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Roasted Acorn Squash with Wild Rice Stuffing

Strangely similar to Collen Patrick Goudreau's recipe in The Vegan Table...

Nov 20, 2010
Fraisie in Recipes


I made this ketchup two weeks ago and wow, I cannot picture myself ever buying Heinz again. This is so incredibly tasty and easy to make. Thank you so much!

Sep 25, 2010
Fraisie in Recipes

Organic Vegetables (& Fruit) in MTL

Try out Tau; there is one on St. Denis, Mont Royal metro. All their fruits and vegetables are organic.

Health Food Stores

My favorite has to be Tau on St. Denis, Mont Royal station.

Agar jelly powder

They also sell it at Merci (Jean-Talon, Ontario and Maisonneuve). Price wise though, my favorite place to get agar powder is at that "big" asian grocery store in Chinatown. It's like $3 for a small packet.

Tofutti cream cheese in Montreal?

As anyone here seen any Tofutti products in Montreal? I'm mostly looking for their cream cheese!

Bronte- a delicious experience! October 2009

From what I've heard, he's going to be the head chef at a new restaurant this fall.