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Lucy's Ethiopian Restaurant

I'll put in my two cents - support this place! It has yummy food and friendly service. Although it wasn't on the menu, they put together a vegetarian sampler for one for about $15. There were probably 9 different dishes piled on my injera. What a lot of deliciousness for not a lot of $!

Feb 08, 2012
annal in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Gangchen closing?

Tibet Kitchen is now open in the old Gangchen space. I never went to the old Gangchen, so I can't tell you how the new place compares. I can tell you I had an utterly delicious bowl of vegetable stew with chewy hand made noodles (thenthuk), and I am scheming how I can go back again for more. Also, the new menu and the menu on the Gangchen website are nearly identical, so maybe it was mostly a name change.

Feb 08, 2012
annal in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Where to take a non-Westerner for the most "American" food experiences? Must be baby-friendly.

For lunches, two character-filled places near Seven Corners are the Wienery and the Hard Times Cafe. If you hit the Wienery a little after the lunch rush (after 1:30, maybe?), it shouldn't be a problem with a baby. And when I was in Hard Times last week, there was a lady in a fortune teller getup sitting across from an older gentleman with unusual facial hair and a top hat.

Oh, the fun you'll have!

414 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55454

Hard Times Cafe
1821 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN

Oct 05, 2011
annal in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Restaurants everyone loves--except you

I agree with many of the other posts. Some additions:
- Pizza Luce - bready crust, too sweet sauce, served with a hefty price tag and an attitude
- Birchwood Cafe - I want to like this place, but their vegetarian dishes are always heavy on the refined starches and low on vegetables and fruit. One Mexican breakfast had 4 different starches, and not one of them was healthy or whole grain
- Sen Yai Sen Lek - I want to like this place, too, but the food is too salty and lacking authentic flavoring
- Jasmine Deli - Americanized Vietnamese food. You never see Vietnamese families in there. I much prefer their more authentic neighbors on Eat Street

Birchwood Cafe
3311 E 25th St, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Jasmine Deli
2532 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404

Sen Yai Sen Lek
2422 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

Mar 30, 2011
annal in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Mexican - vegetarian-friendly, or at least pescatarian?

I'm looking for authentic, flavorful vegetarian-friendly Mexican places (no lard in the beans or masa, no pork bits in the sauces). I'd also love to hear about places with great seafood options, as I'll venture down this path if need be. Thanks!

Mar 21, 2011
annal in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Nala Pak closed - at least for the time being

I ate at the Vegetarian a few weeks ago after finding Nala Pak had closed, and it was great! The Vegetarian is now one of my favorite Indian places in town. Service is slow, the dining room hasn't seen new carpet or paint in decades, and they push the overpriced and tiny cup of chai (just say no), but the food was excellent. Give it a try!

Nala Pak
4920 Central Avenue NE, Columbia Heights, MN 55421

Apr 15, 2010
annal in Minneapolis-St. Paul