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on point reviews from scorn.
I am also new to the area and willing to drive the entire KW/Guelph/Cambridge/Elora in search of decent nosh.As an ex-Toronto chef, the lack of a decent brunch or Mexican makes me want open something myself.


Bhima's.. interesting but not worth the price
Rude Native...rude food,highly over rated
Wildcraft and Del Dente...avoid the mediocrity
Curry in a Hurry (Guelph)the 'hurry' is the microwaves...bleh


Vincenzo's...for sandwiches! or artichoke tapenade
Cameron' take out for miles around,hope to try the Dim Sum today
Morty's...for wings

Finds (so far)

Joe's Real Italian Sandwiches (MacDonell St )Joe's a card and serves up cheap hot table and amazing italian salumi// Nona-style nosh

Sombaat the Thai guy (Woodlawn Guelph)nice and spicey

Sonny's Drive In (Waterloo) great fries, average burgers
Against the Grain is solid for lunch

Sonny's Drive In
21 Kennedy Rd N, Brampton, ON L6V1X5, CA