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Spiny Lobster in Northern California (When in season...)

There are a couple restaurants specializing in Puerto Nuevo-style lobster in San Diego.

Hatch Chiles 2015

Typical dysfunction in Alameda today- we got to put our names on a list, box number 8 of the day. The roaster told us he'd call us when they were ready- he didn't. We showed up, asked at the produce dept., and there was a box with our name on it in the back, still warm.

There was no fresh chile inside available for purchase.

The poor lady in the checkout line behind us had made three attempts, having been told it was first come first served each time. The cashier also insisted it's always been first come, first served. Well it wasn't for us, nor has it always been in prior years.

Fights could easily break out over less than this.

These are Young Guns, medium hots. They were roasted very well, perfect for freezing and use now.

I clearly got lucky.

Another classic bites the dust, La Borinquena. [Oakland]

There was a line out the door a bit before 1pm today, which sadly meant I had to pass by.

Where to eat near breweries?

A friend in the industry told me to start at one end of 30th St and keep on "til you puke," so, yeah, minus the puke.

Jul 19, 2015
Pius Avocado III in San Diego

Another classic bites the dust, La Borinquena. [Oakland]

The frijoles also have lard,something we will probably never see again downtown. Those beans are so good.

I'm a 16-year patron, and I'm going to have to load up on tamales to freeze- they're a fixture in our home on Xmas Eve.

Regular chile colorado burrito; burrito with lardy beans, rice and cheese; crispy taco with, yes, carne molida, generously showered with cotija, lettuce, and their basic yet satisfying salsa; tamale with beans and rice...

They are archetypal-both for Oakland and Mexican restaurants generally.

Superb, fresh tortillas available by the bag.

This place will be missed. You can probably find me dining in for lunch every day I can manage til July 31.

Where to eat near breweries?

You guys have a great board- thanks for all your recs, and keep 'em coming.

Jul 18, 2015
Pius Avocado III in San Diego

Where to eat near breweries?

All solid reccos.

Agreed on Toronado, but I'm a 25 minute drive from the original.

Green Flash- Cellar 3 it is!

St.Archer is on the list because we just recently got distribution up here, and their pale and IPA have impressed. I am a big fan of well-balanced pales that step away from the high-octane, hop-driven IPAs dominating the current scene here in California.

Jul 18, 2015
Pius Avocado III in San Diego

Where to eat near breweries?

I've had the pizza at the San Clemente location, and it was an unfortunate, overtopped, overcheesed mistake- am I out of date, or perhaps that location is particularly poor?

I have also found the quality of the beers uneven, both across styles at a given location, and at different locations (I've been to San Clemente and Carlsbad), which I attribute to smaller brewhouses and different brewmasters.

Is there a Pizza Port that stands out, on either beer or pizza? I currently plan to skip them.

Jul 18, 2015
Pius Avocado III in San Diego

Where to eat near breweries?

I have to say as a Master BBQ judge my bar is set pretty lofty, and the only SD place I'm considering in the unlikely event I have BBQ is Coop's. Tell me if I'm wrong. In any event I'm definitely going to Alpine and will be able to gauge the 'cue when I see the pit setup.

Rip Current- I was unaware there were two spots to sample, great info. North Park it is.

Port- Lost Abbey is a big part of the draw, so San Marcos.

Jul 18, 2015
Pius Avocado III in San Diego

Where to eat near breweries?

Modern Times looks exactly like what I'm looking for- places that a NorCal beer lover is not aware of, and your appreciation of Alpine speaks volumes.

My list is getting crowded, but they're on it, thanks.

All other recommendations for my beer list are welcome, especially anyone noteworthy doing interesting things with Brett, barrel-aging, use of local fruit, Belgian inspired or otherwise out of the hop-driven norm.

Jul 18, 2015
Pius Avocado III in San Diego

Where to eat near breweries?

I absolutely take my burgers rare, so long as sufficient char is also present in the crust.

Luce is on the radar, and not just for the beer agenda- thanks.

Jul 18, 2015
Pius Avocado III in San Diego

Where to eat near breweries?

San Diego- greetings from an ex-pat SoCal native visiting from Oakland next week.

I’ve gathered many of your recommendations and am left with one request. Visiting breweries around the county will be a big part of my visit, but I typically find the fare at brewpubs a waste of a meal unless the local restaurant scene is weak.

I’ll be sampling brews around lunchtime and perhaps dinner on several days and looking for somewhere not too far away for a meal. Alberto’s and, as I’ve learned from some of your posts, Super Sergio’s type spots would fit the bill- up here I have to make a detour in a town 40 miles away to get a proper SoCal carne asada burrito.

Here’s my shortlist of breweries so far:

St. Archer
Green Flash
Ballast Point
Rip Current

There is a disturbing trend in NorCal leading me to avoid many of our best breweries on weekends. Russian River is a prime example- I used to be able to belly up there any time I pleased, then I had to institute The 12:30pm Rule (if you’re not parking the car by 12:30, don’t bother trying to get a seat) which quickly became The 11:30 Rule, which got torn up when I drove by last Saturday to find a permanent host stand set up outside to accommodate a line stretching down the block on a day with no special release, no band, nothing other than their regularly-scheduled programming.

Where might you go for lunch after sampling brews at any of these spots, or do any have noteworthy food? Are there any I should be especially wary of trying to wedge myself into on a weekend?

Jul 17, 2015
Pius Avocado III in San Diego

First Oakland Wine Festival coming to Mills College

The East Bay Vintners Alliance, putting on the 10th (IIRC) annual Urban Wine Xperience in August, would disagree that this is Oakland's "first ever wine festival."

Perhaps the author meant first this year.

Flint's BBQ status? [Oakland]

Cornelius Flintroy update:

Where to buy baby artichokes?

Bob's Produce Stand, Half Moon Bay- also a good stop for fresh local peas.

The Revival Of Lamb Ham: A Colonial Tradition Renewed

Something to look for in '16:

Downtown Oakland Lunch Spots [split from Stag's Lunchette thread]

The Tay Ho bahn mi are quite an improvement on quality over the likes of Cam Huong, and at a reasonable markup. When I've gone the takeout options were grilled chicken or pork, with shrimp available dine-in only, though they began with just shrimp for take-out. I was disappointed as I nearly always eat lunch at my desk and was looking forward to the shrimp, despite the fact that the pics out there depict the shrimp with unappetizing tails still on.

Can't agree on Hen House- their "pizza oven" is entirely inadequate. It blisters the top quite attractively but leaves the bottom a sodden unspotted drooping mess, and they've rather a heavy hand with the cheese, compacting the issue. I'm not sure what they're thinking with Desco and their wood-burning oven right there within sight.

Hasnia - Algerian restaurant (Berkeley)

Per Luke Tsai:

"...Said Ghozali, the restaurant's manager and head cook, is an Algiers native who spent years working as an expediter at high-end San Francisco restaurants such as Fifth Floor and Gary Danko. Unlike those restaurants, however, Hasnia has no such fine-dining aspirations: Most of the dishes are from recipes that Ghozali learned from his mother..."

West Oakland Suggestions

While the food is as delicious as ever I haven't seen ramen on B-dama's menu...

Looking for natural casing hot dogs in grocery stores/meat markets in the San Francisco Bay Area

Miller's, 105-year-old local company originally from Oakland, now based in Lodi, are widely available. Read the label as they also make non-natural casing dogs.

As the scoreboard at the Colisuem said for years, "The Best Hot Dogs in the World."

Franklin BBQ pop up mid-May?

Barbecue pits are like fine violins, or pianos- well-tuned, a pitmaster knows his instrument as fortunate others might know their lover.

I am highly skeptical that brisket at this pop-up will equal what Franklin, by all accounts I've heard or read, turns out on a daily basis in Austin.

Therefore I leave you all to your interminable line, awaiting the day I shall feast in situ, as it were.


Pliny the Younger Sightings 2015

Double or triple IPAs I've had in the past week or two that are as good or better than PtY with no line, no crowding, no BS- Knee Deep Simtra and Hoptologist, Drake's Hopocalypse (black and green label), and Stone Enjoy By, with Simtra being the best of the bunch.

Feb 18, 2015
Pius Avocado III in Beer

B Side BBQ in Oakland

And the plans to move uptown have seemingly been scrapped, though Holland says the brisket will return sometime.

Anyone else over Guy Fierri?

From Conan...

Po' Boy @ The Chef and Her Farmer (Oakland)

That may well be delicious, but it looks nothing like any poboy I've ever seen.

US geography game : Bay Area restaurant edition

New Mexico- Green Chile Kitchen (SF, Marin)

Chicago- Roy's Chicago Doggery (Petaluma); pizza- Little Star, The Star, Paxti's, Zachary's

US geography game : Bay Area restaurant edition

The Red Grape, Sonoma- New Haven, CT pizza.

Saturday breakfast spot in East Bay: Good food, Not too crowded

Ful/phool is a great option.

Best phool- Shihan phool, Alem's Cafe in Claremont across from the DMV. This stuff is delicious; I am addicted. Decent coffee, but held in a Cambro.

Ful a notch lower, but better coffee service and booths- MLK Cafe near MacArthur BART.

I frequent both at the time you need and can assure you will find a table and can linger as long as your coffee lasts.

If you have a group, note that Alem's is markedly smaller.

Centouno - Oakland JLS

Maybe the coworking space on the upper floors will be wholly occupied by country music-related startups staffed by cowboys waving their hats in the air as they slide down the "28ft gravity powered productivity booster."

Centouno - Oakland JLS

Centouno closed a couple months ago.

The new concept going into the space is bizarre, to the point that it could be a joke- "Oakland's Home of Country Music" complete with line dancing lessons.

A collection of sports logos includes Nascar, Wrestlemania and SEC football.

The menu emphasizes outlandish burgers- the Jack London is stuffed with mashed potatoes; another is stuffed with mac and cheese. There's a Fabio burger as well.

Lots of craft beer logos- "Ice cold beer- hard booze- wine- shots."

Definitely not the new craft beer and burger type of place discussed in a recent thread...