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The secret - and the best thing - at Le BAT

Voila! Photos of the dishes we had:


It was my first time at Le BAT, and I really enjoyed it. Will definitely return.

Mar 01, 2015
juliemarie8 in France

The secret - and the best thing - at Le BAT

Unfortunately there was no pintade! (or canette, which I would have been equally happy with). Beef tataki and lamb were the only two meat options. The beef tataki with peanut sauce was a standout. I took pictures of everything which I'll follow up with. Until then, looks like I'll have to go back for lunch to try the secret best.

Feb 28, 2015
juliemarie8 in France

The secret - and the best thing - at Le BAT

Going for dinner tomorrow but sounds like secret tempura is only for lunch. Will have to return for lunch then sometime. I do love a good ceviche.

Feb 25, 2015
juliemarie8 in France

El Celler de Can Roca Report

I went to El Celler de Can Roca recently - and reserved a mere 11.75 months prior to that - so I figured why not leave a report of my experience here on Chowhound, my go-to source for planning trips. (Because what else is there to plan besides where to eat?) Just in case anyone else is thinking of going or curious.

I have heard that they get cancellations the same day, so if you don't want to reserve so far in advance, it looks like it's definitely worth trying to get on the wait list or at least calling in about cancellations just before.

I would put the entire report here in the post, but there's lots of photos, so if you're interested:


Feb 21, 2015
juliemarie8 in Spain/Portugal

Books, Mostly About Food, Food, Delicious Food in Paris and Brussels

There is a small book called Markets in Paris that breaks down details of all the markets. Delicious Days in Paris is a great one. David Lebovitz's Sweet Life in Paris has more stories than anything, but a few specific topics pointing to general French culture and focused on food, so it's a fun easy read. I haven't read Edible French by Clotilde Dusoulier but could be interesting for you. I have read her Edible Adventures in Paris, but that was a while ago, and I don't know if it's been updated. Looks like Hungry for Paris was updated last spring.

Not sure if you're only looking for books, but www.parispatisseries.com has lots of great pastry info & photos, although he has not been living in Paris for a couple years now so it hasn't been updated since then. A lot of the great pastry shops he mentions shouldn't have changed too much, though, and it's very thorough.

Feb 20, 2015
juliemarie8 in France

Why is "the best" so important

Fair enough. Chowhound is definitely more of a conversation, entering into a dialogue with people who are really knowledgeable about a city's food culture and options. But the OP said that it's ridiculous that there are so many of these lists on guides, blogs, and awards listings, so that's what I was referring to. I definitely agree with the final sentiments:

"It's so hard to compare. The good places can be so different from each other and may fit different moods, events, night's out, paletes, milestones, wallets etc. I seem to enjoy them all. The "best" is always debatable."

Very hard to point anyone to a recommendation without first knowing their preferences for type of food, adventure level, atmosphere, budget...absolutely. I'm just saying that while a lot of people seem to hate the "best" lists within guides/blogs/awards lists for various reasons, I just see it as a way to commend some top quality restaurants and point out the people who are doing things really well and are therefore worth seeking out.

Feb 18, 2015
juliemarie8 in France

Why is "the best" so important

I agree with what everyone is saying that you can't arrive at claiming the "best", and you can't possibly try every restaurant/bakery/chocolate shop, and it's also very subjective. But when I do research before I travel, I search for "best pintxo bars San Sebastian" or "best pizza naples", and it does end up leading me to multiple resources and lists. After reading through lots and lots of articles, blogs, lists, and Chowhound threads, I am then able to get a good idea from repeat names that come up. And after reading descriptions, opinions, and seeing photos, then I can narrow down my list from all that information. I don't walk away thinking I'm going to eat THE best pizza in Naples, because everyone will have differing opinions on that. But rather than showing up clueless and walking into a random mediocre pizzeria, I come well armed with a list from my research, and was able to go to what many people consider the top pizzerias in Naples. Or in any other city, I end up with a solid list of restaurant recommendations from people who have chosen to make such subjective lists. Just searching for "restaurants Paris" will not get many people far in narrowing down their options.

In the end, of course it's a matter of taste and preference, but if a name continues to show up on a "best" list, then someone who does not live in that city can at least glean a solid recommendation. Having a list of restaurants to avoid in a city of 13,000 restaurants will not help someone choose the right one. They are just as likely to walk into one of the mediocre high-priced tourist traps and walk away thinking "Food in Paris was horrible."

For that reason, I'm grateful that people make lists about best pastries and pizzas and pho, because it helps point people who want to eat well towards quality experiences, even if it's not the definitive best (which we all agree is not possible to decide upon). In my mind, it's synonymous for "top restaurants", and just helps to give people a reasonable launching point to have a quality experience rather than a poor one.

Incidentally, it was hours and hours of research on these boards years ago researching for Paris trips that took me down the restaurant research rabbit hole and ultimately started my path to becoming such a food lover. Now it's one of the things I'm most passionate about. So thanks for all the opinions on here, subjective as they are, that help shape people's experiences in Paris. And sometimes lead to them moving to Paris to spend all their disposable income on food.

Pre and post-dinner drinks

You know that scene in Wayne's World, where Alice Cooper invites them to stick around, and they start bowing down saying, "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!"...This is how I feel towards you after reading this (among many other responses you've made). Your knowledge is incredible!!

Re: Wait time. We're there for such a short amount of time so not sure we'd want to wait 2-3 hours if there is a similar option without the wait.

We care more about atmosphere than cocktail quality.

You do remember correctly ab living in Paris! We really enjoy the places here by the Experimental guys, and would probably aim for a place that we can't go to here. So maybe Pegu Club before. And you are saying that Raines & Death and Co would have a 2-3 hour wait if we went after dinner on Friday?

Thanks for that advice about Betony being so far uptown and the risk of traffic. That makes a lot of sense. We will plan on Ma Peche or Lantern's Keep before, and then maybe we'll head back down to Employees Only after.

Sounds great for Sunday.

One last thing, and just humor me here - We land at 3:30 on Friday and have this idea of going to an after-work place where we could have drinks surrounded by guys in suits. Is this the equivalent of wanting to be in a Paris cafe with men in stripes and berets? Are we making this option up in our heads or do places like that exist?

Nov 12, 2013
juliemarie8 in Manhattan

Pre and post-dinner drinks

My friend and I will be in Manhattan next weekend for Friday, Sat, and Sunday night. We are looking for some fun/interesting spots to have drinks before and after dinner. I have come across a list of recommendations from Chowhound but now trying to narrow it down to 4 or 5.

This is the list of places I've seen recommended:

Raines Law Room
Flatiron Lounge
Fig and Olive
Pouring Ribbons
Dead Rabbit
Death & Co
B Flat
La Biblioteca
Stone Street
Bath Tub Gin

I don't know anything about these places aside from a friend who told me about her experience at PDT which she enjoyed, so I don't really know how to go about making a choice here.

We are 28 & 32 and just looking for a cool/fun atmosphere with good drinks. We are staying in the West Village and having dinner at these places:

Friday: Pearl & Ash
Sat: Betony
Sun: Momofuku Ssam.

...but proximity doesn't have to be top priority. Not in NY that often, so if we have to go a little out of the way, we have no problem with that.

Any thoughts/recommendations to narrow it down?

Nov 09, 2013
juliemarie8 in Manhattan

Recommended dishes at Mission Chinese, Pearl&Ash, Momofuku Ssam, or Betony?

On the list! Thank you!

Nov 09, 2013
juliemarie8 in Manhattan

Recommended dishes at Mission Chinese, Pearl&Ash, Momofuku Ssam, or Betony?

Oh no!!! I've been looking forward to that one for so long! What a shame! Thanks so much for the heads up so we can make other plans.

Nov 09, 2013
juliemarie8 in Manhattan

Recommended dishes at Mission Chinese, Pearl&Ash, Momofuku Ssam, or Betony?

Thank you so much!! Looking forward to it!!

Nov 05, 2013
juliemarie8 in Manhattan

Recommended dishes at Mission Chinese, Pearl&Ash, Momofuku Ssam, or Betony?

Does anyone have recommendations for favorite dishes at the following places:

Pearl & Ash
Mission Chinese
Momofuku Ssam Bar
Xian Famous Foods
Doughnut Plant (any particular varieties that we must try?)

I know some places have stand-outs, so thought I'd check in for any particular recommendations.

(Thank you, Kathryn, for your recommendations at Ssam Bar in my previous thread!)

Nov 03, 2013
juliemarie8 in Manhattan

So much to eat in so little time! Advice please!

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Great idea about getting Russ & Daughters for the flight home. We'll plan on that!

Re: Umami and Shake Shack...With such a short trip, I'm starting to think a burger isn't worth making the list. We can find a good burger in Texas.

Cronuts are not available at all in Paris so just curious what the rage is all about, but if they aren't worth it, then we will try to fit in another brunch instead. Maybe we can try Breslin or Clinton Street on Monday since the waits would be so long on Saturday or Sunday.

Any thoughts on Red Rooster? The menu looks great and it seems like people really loved it for a while. I'm still having difficulty narrowing down brunch:

Red Rooster
The Dutch
Clinton St.

Maybe we should choose somewhere that accepts reservations on Sunday to not spend our time waiting in line.

Oct 26, 2013
juliemarie8 in Manhattan

So much to eat in so little time! Advice please!

Thanks so much for your thoughts. Great to know about SSam Bar. We will plan to do that instead since the variety of other dishes would be more interesting - thanks for the specific recommendations.

>When in November? Are you before the 31/30/28 day reservations window has opened for many restaurants?

Nov 15-18. Hope this is not too late for some of the places that require reservations.

>So I'm assuming you probably want to fill up on American, Japanese, Thai, maybe some Greek, Spanish, etc?

Primarily American and Asian. Greek and Spanish food are relatively attainable here, while good Asian and American cuisine can be a little more difficult to come by.

>I don't see any Japanese on your list...?

No specific reason. I just happened to be more intrigued by the other options listed. I was really interested in Takashi but then thought such a beef-heavy meal may not be wise considering all the eating we'll be doing.

This is what I am starting to think:

Friday dinner: Pearl & Ash
Sat lunch: Mission Chinese
Sat dinner: Betony
Sun brunch: Breslin, Locanda Verde, or Public
Sun dinner: Momofuku Ssam Bar
Mon morning: attempt cronuts.
Mon lunch: Xian Famous Foods

Will have to squeeze in Shake Shack, donuts, and bagels maybe as afternoon snacks and get some late dinner reservations. Then do pizza and Crif Dogs as late night options assuming we'll stay out late on Friday and Saturday night. Just too many things to try for such a short stay! Wish we were there longer.

Thank you for the feedback, greatly appreciated.

Oct 20, 2013
juliemarie8 in Manhattan

So much to eat in so little time! Advice please!

Beloved Chowhounders! Would love your advice to help narrow down food choices for a short trip in November. My friend and I live in Paris (but we're Americans), and we're both food lovers who are more excited about eating on this trip than anything else. With only 6 meals, it is SO hard to narrow it down.

We each have been to New York several times and are adventurous eaters. Willing to splurge so not too concerned about budget. Since we live in Paris, we are trying to avoid French food and focus more on places we could only have in New York. We are skipping bbq and Mexican as well because we will be spending the next week for work in Texas and will get our fill there.

We will have 3 lunches and 3 dinners, and the only thing currently reserved is Betony for Sat night (recommended by a friend but open to changing that based on your feedback). Please help me fill in the itinerary!

Friday dinner
Sat lunch
Sat dinner: Betony
Sun brunch
Sun dinner
Mon lunch

Top of the list right now:
-Pearl & Ash (Friday night?)
-Mission Chinese Food (any thoughts on going for lunch v dinner?)
-Momofuku Ssam (I've eating at Momufuku Noodle Bar before but not at Ssam. Thinking of reserving for the duck or bo ssam dinner. Probably will go for duck just because we only have 2 other friends in NY so the bigger bo ssam may be too ambitious, but we've also thought ab reserving for 6-8 people and seeing if any other Chowhounders would want to join for a fun random evening. Any opinions on duck vs pork?)

Next tier of choices we're interested in:
ABC Kitchen
Xi'an Famous Foods (I love Asian!)

Brunch (trying to choose one=impossible):
Red Rooster
Clinton St Baking Co.
The Dutch
The Breslin
Locanda Verde

Pizza/Dogs/Burger/Meatballs for lunch or late night:
-Meatball shop
-Pizza (trying to choose just one spot with such a short stay and we are probably going to try to squeeze this in as a late night option. Okay with buying a whole pizza just to get a slice or two if we have to. I have heard that Motorino's margherita is to die for but I have also been to many famous pizza spots in Naples {hate how snobby that sounds but Italy is so close!} so I'm thinking a classic NY style may be a better choice. Although cremini & sausage sounds delicious. I also saw Kathryn highly rated a well done pie from John's so that could be a great choice close to our apt rental. Just curious ab people's favorites!)
-Crif Dogs
-Burgers: Shake Shack or Umami burger (for lunch)
-Halal guys at 53rd & 6th

Bagels, Bakeries, & Desserts:
-Russ & Daugters: Super Heebster sandwich, bagel w cream
cheese/salmon/onion; egg cream; chocolate covered jelly rings; schmaltz herring
-Big Gay Ice Cream Truck
-Dominque Ansel Bakery: cronuts (are these still impossible to get unless you're up at 6am?), magic souflee, DKA, frozen s'more
-Doughnut Plant
-Magnolia Bakery (have never been - worth the stop?)
-Absolute Bagels
-The City Bakery - pretzel croissant and choc. chip cookie

Looking for any opinions on places we should definitely go to (or any places that are not necessarily worth it). Just need help figuring out what to choose here. Have combed through lots of posts and blogs to get to this point but still open to anything I may have missed. Have been to Katz's and other pastrami greats which is why that's not on the list. Tried to reserve Per Se but all booked. Looks like Eleven Madison Park and Gramercy Tavern are full, too. Otherwise we'd try to fit in a Michelin lunch if we could.

Greatly appreciate any input you may have in helping to narrow down this list and make our choices. Thanks!!

Oct 20, 2013
juliemarie8 in Manhattan

6 days in Paris, and couple of questions about specific restaurants

If you like the idea of an all-duck menu, then Au Petit Sud Ouest fits the bill. Their magret is cooked perfectly (assuming you order it rosé, that is), and they have a nice confit de canard and cassoulet as well. They have toasters on the table so you can have fresh toast with your foie gras. Best of all, the owners are two of the nicest people. I think it's a great place to get your canard fix.

Oct 25, 2012
juliemarie8 in France

Paris Business Travel -Michelin 1* and Other Notable Restaurants

Excellent report, thanks!!

Oct 21, 2012
juliemarie8 in France

Nine Days in Paris

Thanks, this was great!

Oct 20, 2012
juliemarie8 in France

Finding equivalent to NY coffee in Paris

No kidding. When I suggested Coutume, I didn't know the OP lived here, nor was I suggesting it was the best coffee one could find on the earth, nor that they were humble, unhip, or the perfect balance of non-snobbery meets passionate unassuming knowledge of crafting the perfect cup.

I just meant that they know coffee and they speak English, so they could probably tell someone how to find what they're looking for. It's a 3 minute bike ride for me, so no pilgrim gear required, although that 15 minute trek on the metro sounded horrendous.

Oct 19, 2012
juliemarie8 in France

Dining for One in Paris

Oh I cringed reading about eating sandwiches and bad beef bourg!! What a shame! It makes me so sad to know that so many people do this because they don't research first, and then walk away from Paris saying they didn't like the food. This time you'll do it right. You've come to the right place, there is such a wealth of knowledge here, but I'll admit that the CH search feature isn't always the best. If you search "chowhound 15th" or "chowhound 7th" in Google, something will pop up to direct you to a good post, and then it will automatically recommend other related posts that should be helpful. Here's a few recommendations you can look into in the meantime:

Le Cornichon (This is just south of where you're staying, near Montparnasse cemetery)
Josephine Chez Dumonet (6th) - Also not too far, and where you can find some proper beef bourgignon.

Au Petit Sud Ouest (all duck dishes so you can try some magret or confit de canard, very friendly owners)
Les Cocottes & Cafe Constant (no reservations)
Violon d'Ingres

Le Casse Noix
Le Grand Pan

Since you're staying near Montparnasse, you could just as easily go northeast rather than southwest and find Les Papilles, l'Avant Comptoir, Comptoir du Relais (Sat/Sun), Semilla. And don't be afraid to hop on a metro and go to some of the other places that are raved about here.

I've eaten in Paris restaurants plenty of times by myself. If you're not used to doing that, then Les Cocottes is a good choice to start with because you can sit at the bar. Also l'Avant Comptoir, which is standing room only.

You're off to a good start! Just remember you need to make reservations almost everywhere. I remember one of my first trips to Paris where I first started doing research for restaurants, and I had my list but didn't know to reserve, so I walked from place to place being told "Sorry, complet." I just didn't know. If you want a dining buddy one night, I'm always looking for excuses to try somewhere new. Just let me know. Happy researching!

Oct 18, 2012
juliemarie8 in France

Noma - An unforgettable meal

Oh absolutely! You can get wine anywhere, but the juices were something else. Even more unique flavors to enjoy. I would recommend them in place of wine as well.

Oct 18, 2012
juliemarie8 in Europe

Noma - An unforgettable meal

Thanks DLC & kubasd! We were in search of that elusive 4th...glad it worked out, we were just so short on time to find someone. DLC, I do remember the timing was close but you were already gone. Shame!

Oct 18, 2012
juliemarie8 in Europe

Finding equivalent to NY coffee in Paris

You could go to Coutume in the 7th and talk with them about what you're looking for while having a fantastic cup. They're very knowledgeable, roast their own single-origin beans, and the owner is an Aussie, so they're very English friendly. Even if they don't have exactly what you're looking for, you could get yourself a very good bag of freshly ground beans, or just a good cup, and find out what you should ask for depending on what coffee flavors you enjoy. They offer a nice brunch on Sundays, too. 47 Rue de Babylon

Oct 18, 2012
juliemarie8 in France

Dinner in Paris with No Reservations?

Glad to hear it! What did you order?

Oct 17, 2012
juliemarie8 in France

Noma - An unforgettable meal

Just wanted to report back on my experience at Noma in Copenhagen. Photos and descriptions can be found here for anyone interested:


Absolutely loved it.

Oct 17, 2012
juliemarie8 in Europe

Dinner in Paris with No Reservations?

Good catch, thanks.

Oct 14, 2012
juliemarie8 in France

Dinner in Paris with No Reservations?

What a shame! So sorry to hear that. These are open on Sunday but you would still need to call and reserve:

Pierre Sang Boyer
Terroir Parisien
La Grande Cascade (for a fun/fancier experience)
Chez Casimir (cheese plate!!)
Le Chapeau Melon
Les Fines Gueules

I can only think of three others off the top of my head that don't take reservations, so you can just show up, but I'd suggest getting there early since it's Sunday night:

Le Comptoir du Relais
L'Avant Comptoir (standing only)
Cafe Constant (you already went to Cocottes so I'd try others)

I'd say spend 5 minutes trying to call some places, and if everyone is booked, then just decide to go early to one of the other places and enjoy your day in Paris. Good luck, hope you find something that you enjoy!

Oct 14, 2012
juliemarie8 in France

Please help me with this list!

Weeknights at dinner (the reservations that seem impossible to obtain) are a "gastronomic" no-choice menu, and supposed to be really wonderful. Lunches and weekends are their standard brasserie menu, but they have a lot of choices and are often well done. I ordered a beef shoulder the other week that was wonderful, and my dining companions enjoyed their choices as well. It sounds like weeknight evenings are really enjoyable and well worth pursuing, but I think the normal menu is nice as well.

Oct 13, 2012
juliemarie8 in France

Paris Trip Report- Day 2

Awww I wish I would have come to the Great Canadian!! I was on a long group bike ride for a friend's birthday - the goal was to ride through every arrondisement from the 20th to the 1st, stopping in each one for a photo, drink, or snack. By the time I got to the 6th it was 1am. I still can't believe you saw Maygan & Kyle twice! You have to come back, and we'll all dine together!!

Oct 13, 2012
juliemarie8 in France