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Best and worst on the Outer Banks

My fiancé and I met Wes Atkins (chef for OBXChefs2Go) at the Outer Banks wedding expo in January 2007. My fiancé and I selected them mainly because they offered two things we felt we needed at competitive prices:

*Use of our in house coordinator and planner to assist you with your wedding plans and related events;

*Unlimited Email and telephone assistance of our in house chef in menu planning, design and presentation.

We went to the Outer Banks to sample the food that my fiancé and I selected from their menu (he will tell you that he can make anything) in April. Our concern began when we arrived at their little restaurant/antique shop?. Wes had prepared some of the food we requested, but mainly food we didn't request. He blamed it on being busy and misplacing an e-mail. He promised he would be better organized as the process went along. Unfortunately, we believed him. We gave him a second copy of the menu we wanted and he promised to have a revised copy to us with a price quote in a week or two.

We gave him our deposit to reserve our wedding day shortly after the tasting and began to grow concerned when we had not received our revised menu and price quote after a month. My fiancé tried to contact Wes many times until it became a daily occurrence to leave a message on his voice mail. Finally, Wes got back to us with a revised menu that was not what we had requested. This went on and on until we finally sent the following e-mail:

“Justin and I have been trying to get a final menu and pricing for both our wedding and rehearsal dinner since April 18 as you can see by the email below, and today is July 13. We have sent emails and called several times. We need you to get in touch with us. Three months is too long to ignore a customer”.

After tracking Wes down through numerous phone numbers that we found online, we finally received a brief and rude phone call from him telling us to resend him the menu we wanted! Having lost total confidence in Wes as an individual and the "company" as a whole, we have terminated our contract and our in the process of looking into legal action to recover our deposit. Not surprisingly, Wes is attempting to keep the deposit and I can't help wondering if this was his plan all along: Give us no choice but to find a new caterer and keep our money for doing nothing. That is simply speculation on my part, but it makes a little too much sense to just ignore it.

Fortunately, we have found another caterer through a personal favor from my fiancé's employer and our very happy with our new arrangement. Keep in mind, however, that we were very lucky to get a caterer on such short notice. It is a small island and you might not be so fortunate. I am not listing the name of our new caterer as I do not want to lose credibility by making this into an advertisement.

Take my advice or leave it, but this is a special time in your life and you will have enough wedding planning stress without trying to track down a caterer who won't return phone calls or e-mails for months at a time.

Aug 03, 2007
justin007 in Southeast