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Kingsway/BWV/Junction delivery

Looking for delivery options which aren't Pizza, chinese, thai. any suggestions welcome.

ISO restaurant with lake view and/or patio for birthday lunch. Against the Grain? Others?

In the West, there is Eden. Food is good to great. Great view of the city across the lake.

Dinner near Molson Amphitheatre?

no replies. I hope that doen't mean no good suggestions. I am down there tomorrow evening, so tell me where you ended up going, and if it was any good?

Souvlaki in the West End?

good to know Dave, agreed, theirs are best... always best to have a package or 6 on hand for those Sunday pop up dinners, but now no need. excellent news, but wonder if it is just a summer hour thing.

Veal Parmagiana in the West End?

try La Veranda, Royal York, west side, north of Bloor. They've got exellent Veal.

ISO romantic resto near royal york hotel for birthday dinner

staying at royal york Sunday to Monday, need a romantic resto in area for wife's birthday dinner (just two people); preferences are meat and/or seafood; mid to high price range is acceptable for my wife.

Faux-Canadian Chinese Food West End

Westwood Grill, on Annette, just East of Runnymede.

Customized Elmo Birthday Cake Needed from Chinese Bakery. Any suggestions?

you can order pre-printed icing toppings for cakes, and place on a cake... did this for my daughter years ago and it worked out great. not sure if it worul work on fruit cake.

My wife ordered the topping, it comes on a plastic sheet, and you just peel it off and put it on the cake.

sushi & thai bloor west village

Has anyone tried this yet? looking for impresions on their thai food.

best thai in the Junction/High Park area (that delivers)?

thai chef, on ronncy! best in area, unfortunately.
used to be a place, where baan thai is now, called somporn thai cuisine... still the best i've had ever! used to order once a week at a minimum. unfortunatly they sold to baan thai. Somporn was cooking there for a while, I guess as a condition of the takeover, but after she left, it is terrible, in my opinion. God I miss somporn. still have her number though, she will cater.

Sukhothai - A Gem of a Chowfind!

has anyone tried Khao San Road yet? can't seem to find a review.
also, if you in northern part of city, try thai shaan inn, at dufferin and eglinton. if suko was 10/10, this is 9/10 for food, but the atmosphere, IMO, makes it better than suko.

anxious to try Khao san road though. is the admostphere better than cafeteria style suko thai?

Loblaws I hardly know you....

My impression is that this is a general trend among all the stores. the quality of everything has gone down. I mainly go whereever my chosen meat is on sale, as that tends to be the big ticket items. I've noticed a severe decline in the quality being sold over past 2-3 years. Most stores carry, on their usual racks, AA beef, at best. You used to be able to find plenty of AAA beef, but not anymore. All of the sale meats (steaks, roasts), tend to be AA for beef. I am not sure of the ratings for poultry or pork, but I've noticed a similar decline in the quality. Of course, prices have not gone down.

ISO Best Butter Chicken Paste

was at a friend's house last week for butter chicken. he had a paste recommended to him, which he found at No Frills. It is apparently white packaging, with a pic of a pot of butter chicken on the front. He was told by his Indian friend that this is the stuff that most Indians use, if they are not making from scratch. It was significantly better than the usual store bought stuff. It apparently had non-English writing on the front (Arabic?)
any suggestions?

Molson Ampitheatre

I was hoping there was something descent close to the grounds.

Molson Ampitheatre

going to a concert tonight at Ontario Place. Can anyone suggest something descent to eat down in that area?

Taste of Nature in Toronto

Does anyone know where to buy "Taste of Nature" Brazilian Nut Fiesta bars, in the west end?

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

This is closed on Sundays, tried to attend yesterday. Ugggh.

best uncooked souvlaki

any tips on where to find good uncooked souvlaki to cook at home? Not looking for frozen or pre-packaged.

Deli Cart Sausages

Just finished two Debreziner's from Euromeats. Quite nice, but not as good as Deli Cart, IMO. Will try the italian next time, for a ,little kick. Thanks for the tip.

best pre-made burger to cook at home

sorry, should have mentioned, looking for Fresh. I've tried most of the frozen variety and fresh is always best.

best pre-made burger to cook at home

Yes, I'm lazy.
where can I find the best pre-made burger, to cook on the home bbq?

Restauarnts in High Park area

what style, price point?

best burgers in T.O.

Apache are not burgers worthy of best in T.O. Neither are Johnny's or Harry's, or Square Boy for that matter. Forget orange pleather seating and old Greek guys with no hair nets and their shirts half open, we are looking for the best burgers. Nostalgia has no place in the conversation.

My votess: if budgeting, or want quick take out: Magoo's.
if budget and time are not an issue, by far the best burger I've ever had (and there hasn't been many here that I haven't tried, is MyPlace Canadian Pub, Jane and Bloor. I think it's about $16, but man, it's awesome.

Square Boy
875 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J1L8, CA

Is there better Thai than Sukhothai in Toronto?

just drove by a half hour ago. It is on the west side, on the second block north of eglinton, and open for business. parking would appear to be an issue however, as you may have park on a nearby side street.

Is there better Thai than Sukhothai in Toronto?

I'll have to check with my wife for the number...

Deli Cart Sausages

Thanks Jayt, that's what I was looking for.

Deli Cart Sausages

where's euro meats?

Is there better Thai than Sukhothai in Toronto?

In the West, there is Thai Chef, on Roncesvalles, and my fav is taste of thailand on Dundas, West of Kipling... both comparable (8/10), but not sukhothai (10/10)
however, nothing, and I mean nothing, and i've travelled the province for thai, beats an old restaurant by the name of Somporn, on Dundas at Keele. The chef there, Somporn, still lives in the area, but the restaurant is closed. She will cater your party and she is the absolute best.

Deli Cart Sausages

Anyone know where they can be bought, in west end Toronto? ever since Dominion went Metro, I haven't been able to find them.