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New Lebanese restaurant in Pittsfield, MA

What? You don't like alliteration? ;-p

New Lebanese restaurant in Pittsfield, MA

Stopped by this place yesterday late afternoon. Looks really dive'y from the outside but the inside is very clean and the food was excellent. Asked the chef what he had ready to go... He had me sit and eat pita with two different kinds of hummus while I waited - tomato with a perfect hint of fresh garlic and his special green herb hummus which he said he won an award for at CIA - delish! And for six dollars he gave me an assortment of stuffed grape leaves, cabbage rolls -yum - tabbouleh (SO fresh), baked eggplant chunks (meh), leben (good) whole wheat pita bread, more of the 2 kinds of hummus....just finished the leftovers for lunch. As the original poster said, he's a very health conscious chef. I didn't get the complaint about the dishes being "too sweet" but he does tend to go very easy on the fat/oil. I'll definitely return to try the grilled lamb and the lebanese pizzas...