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Parboiling chicken bones for soup stock?

me too

Jun 17, 2010
Chef_Instructor in Home Cooking

Does anyone make their own Salami!

I am curious about going forward with this and was curious about other peoples experiences?

Jun 17, 2010
Chef_Instructor in Home Cooking

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

Hard to find but definitely worth the effort! I had the meatloaf and the brisket while my friends split a sharing platter for one ($6.50 add on for the extra person but well worth the additional money) The garlic bread to start is a nice touch and bits of garlic poking through was exciting! I had the beans and coleslaw for sides and the platter had bean and jalapeno corn bread the bread was a little dry. I like the fat on the brisket my friend didnt care for it. All in all excellent meal!!

Chicago Pizza Shack (Hamilton)

After all the hype I read about this place I was dying to try it. Pizza let down IMHO...sorry guys. I ordered the meat stuffed crust small pizza to go...yes it did indeed take the 35 minutes they said it would. I'm okay with that. The aroma when you walk in is intoxicating...this was at 8:30 pm and the place is packed. I got my pizza drove home and eagerly anticipated my first bite of this enormous zaa!

The only thing I didn't like was the crust. A flat piece of tasteless cardboard would have been more appetizing. Now I haven't been to Chicago to determine what an authentic Chicago style pizza should taste or look like but i do know if i like something.

I hate harping back to my days in Montreal but that is where I have had my best Pizza experience. I'll find out the name and let you all know soon...old age i have a hard time remembering the name but not the flavours!

Chicago Style Pizza Shack
534 Upper Sherman Ave, Hamilton, ON L8V3M1, CA


Excellent POV the other thing with the Saturday version it is all in one day...the demo happens in the morning and the lab happens after lunch. Good for the students but (IMHO) very exhausting for the instructor!!!

Montreal Style Bagels in Toronto

Understood thanks peppermint
I did realize my faux pas as soon as i did it I promise I will go to the source from now on :-)

Montreal Style Bagels in Toronto

It was a convenience thing for me as i am coming in from Hamilton and only going as far as Etobicoke. I agree hot right out of the oven is best I will make the trek next time!

Montreal Style Bagels in Toronto

Thanks for all the info . I noticed that the bagel House supplied Loblaws at 427 and Burnhamthorpe rd so I went there. I picked up a half dz sesame and a half dz plain. I ate one on the sesame ones, good flavour, nice chew but i seem to remember the ones from MTL being "ropier" (sp) not as plump I guess is the description I was trying to convey.

First time in Toronto - what are the must trys?

I am so glad that I am not the only one that appreciates good service! I like to give every new place i try a fair shake. On repeat visits i usually order what i had the previous time to see if they were consistent. Well the dish I had was the fried Calamari, which was sweet , tender perfectly seasoned and cooked the first time. The second time i found it rubbery and greasy and (IMO) way too salty. After waiting for ever for a quality check (is that standard practice still???) I mentioned that the Calamari were over seasoned and got no reaction. Being in this profession I don't like to complain about food, I simply will inform not looking for compensation of any kind. The I could care less attitude put me right off though. So hit and miss on the food and the service down right disrespectful. I think you snub the noses of those who are paying the bills long enough the novelty will wear away sooner than later! i will no longer recommend Terronis. Nor will I visit there again. Too bad because the environs were great.

720 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J1E8, CA

Montreal Style Bagels in Toronto

Not sure but this might have been covered already, but here goes. I am looking for a real good sweet, chewy Montreal style bagel locally produced in a wood burning oven> Am I out of luck, do I need to travel all the way back to Montreal to find them? Help please!!!


I teach both the professional stream and the general interest stream for Culinary at GB Con Ed. The major difference between the two courses is commitment to the profession.

I find the Arts 1 course a very much show and tell, fun atmosphere of people getting together to learn about cooking from the basic stocks to coq au vin. it is a very leisure atmosphere within certain guidelines. It is also a pass/fail marking criteria, mainly based on attendance. You are demonstrated 4-5 dishes and are expected to reproduce at least one of them in the 4 hours.

The Skills is more hard core, at least in my class. I treat the class like a real kitchen. What i mean by that is that professionalism, sanitation, timeliness, orderliness, efficiencies and effective use of time are all evaluated. The students ability to watch and comprehend cooking methods and techniques is evaluated as well. This class is on for two nights the first night is all demo, I create all the dishes that the students are expected to prepare the next day and then some extra dishes for the students to try.
The second night is all the students they must arrive 15 mins prior to the start of the class, and set up their stations. Then they are expected to have their dishes prepared and plated for presentation to the instructor by a specific time. At which time the dish is tasted and evaluated by the instructor and real time feed back and marking is provided.
There is an oral presentation and a practical exam which contributes 25% to their mark and the remaining 75 % is pulled from their lab mark.

Hope this helps