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Home made hummous just not as good as restaurants

Thanks for mentioning preserved lemons! I use the liquid from my own preserved meyer lemons, it makes for an exceptional hummus. Also use it in ceasar salad dressing, sauce for salmon, the skin and pulp to flavor artichoke cooking water and in roasted garlic-lemon mayo for dipping.

My wife introduced me to Zhug from a Yememite cookbook: usually consists of garlic, cilantro, peppers, olive oil, salt and maybe cumin and cardamon, all ground-up together and sprinkled on the finished hummus for an extra "zing" flavor.

There I go again, raving about foods

Sep 11, 2012
robbyd in Home Cooking

Home made hummous just not as good as restaurants

Za'atar...Wow! I had never heard of this before now, but must try it. Will have to check out PFI for this (or elsewhere in Seattle). I came to this board looking for ways to use fresh chickpeas, wondering about using for hummous, and then had to read what everbody said about how they make it.

I missed reading pikawicca's review of using a food mill for removing the skins of the chickpeas. To anybody here.....any reviews of this on this board?

I have only one thing to add that the last time I made hummous (from dried chickpeas) is I added some chopped preserved lemon and then blended and thought it was wonderful! The commercial Morrocan preserved lemon is great, but now have our own home-made preserved lemon from meyer lemons. Was also successful in preserving a Buddha's hand, with a milder citrus flavour than lemon.

Apr 21, 2010
robbyd in Home Cooking