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Giordano's - Uptown

I just ate at Lou Malnati's in Chicago which is my favorite. Their pie takes 25 minutes to bake. 45-60 mins seems excessive.

Upscale yet casual, Parella is Uptown's new hotspot

Yes. I was there on Sat and was not impressed. The Tuna and Fluke crudo were fine but the pastas were sub-par and the burrata was the size of a golf ball. The parpadelle was so flavorless I think it is off the menu as of today. The gnocchi was pedestrian.

Aug 11, 2015
Latinpig in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Indian Food in the Twin Cities

I really like Taste of India in Saint Louis Park.

Aug 06, 2015
Latinpig in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Corner Table


They are gougeres (choux dough mixed with cheese) the soup had creme fraiche in it as well. Yummmm! Really amazing. With respect to the chicken, it was roasted chicken, crawfish, sauce nantua, peas, tarragon.


PS Great wine list. I normally bring my own but ordered the Mercuery off the menu and loved it!!!

Jul 29, 2015
Latinpig in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Corner Table

Went there on Friday night. The Pork Belly chow chow may be the best dish I have had this year. Overall, the food was outstanding. I will be back for more.

Can't miss recommendations for an out of towner

I am sure you will find a many threads on this as Brad Ballinger has suggested. However, it cannot hurt to give you a few of my thoughts.

A few of the places I really love

1) La Belle Vie - Eat in the bar so you can have access to the bar menu and regular menu. Probably my favorite restaurant in the TC now that Heidi's 2.0 is no more.

2) Spoon and Stable - We just ate at the counter overlooking the kitchen. It was a lot of fun to watch the foot artistry and the food was great.

3) Alma - Always really solid.

4) Meritage - If you are in St. Paul, it is really outstanding. The raw bar is second to none.

5) Piccolo - Great chef. Always a fun food experience.

You really cannot go wrong with any of the above.

Parlour burger

I was at the Parlour last night for a pre-Rolling Stones bite. Had the Parlour burger which people keep raving about. I am here to say it is the real deal. It was burger perfection. Probably the most decadent burger I have ever had not involving Foie Gras. There were two fresh patties consisting of ground sirloin, ribeye, and brisket. It was topped with american cheese. No need for ketchup or any other condiments. The meat and cheese concentration just melts in your mouth with an amazing seasoning. The bun was grilled and fresh. Run don't walk. FYI - The drinks our outstanding as well.

Jun 04, 2015
Latinpig in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Beef Ribs

Ted Cooks!

Jun 03, 2015
Latinpig in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Jfood Returns to Libertine - Somewhat disappointing after Fantastic First Visit

Does not sound too bad other than the Tuna.

Jfood visits Vincent A Restaurant - Not to his liking

Jfood, I concur on the Cassoulet, it is very good at Vincent. I have never liked the Vincent burger as much as some. You should go to the Parlor Bar (below Burrough), it is supposed to have an amazing Burger.

Mar 09, 2015
Latinpig in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Discovering Tequila & I Like It!

My go to for sipping is Patron Anejo. For less expensive, I really like Milagro Silver for mixed drinks.

Feb 26, 2015
Latinpig in Spirits

Question for the Board: Should we stop talking about Old and New World wine?


Feb 18, 2015
Latinpig in Wine

What 2010 Brunello and Barolo offerings have you been acquiring???

Some of mine are:

2010 Cavallotto Barolo Bricco Boschis Nebbiolo

2010 Canalicchio di Sopra Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese

2010 San Filippo Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese

2010 G.D. Vajra Barolo Albe Nebbiolo

2010 Fontanafredda Barolo Serralunga d'Alba Nebbiolo

2010 Paolo Scavino Barolo Carobric Nebbiolo

Feb 13, 2015
Latinpig in Wine

Super Bowl Cocktail??? What is everyone drinking??

I am thinking of pulling out the Margaritaville for this one. I really like using the Kah Reposado "El Diablo" 110 Proof.

Jan 28, 2015
Latinpig in Spirits

Wine Pairing with Lobster Bisque?

Sherry is an amazing match. The Capital Grill pours some Sherry over the top of the actual soup when they serve it.

Jan 09, 2015
Latinpig in Wine

Drinking tonight?

Which Gin did you prefer?

Jan 09, 2015
Latinpig in Spirits

Pork belly... Restaurant which has it on the menu?

Matsu - Pork Belly Ramen is very tasty.

Jan 06, 2015
Latinpig in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Drinking tonight?

What is everyone having for New Years?

I am thinking Gin Martinis.

Dec 31, 2014
Latinpig in Spirits

Spoon and Stable - Anyone been?

I just ate their on Sat. I loved the decor and the service was amazing but I have to agree with Drew13000, the food was good but not great. First, looking at the menu, I think the chef did not take enough risks. Pot Roast can only be so good. It is something I can get at Lurcat and it it is just as good. Mine was a little over cooked on one end. The pastas too were not breaking any new ground. The goat parpadelle was good but not spectacular. Something you can get at Bar Lagrassa and does not approach the amazing level Heidi's 2.0 was at. The clams bucatini was very fishy tasting. The bison tartar did stand out as an excellent dish(with a nice spciy kick) in the aps and my wife loved the pumpkin soup. The risotto was also excellent. The pork was a touch dry for my taste.

In the end, I will go back but I felt a little let down. The chef is trying to do comfort food while I was hoping for a little more edge. We do not get many people in this town with his experience. I was hoping he would spread his wings a little more.

E H Taylor Single Barrel??

The Stagg Jr may be a good option. It is a little easier to find than the Antique Collection and is more reasonable. It is not a Rye like the Handy but a really well made Bourbon. If he likes Rye, High-West has some really fun Rye offerings you should look at.

Dec 12, 2014
Latinpig in Spirits

Brass Monkey

When I was a kid, there used to be a pre-mixed Brass Monkey cocktail made by Heublein. When it was no longer bottled, I usued to have a recipe for a Brass Monkey which involved dark rum. For a long time I used a bottle of Bacardi Dark rum which they no longer make. Does anyone know of a comparable Dark Rum? Also, does anyone have a good Brass Monkey recipe. More nostalgia than anything else.

Dec 03, 2014
Latinpig in Spirits

Little Szechuan (St. Paul)

Has anyone compared the St. Paul location with the West End?

Dec 01, 2014
Latinpig in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Snagged some hard to find Bourbons to try

Back in the day when Pappy use to sit on the shelve for months, I use to really like the 13 Year old Rye

Nov 25, 2014
Latinpig in Spirits

Snagged some hard to find Bourbons to try

I agree on the Pappy. I know people go crazy for it but I really love the Antique Collection the most. Yes, I got this years Old Forester. I am trying to source some of the Makers Mark.

Nov 24, 2014
Latinpig in Spirits


I ate their Sat night. The food was actually really good but they lose points for their wine service. The wine glasses are those horrible thick libbey gasses. No decanter. They gave us a water pitcher and a mixing bowl full of ice to chill the wine in lieu of an ice bucket. It was comical. The food was worth it though. Had the two chicken dishes and both were really good (I never order chicken at a restaurant #Bourdain).

Greek style

chipotle honey

We also had a steak ( ONGLET) and the lamb ribs which were both really tasty. A true highlight was the BONE MARROW TOAST
(onion jam, parsley, crunchy salt, Rebel Yell if you want) I would go back because the menu was so good but bring my own wine glasses. A fun place to share food.

Nov 21, 2014
Latinpig in Minneapolis-St. Paul

[UPDATE] Vote for your favorite restaurants in Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area for "Best of 2014."

My go to place. Love to eat in the bar so you can eat off both menus.

Nov 21, 2014
Latinpig in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Make your own bitters

Has anyone done this? I got a kit from a kickstarter a while back and just made my first batch. I used there citrus base and then added dried cherries. I will taste it this weekend and follow up. It is really easy to do. You probably don't need a kit at all.

Nov 21, 2014
Latinpig in Spirits

High West A Midwinter Nights Dram

Yes. It is very rich and you don't need a lot to sip and enjoy.

Nov 21, 2014
Latinpig in Spirits

High West A Midwinter Nights Dram

Great holiday Rye. Please read my notes and like!!

Nov 20, 2014
Latinpig in Spirits

Angels Envy

For those looking for a nice cross-over bourbon (from Scotch), check out the bellow tasting note. Please follow me also. Thanks!!!!!!!

Nov 14, 2014
Latinpig in Spirits