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Blue crabs in Connecticut?

Thanks a million. You nailed it! Gonna save fortune on shipping from md!

Blue crabs in Connecticut?

Anybody know of a fishmonger that sells blue crabs in ct? We want to steam them baltimore style. Thanks!

Buying a whole lamb in Connecticut

Does anyone know of a place to buy a whole lamb in ct for a Greek Easter lamb roast? Thanks!

Anna Maria Island suggestions?

Any recommendations? We love seafood.

Feb 07, 2014
lpcustomtravel in Florida

Where to buy a whole lamb?

Thank you! That's very helpful. All my family in New York love Titan. Best feta! We bought the spit online and are ready to try the Easter extravaganza!

Where to buy a whole lamb?

Thinking of doing a whole lamb on a spit for a Greek Easter party this spring. Anyone know of a place I could order the lamb from?
I am in ct but thinking I may need to make some calls to Astoria.
Thanks! Lisa

Jan 05, 2014
lpcustomtravel in Outer Boroughs

Bonda - another overpriced disappointment in Fairfield

We live up the road and have been twice now. Will not return as thought prices were high, service a mess (nobody knew how to make a Kir) and the menu is frazzled. We were hoping to love it as our local spot and its just not good.

Stew ongoing debate

I find the meats at Stews to be terrible. Good for dairy only!

Is there ANY good Sushi in CT???

Moved to Fairfield from NYC few years ago and have not found any great sushi..ANY recs would be greatly appreciated!!

One night in Boston for Seafood

Would love raw bar as part of experience!
Any help appreciated!!!