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What are the best flavors at fossilmans?
Thanks :)

How to Shuck an Oyster


May 01, 2010
danniethepooh in Features

Best Korean Restaurants in K-Town

oh haha well, i guess if you don't speak korean then too :)

Din Tai Fung

oh no! :) haha i did mean that. i just needed to know what xlb meant :)

Din Tai Fung

Thank you sooo much! :)

Din Tai Fung

I'm sorry... but what is xlb?

Din Tai Fung

I'm sorry for not specifying what i go for exactly.
its the dumplings with the soupy goodness inside of them that i like :)

Din Tai Fung

Is there any place just as good but cheaper?

Din Tai Fung Restaurant
1108 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007

Vote for the best Hole-In-The-Wall (Michelin-style)

ohhhhhh FOSSELMANS!!! :)
yumyum delicious TARO :)

Sweet Chile–Chicken Rice Bowl

you should just use a lot of kochujang... it would be pretty tasty to....

Apr 21, 2010
danniethepooh in Recipes

Best Korean Restaurants in K-Town

Oh my goshhhh!!! :) you HAVE TO GO TO ONDAL 2 :)
its the best experience you'll ever receive (if you can speak korean)
the owner(manager?) is super nice and is very funny too
its so fun when he comes out, and pulls out all these things and makes a yummy bokembap right in front of your eyes... sighhhh oh! and the sujebee too!!!!

Best Korean Restaurants in K-Town


Best Korean Restaurants in K-Town

kalbi is coveted?

Slim french baguettes - where to get?

lees sandwiches has amazing french baguettes
and they only cost 1 dollar per baguette!