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First Oakland Wine Festival coming to Mills College

The East Bay Vintners Alliance, putting on the 10th (IIRC) annual Urban Wine Xperience in August, would disagree that this is Oakland's "first ever wine festival."

Perhaps the author meant first this year.

Flint's BBQ status? [Oakland]

Cornelius Flintroy update:


Where to buy baby artichokes?

Bob's Produce Stand, Half Moon Bay- also a good stop for fresh local peas.

The Revival Of Lamb Ham: A Colonial Tradition Renewed

Something to look for in '16:


Downtown Oakland Lunch Spots [split from Stag's Lunchette thread]

The Tay Ho bahn mi are quite an improvement on quality over the likes of Cam Huong, and at a reasonable markup. When I've gone the takeout options were grilled chicken or pork, with shrimp available dine-in only, though they began with just shrimp for take-out. I was disappointed as I nearly always eat lunch at my desk and was looking forward to the shrimp, despite the fact that the pics out there depict the shrimp with unappetizing tails still on.

Can't agree on Hen House- their "pizza oven" is entirely inadequate. It blisters the top quite attractively but leaves the bottom a sodden unspotted drooping mess, and they've rather a heavy hand with the cheese, compacting the issue. I'm not sure what they're thinking with Desco and their wood-burning oven right there within sight.

Hasnia - Algerian restaurant (Berkeley)

Per Luke Tsai:

"...Said Ghozali, the restaurant's manager and head cook, is an Algiers native who spent years working as an expediter at high-end San Francisco restaurants such as Fifth Floor and Gary Danko. Unlike those restaurants, however, Hasnia has no such fine-dining aspirations: Most of the dishes are from recipes that Ghozali learned from his mother..."


West Oakland Suggestions

While the food is as delicious as ever I haven't seen ramen on B-dama's menu...

Looking for natural casing hot dogs in grocery stores/meat markets in the San Francisco Bay Area

Miller's, 105-year-old local company originally from Oakland, now based in Lodi, are widely available. Read the label as they also make non-natural casing dogs.

As the scoreboard at the Colisuem said for years, "The Best Hot Dogs in the World."

Franklin BBQ pop up mid-May?

Barbecue pits are like fine violins, or pianos- well-tuned, a pitmaster knows his instrument as fortunate others might know their lover.

I am highly skeptical that brisket at this pop-up will equal what Franklin, by all accounts I've heard or read, turns out on a daily basis in Austin.

Therefore I leave you all to your interminable line, awaiting the day I shall feast in situ, as it were.


Pliny the Younger Sightings 2015

Double or triple IPAs I've had in the past week or two that are as good or better than PtY with no line, no crowding, no BS- Knee Deep Simtra and Hoptologist, Drake's Hopocalypse (black and green label), and Stone Enjoy By, with Simtra being the best of the bunch.

Feb 18, 2015
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B Side BBQ in Oakland

And the plans to move uptown have seemingly been scrapped, though Holland says the brisket will return sometime.


Anyone else over Guy Fierri?

From Conan...

Po' Boy @ The Chef and Her Farmer (Oakland)

That may well be delicious, but it looks nothing like any poboy I've ever seen.

US geography game : Bay Area restaurant edition

New Mexico- Green Chile Kitchen (SF, Marin)

Chicago- Roy's Chicago Doggery (Petaluma); pizza- Little Star, The Star, Paxti's, Zachary's

US geography game : Bay Area restaurant edition

The Red Grape, Sonoma- New Haven, CT pizza.

Saturday breakfast spot in East Bay: Good food, Not too crowded

Ful/phool is a great option.

Best phool- Shihan phool, Alem's Cafe in Claremont across from the DMV. This stuff is delicious; I am addicted. Decent coffee, but held in a Cambro.

Ful a notch lower, but better coffee service and booths- MLK Cafe near MacArthur BART.

I frequent both at the time you need and can assure you will find a table and can linger as long as your coffee lasts.

If you have a group, note that Alem's is markedly smaller.

Centouno - Oakland JLS

Maybe the coworking space on the upper floors will be wholly occupied by country music-related startups staffed by cowboys waving their hats in the air as they slide down the "28ft gravity powered productivity booster."


Centouno - Oakland JLS

Centouno closed a couple months ago.

The new concept going into the space is bizarre, to the point that it could be a joke- "Oakland's Home of Country Music" complete with line dancing lessons.

A collection of sports logos includes Nascar, Wrestlemania and SEC football.

The menu emphasizes outlandish burgers- the Jack London is stuffed with mashed potatoes; another is stuffed with mac and cheese. There's a Fabio burger as well.

Lots of craft beer logos- "Ice cold beer- hard booze- wine- shots."

Definitely not the new craft beer and burger type of place discussed in a recent thread...


Chef Edwards BBQ [Oakland]

Just learned Chef Edwards opened a new restaurant in Rio Vista in August 2012:



Chef Edwards, Rio Vista- reports?

Just learned, somewhat randomly, that Oakland's Chef Edwards relocated to Rio Vista in 2012, rather than closing for good as I and others had thought.

I'll be going up on my next BBQ roadie for a Piggly Wiggly, but in the meantime I'm wondering if any 'hounds have been?



Cool spots open on New Year's Day?

Cosecha is doing a special brunch 11-3, "Comida que cura la cruda" (hangover food).

Mama Papa Lithuania Restaurant & Tea House in Alameda

I dine there frequently. Favorite dishes include pickles with sour cream, fried bread, potato dumplings and cabbage rolls. The Barrel 95 beer pairs suberbly with everything.

Anyone else getting tired of "new" Craft Beer, Gourmet Burgers & 3rd Wave Coffee joints in Bay Area?

English Ales' brewery in Marina is an excellent stop on the way to/from the Monterey peninsula, and their offerings can occasionally be found around here. I enjoy their 1066 pale.

KronnerBurger [San Francisco]

Controversy on Piedmont Ave surrounding destruction of the Key Route mural:



Michael Bauer's incomprehensible rating logic

But he just said "New (Terrapin Crossroads) chef Jason Arbusto creates my new favorite cioppino"!!!


Quick question: A place for a drink and a snack in Oakland this afternoon

Dogwood opens at 4.

Generic paprika - what is it?

Yes I have, years ago off a big supermarket shelf.

Once the proprietress of a Russian deli scolded me when I told her why I was looking inside the tin before purchase.

Dallas Morning News’ restaurant critic ditches anonymity

"After several years of engaging with increasing frequency in the ridiculous ritual of pretending not to be recognized by chefs and restaurateurs who are pretending not to recognize me, I’m dropping the ritual. It’s dated. And it’s a distraction."

"The element of surprise is the most valuable tool in a critic’s arsenal. If a restaurant doesn’t know I’m coming, its chefs can’t prepare anything special in advance... I can usually tell when I’m getting special treatment, and I don’t fall for it."


New York magazine's critic did the same 10 months ago, ditching the "dated charade" of anonymity.

I'm all for it. What steams me are bloggers who get invited to dine at restaurants gratis, and then post photos and reviews. They get crossed off my reading list immediately.

What's good near Lincoln/Auburn? [Follow this discussion on our California board]

The Hillbilly is good at breakfast- biscuits and gravy, sausage, eggs. Bloody Mary $9, comes with a beer too.

Smokehouse 10 BBQ & Catering in Martinez

I regret not having been able to return to Smokehouse 10 before they closed.

Dave Tendick will continue to compete, cater and vend, so anyone searching for catering should still give him a call.

He did very well vending at the Oaktown Throwdown in August. 100+ racks of ribs both days.