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Visiting first week of May...need dining ideas

I ran all of this by my man, and he said, "go ahead and ask about the BYOB's!"

So, bring on the BYOB's, your favorites!

P.S.--If anyone wants Manhattan recommendations, I am happy to reciprocate :-)

Apr 14, 2010
chained1001 in Philadelphia

Visiting first week of May...need dining ideas

Thanks for recommending the Dutch Eating place even more so! I've only had the Apple Dumplings and it was the best $3.00 piece of heaven I've ever had.

We've been to Philly before and are familiar with the drive between KOP and Center City. Not any more difficult than getting from Hamilton Heights (north of Harlem) to Battery Park city on any given day. We are staying at the hotel in question because 1)we've stayed there before and it's a nice hotel with a good rate 2) and free parking! 3)It's right across the street from an Acme supermarket, which my young man is in LOVE with!

In Manhattan we don't HAVE grocery stores like this! Even Whole Foods is jam-packed all the time and filled with hipsters. The age of the well-designed, well-stocked, spacious, friendly neighborhood SUPERMARKET with plenty of free parking is alien to Manhattan.

Apr 14, 2010
chained1001 in Philadelphia

Visiting first week of May...need dining ideas

Visiting and need restaurant suggestions:

2 diners (couple)
prefer booths or four-top tables where we can sit kitty-corner. Hate banquettes or little tiny-twofer tables!
We are definitely NOT vegetarians.
We are staying at the Dolce Hotel in King of Prussia and have a car.
We are in favor of quiet restaurants and down home good food. It doesn't need to be uber-hip, pretentious, or have a bangin' wine list. Given that we are driving, we'll probably stay away from drinking too much.
Willing to eat early to avoid a crowd.
The only thing that I can't imagine him eating is Ethiopian food. Otherwise, everything under the sun!

More savory, less sweet.

Probably good to do one $$$ meal, the rest of the dinners should be $/$$.

We are going to be getting up very early every morning to go to the Dutch Eating place for breakfast. Can anyone else recommend another decent diner-type breakfast location?

We'll be in town Tuesday afternoon to Saturday morning.


Apr 13, 2010
chained1001 in Philadelphia