chicken. I tried breaded chicken cutlets which were crispy. Also Chicken Tikka Masala, which I liked the best. It was spicy but not too spicy. I had onion naan bread which was the best I've ever had. That wasn't on the buffet, they make it fresh and deliver it to your table. I tried spinach with Paneer cheese, and found it to be good. For dessert, I skipped the Gulab Jamun because I don't usually care for that. But I loved the Corn Halwah, which was like a corn pudding. Kind of like creamed corn but slightly sweet and milk like. If you're in the area, you should try it. Now I'm done with my temp work in the area, but wish I had found this restaurant a few weeks sooner.

Nov 09, 2013
barbgail61 in New Jersey

Lins Family Chinese in New City NY-Food Good but Communication Poor

Been going to Lins Family for years, and usually the food is great. Tonight we had a problem though. The man taking phone orders did not understand well. I had to repeat things a few times until he understood. But that's okay, he finally got the order. One dish we had ordered was a quart of beef & broccoli (spicy), and this is supposed to come with white rice. But there was no rice.

I called the restaurant, and the same man who spoke poor English answered. When I told him we just picked the food up and there was no rice for the beef and broccoli, he thought that I was ordering a Combination Plate of Beef & Broccoli with fried rice! I kept telling him that I was not placing an order, that we already picked our food up and he forgot the rice. He kept thinking that I was trying to order either fried rice, or a combination plate with fried rice. He just didn't get it! Which means, I didn't get any rice! Because it got annoying to keep having to explain to this man. I never got an "I'm sorry", I never got a "we'll deliver rice". After a few minutes of me trying to explain that they forgot to give us rice, my husband yelled that I should "hang up because we'll pick up fifty cents of rice someplace else tomorrow." So, I hung up. I ate my Beef & Broccoli with leftover whole wheat ziti, which we had in the refrigerator. Fusion cooking, I guess! Tomorrow, I'll have to go buy rice someplace to go with my leftovers.

So, my critique is not of the food, which is fine, it's of the customer service, or lack thereof. I think someone who speaks English well should be on hand. Expect problems ordering and communicating, unless this guy is replaced, which would be wonderful.

Sazone New City - Okay, but nothing special

6 of us went to Sazone in New City on Saturday night for the 1st time. We got there at 6pm and they were half full. We asked for bread since our friends had arrived first & ate all the bread. But we had to ask 3 times before it arrived. We hadn't ordered yet. Service was extremely slow. Again, they were only half full. But because we were there 2 hours, there was a line waiting when we left.

The slow service when they weren't full became impossibly slow service as they filled up. We asked where our dinner was 3 or 4 times. The last time we tackled Jose, the owner, and he said "it's coming out next". But how could he know that when he had been up front near the door, greeting people? So it took a little longer after we asked Jose where the food was. When it arrived, my Paella Vallencia was "nothing special". I really like paella, however, this version had wet rice. Very wet. And not enough saffron. My husband thinks that my dish had been waiting a long time, and since it was covered, it had steamed, making the rice wet, and the seafood a little "mushy". Jose was going from table to table greeting people and loving the praise,and he gave our friend a free drink. When he asked if we liked everything, my husband honestly told him that his food was good, but nothing special, and certainly not worth the approx hour wait! Jose kind of shrugged, and then walked away! He should've cared. I mean, we spoke up, other customers just won't come back. He should've appreciated the criticism and said at least "I'm sorry". When we left, he again was at the door hugging people. We weren't at a concert,and he isn't a celebrity. It's a restaurant, and so it should strive to deliver good food and good service. We mind Jose's lack of response & lack of caring & concern more than we mind the slow service. I wish this restaurant a lot of luck because many like us won't return too soon.

Ole Ole in Suffern-Long Wait for Food & Don't Expect all Leftovers

Leslie, sometimes it's difficult to put the whole experience into words, so let me say that it's just not 25 cents worth of beans which has made me decide to not go back. The wait for appetizers was at least a half hour or more, and no one came to inform us. Our drinks also took long considering we were seated near the bar, and neither the bar or the restaurant was busy. There were a few tables, but no one was sitting at the bar, and the drinks took easily 15 minutes. We ate the salsa and chips as this was the only thing to do while we caught up with our friends. Service during the meal was okay as the waiter did come by to see if everything was okay. It's just that when a restaurant is not busy, I don't think it should take so long for appetizers and drinks. Plus, not getting everything packed up, well there are other good Mexican restaurants nearby to choose. Tequila Sal y Limon for example is next door. We've found that the service and the food is wonderful.

Ole Ole in Suffern-Long Wait for Food & Don't Expect all Leftovers

On Saturday night, we went to Ole Ole for the 1st time with another family. We all agreed the food was good. But we waited too long for our appetizers to arrive. So, we all ate too much chips and salsa while waiting. Both the chips and the salsa were good. The salsa was medium-spiced.

Since I filled up on chips and an appetizer of chicken & artichoke empanadas (3 very large, tasty, crunchy empanadas), I did not touch my Mexican rice or refried beans. My Seafood Burra was delicious with fresh shrimp and scallops, but was also too large to finish. My husband enjoyed his steak fajitas, but had about half leftover. So we asked to take all leftovers home.

When I opened up the Styrofoam containers, I was sad to see that none of my refried beans were packed? I had only eaten one forkful. Why would the main dish and the rice be packed, and not the refried beans? I am so disappointed. It sounds silly, however, all my leftovers would have made another meal at home. I am upset, since I said that I wanted everything to go. Coupled with the long wait for our appetizers, they lost us and our friends as customers, since there are a few other, good, Mexican restaurants in Suffern to choose from.

So, good food, expect a long wait for food, and don't expect to get all your leftovers.

Canning using a lit match thrown in the jar to seal lids

Thank you everyone. I appreciate your replies and wisdom. I am not sure if this method is safe and also I was concerned about the match and sulfer being in the food and ruining the taste. My hairdresser was just so convinced that this is a perfectly safe method that I wanted to know if anyone else has used this method. Sometimes I feel like "I live under a rock" because people know of methods and technologies which I've never heard of, so I threw this out to the group. I agree with what some of you have said, that it's just not worth the risk to save a little work, so I'll be sticking to the water bath method. Thanks again. Barbara

Apr 01, 2013
barbgail61 in Home Cooking

Canning using a lit match thrown in the jar to seal lids

My hairdresser, who is from Turkey, told me that when she cans homemade things like a recent batch of tomato sauce, she fills the jars, then lights a kitchen match, the wood kind, and throws the lit match in the jar and quickly seals it. When the match uses up all the air, the lid is drawn down, creating a vacuum seal. She showed me a jar she had done like this, and sure enough, pushing on the center of the lid, it was not springy at all. Has anyone sealed jars like this instead of processing in boiling water? Is this a safe method of sealing jars? It seems much easier than a water bath. She says she just takes the match out when she opens the jars. And she says the jars stay fine for a few years! I am afraid and don't want to get sick so if anyone out there has also used this method, please let me know. Thank you.

Mar 31, 2013
barbgail61 in Home Cooking

Anything new in Kingston, NY

If you want a casual but good place, you should try the Hurley Mountain Inn. Hurley is right outside of Kingston. Here is the website:

They have good burgers, salads, fried chicken, wings, and 3 types of fries. I go there after I visit the Tonner doll company store, and I have never been disappointed. Enjoy.

Italiana's in New City - former site of Pasta Cucina

We went to the new restaurant in New City "Italiana's" last night for my birthday. It was good, however, not great. Maybe because we had anticipated it's opening for months? My dinner was very good, my husband's not so much so.

First, the ambiance is lovely. Very homey, and the brick ovens, which are gas fired, added nice warmth. We were seated in a small alcove off the main dining room, a table with benches around the walls, near the fire exit. It was quieter, although perhaps this explains why we had to ask for water, silverware, plates, etc. We may have been forgotten in this small corner?

Slices of focaccia bread were accompanied by a red pepper bruschetta or relish, no butter in site. A plate and utensils would have come in handy but none were in site either, although we could see that other tables had them. Finally we caught our waitress, who was pleasant enough and brought utensils but no plates.

Main courses - I had chicken parm. The chicken was very large, enough for 3 servings. A nice portion of penne accompanied. Only two criticisms - there was very little tomato sauce on the chicken parm. Thankfully there was enough on the penne. Second, the food was served in a giant bowl. It is not easy to cut chicken parm which is on top of penne in a bowl. This should have been served on a flat plate in my opinion, because you have to cut chicken parm. That elusive salad plate would've come in handy.

My husband had Fettucini Alfredo with chicken. He said it was mushy and flavorless. Bland actually. The chicken was soft and he thought it was boiled, rather than grilled. The sauce was also too thick, and "one-note". Perhaps they could thin the sauce, grill or char the chicken, and spring peas, or something? Again, it was served in the same huge bowl as the Chicken Parm, which was fine in this case.

Nothing came with a salad. Chicken parm was $16.95, fettucini was maybe a dollar or two less, but no salad for this price?

Service was not too great. I'm not sure the busboy spoke English, he dropped a piece of Focaccia bread on my husband's shoe, then smiled and walked away leaving it there. The waitress smiled and was pleasant, but the service was not great. Water refills had to be requested a few times. We did not order dessert.

I think once they get their act together, and have their Official Grand Opening, the kinks will be ironed out and they will be much better. They were good, but there is room for improvement. I am glad to have them in New City and you should give them a try.

How Long Can I Keep A Fresh KosherTurkey Breast Before Cooking

Thank you Almond Tree. I put it in the freezer, and I plan on beginning to defrost it sometime early Wednesday. I figure better safe than sorry. Happy Thanksgiving, Barbara

Nov 19, 2012
barbgail61 in Kosher

How Long Can I Keep A Fresh KosherTurkey Breast Before Cooking


I just came home from my Kosher butcher with a fresh 6.3 lb turkey breast. It looks beautiful, but it's only Sunday, and Thanksgiving is 4 days away. Do you think that I can keep this unfrozen, in the coldest meat drawer of my refrigerator, until cooking it early Thursday? Or, do you think that I should freeze it for a day or two? By the way, it was $5.99 a lb, but I was so happy to find a 6.3 lb clean looking turkey breast, that I took it without shopping around this year.

Thank you for your opinions.

Nov 18, 2012
barbgail61 in Kosher

Empire Turkeys

2 years ago, I bought an Empire turkey in Shoprite for Thanksgiving. I paid full price, and it was a large bird. After defrosting, when I took the wrapper off, it had only one wing! That's right, it was a "deformed bird". I did not see anyplace where there was a cut in the skin which there would've been if the wing fell off or was cut. I called Empire to report it, since I was cooking for a large family, and it was "ugly" and also people like the wing. Customer Service did nothing! It was like they didn't care at all! I guess they feel that we don't have many choices so they can get away with not caring? Really a horrible way to treat customers who have been loyal for years. We were so disappointed. Last year and this year, I'm just making turkey breasts, not full turkeys. I don't trust it.

Nov 17, 2012
barbgail61 in Kosher

Kenna's Diner in Henrieta (Rochester) great for Sunday Breakfast & Sticky Lips Barbecue

Just came home from Homecoming Weekend at RIT. Our son took us out for breakfast, even though we were quite happy with the breakfast at the Doubletree Hotel. But he took us to a real local place for breakfast - McKenna's Diner. I knew it would be good by the line out the door. We waited, and I'm glad that we did. I had the Grandma's breakfast, which was 2 eggs, bacon, two very fluffy pancakes, and homefries. My eggs were cooked perfectly, the bacon was lean and crispy. The homefries were good, not too greasy, and not overly seasoned. The star were those 2 fluffy pancakes which were light, not heavy. And I'm not even a pancake person! This 50's looking diner is only open until around 2 or 3 each day, so it only serves breakfast and lunch. I will be going back, it puts the local chains near the campus to shame! If you're in the area, their address is 4018 West Henrietta Road.

Anyone ever try their lunch? I'm thinking that it's probably a good place for a burger, it reminded me of a malt shop.

For dinner, we tried Sticky Lips barbecue. The ribs were the star of the night. I tried all of their barbecue sauces, and I liked the NY apple one which is surprising. I like that the sauces are on the table so you can try them all. My son had the burger with pulled pork on top, but found that it was "too big", too much meat. He pulled some off and then liked it. Mac and cheese side was only average. Their chili was good, and because I got extra jalepenos it was spicy enough. My husband had a burger too, and he enjoyed his, which had cheese and chili. Overall we liked it. Maybe the Dinosaur has slightly better tasting ribs and also fried green tomatoes, which at Sticky Lips were too bready. Too much breading. But Dinosaur is always too crowded and noisy, and Sticky Lips was much more relaxing. And it's closer to the campus. Well worth trying.

in pursuit of the best apple cider donuts

Went to the Orchards of Concklin today in Pomona (Rockland County) and bought 6 delicious Apple Cider donuts. The bag weighs 8 oz, and the donuts we chose have sugar and cinnamon sprinked on the outside. I could honestly eat all 6, they are much smaller, and tastier than the national chain. I like that the Orchards lists all their ingredients on the bag, and their other baked goods like their pies are also good. I'll be baking pies tomorrow with the apples we bought - Winesaps, Crisps, Baldwins, McCouns. Pomona is only about 45 mins to an hour from the heart of NYC and it makes a great weekend getaway.

Mexican Restaurant in the Hudson Valley Area

Yes, Rockland County, which includes Piermont, is part of the Hudson Valley, actually part of the Lower Hudson Valley. While I haven't been to the Piermont Tequila Sal Y Limon, I have been to the Suffern Tequila Sal Y Limon. Suffern is also in Rockland County. This was a very good restaurant, so I'm hoping that the Piermont location, which was first, is equally as good. Their fajitas and enchiladas were very good. Our favorite Rockland County Mexican Restaurant is Zapata, in Palisades NY (on Piermont Road, close to Orangeburg NY and Northvale, NJ). Zapata is worth trying.

Fall Hudson Valley Restaurant Weeks - November 5-18, 2012

I just made reservations for '76 House in Tappan. We ate there a year or so ago and had liked it, but then it wasn't during Restaurant weeks. When I called, the woman was surprised, and had to put me on hold to ask questions. I was probably the first one? They are not participating in Restaurant Week for the Saturday nights, even though it appeared online that they are. So I booked a Friday night. I'm assuming/hoping that their regular menu will be available should we not like their Restaurant Week offerings? Is this usually the case? I could always call and ask them, but I'll wait a few weeks to do so since they didn't know anything much yet.

French Macarons in Westchester????? Is there anywhere to find them?

The bakery at the Culinary Institute has delicious macarons, and quite a selection of flavors. But, when we ordered one of the chocolate varieties, we were told that they were sold out, and that the chocolate-based flavors always sell out quickly. So, we wondered why, if they knew this, don't they bake more of these popular flavors, and less of the ones that go the slowest? Isn't this something that culinary students should be taught, how to manage inventory properly? Anyway, the flavors that we tried were good, although they were not chocolate or cocoa?

Lunch Places near Mamaroneck Ave in HARRISON

51rich, thanks for the driving tips. I won't cross over the yellow line to park, and will keep a watch out for police. How difficult is it to back out of those diagonal spaces at lunch hour? I hope I can do this, I don't want to hit a bicycler!

And, Franklin Park restaurant also sounds great, specially with it's roots going back to the 1930's. It sounds like a landmark that I'll have to try, specially since I like seafood.

Thank you everyone once again for giving me some great sounding tips!

Lunch Places near Mamaroneck Ave in HARRISON

I'm so glad to hear about Sal's and Anthony's Deli. Garden Catering also sounds good. I've never been to a Smash Burger, so that's something to look forward to trying in the future. The pizza at Sal's sounds good. I'm glad that the parking is on a diagonal and not parallel parking, or at least that's what it looks like in the picture of the outside of Sal's. Thank you, you all are making me glad I work in this area. I was afraid that there was no place for me to get out a little and stretch my legs! Now I see I have some options.

Lunch Places near Mamaroneck Ave in HARRISON

Thank you all for your replies. Great info, and I'll try these out and report back. cbn456, I am also in the 500 Mamaroneck building, which is very nice! MELT sounds great from the website. I've never been on that part of Mamaroneck Ave, always turning at Bloomingdale Rd to get to I287. Now I'll look for TD Bank, and I'm glad the parking is easier in that part of White Plains.

I plan on going into Mamaroneck too next week for the 1st time. Now I will look for CVS so I can park and look around. I don't even know where the Mamaroneck train station is, so this will be fun! I guess I'll learn! And then one day, I'll venture to Harrison, the real-Harrison and not the outskirts where my office is. Thank you once again!

Lunch Places near Mamaroneck Ave in HARRISON

I finally found a job! I live in Rockland and I'm unfamiliar with Westchester. New job is on Mamaroneck Ave in Harrison. I get an hour for lunch, but have no idea where to go? My building is across from Saxon Woods.

Can someone suggest places I could make within an hour, that also have parking? I am only about 10 minutes from White Plains but there doesn't seem to be easy parking there, plus it's crowded at lunchtime. Mamaroneck is close by in the other direction, but I'm unfamiliar with what's there.

I did an internet search on the "mediocre" but quick chains. No McDs, BK, Wendys, Dunkin, or Boston Market nearby that I saw. But I'm not familiar with all the towns nearby.

My building has a cafeteria which I went to my first week. It was okay, a little pricey, but convenient. But sometimes I just want to get out of the building. I'm spoiled having worked in Northvale, NJ for many years, so there were tons of places nearby with plenty of parking!

Thank you ahead of time! Barbara

Outdoor Grill Restaurants in Westchester

Last summer, Stew Leonards in Yonkers grilled and had outdoor tables. You could get burgers, hot dogs, corn, fried shrimp (not grilled), and eat outside under an umbrella. Yes, there are lots of families with noisy kids, but for a casual and inexpensive day, it was a lot of fun, and I'm assuming that they will be doing this again this summer. I hope so.

Golden Mushroom in Nyack - Has anyone been

It's on 9W, all by itself, not in a shopping center. From Rte 59, heading north on 9W, pass the hospital and keep going a few miles, and it's on the right.

Golden Mushroom in Nyack - Has anyone been

Thank you. Our friends tried the sushi and a fish prepared Japanese-style, and the waiter removed the head. They loved everything. My husband did have spicy shredded beef, which he liked except there was too much celery. I enjoyed my chicken & shrimp combination. I would return, because I want to try their Thai food too. I'm glad we tried this place, because it gives the option of different Asian cuisines, and nothing was overly greasy.

meadowlands area eats?

Redds ( 317 Washington Ave in Carlestadt is a block away from the Izod Center. It's a good restaurant and pub, and also has catering and banquet rooms upstairs. Good pub type food.

May 20, 2012
barbgail61 in New Jersey

Golden Mushroom in Nyack - Has anyone been

Our friends suggested dinner at Golden Mushroom in Nyack. My husband is really picky when it comes to Chinese food, and he sticks with spicy beef dishes. I am more adventurous. To be safe, I tried to go onto Golden Mushroom's website to view their menu, however, their website is under construction. So can anyone who has been there please let me know if they have spicy beef dishes, and do they have Thai and Japanese food too? Is it good? Thank you.

Does a can of Sesame Tahini have to be refrigerated after opening?

Thank you for your replies. I will put the tahini in a plastic container, and then keep it in my cabinet. I am so happy not to have to refrigerate it, because it's so difficult to mix after it's been refrigerated! I didn't think about the leaching from the can! So I thank everyone for their reply.

May 18, 2012
barbgail61 in General Topics