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Awkward Dining with Friends

velochic - What they did was in incredibly poor taste. After he turned away, I would have felt the urge to remove his tip from your family's stack and put it with their plates.

I recently dined at a cafeteria style restaurant, where a 10% gratuity was added to your check, as a waiter visited to assist with any questions and refill drinks. While we were still collecting our own food, our waiter was very attentive, pleasant, and checked if we wanted fresh drinks before we ran out. As someone who tips bare minimum of 20% for such service, 10% certainly wasn't enough. The 10% added to the check ended up being around two dollars, and I left another $2 on the table for good measure (the only cash I had on me). We basically ended up tipping $1 per glass of fountain soda. Some people don't even tip that well for a drink at a bar.

And like any discount/coupon/promotion that may be applied to a meal, you tip on the VALUE of the meal, NOT the post-discounted amount. Buffets are typically inexpensive, such as was the regular price they would have charged for your experience. Kudos to you for being a little more generous, even though you didn't fill yourselves like your friends did. You certainly did the right thing!

Sep 14, 2011
sarah91182 in Not About Food

Orlando Pizza Lovers

I agree, although the pizza at Via Napoli is worth it.

Jun 08, 2011
sarah91182 in Florida

Orlando Pizza Lovers

I agree with Sandwich Sister. There are some decent NY style places I've had in Central Florida area, but with those establishments, I always stick to cheese. It would be nice to have a place that does emphasize high quality ingredients, especially on the more basic pies. I recently had a pizza with some very fagrant basil and it upped my overall opinion of the pizza. Granted the pizza was pretty darn good, but having the freshness of the basil made it stand out a little more.

You could create pizzas inspired by different foods around the world. Banh mi? Lamb Shawarma? This way you could also play up on food trends, like korean tacos.

And never underestimate the crust, sauce, and cooking method!

Jun 08, 2011
sarah91182 in Florida

Gross Holiday Foods You Put Up WIth?

Ugh... my boyfriend makes that. His family calls it "7-Up Salad".

Nov 22, 2010
sarah91182 in General Topics

"Good" American Cheese-Does it exist?

Are you able to find Cabot deli cheeses? Their American tastes decent (and they have both white and yellow), but I think Land O'Lakes might have the edge on tastiness. If you're interested, here are Cabot's ingredients:
American cheese (Milk, cheese culture, salt and enzymes), water, milkfat, whey protein concentrate, whey, sodium citrate, salt, sorbic acid (preservative), annatto and oleoresin (for color).
And Land O'Lakes: Cultured Pasteurized Milk And Skim Milk, Buttermilk, Milkfat, Salt, Contains Less Than 2% of Sodium Phosphate, Tricalcium Phosphate, Lactic Acid, Milk Protein Concentrate,Enzymes.

May 04, 2010
sarah91182 in Cheese

Food Wars: Jumbo Pizza

Why would anyone in their right mind go to either place when there are so many phenomenal restaurants in DC?! Guess that just wasn't my scene when I lived there...

Apr 16, 2010
sarah91182 in Food Media & News