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Smokehouse 10 BBQ & Catering in Martinez

I regret not having been able to return to Smokehouse 10 before they closed.

Dave Tendick will continue to compete, cater and vend, so anyone searching for catering should still give him a call.

He did very well vending at the Oaktown Throwdown in August. 100+ racks of ribs both days.

The FiveThirtyEight Does Burritos

Cutting burritos lengthwise and spreading them open sure produces some disgusting photos. They bring autopsies to mind.

Vice Media- Munchies

I began following Vice on the strength of Simon Ostrovsky's excellent war reporting from Ukraine, and found their "Munchies" area serendipitously after the latest dispatch from Mariupol.

"I Ate Dinner in a Tajik Hellhole" was particularly resonant, as I learned that there is a Tajik version of mantu or manti, a dish I have been enjoying greatly in Afghani venues here around Oakland, CA. There are interesting photos of the Tajiki, err, restaurant, and dishes as well.

Might be worth a look to many here, at least occasionally.


Somewhat amusing Guy Fieri parodies as well:


Oakland Help Please... Need dinner and cocktail/dessert spots for TONIGHT

One so inclined might want to check it out sooner rather than later- the operations manager and executive chef left before opening due to the owner's temper.

Alameda PD and California ABC are reviewing the liquor license after the drunken, prbation-violating owner bit a cop while resisting arrest on opening night.


Gut Reaction - Drinks after work in Oakland

Hatch Green Chiles 2014

My web searches turned up an LA Times article from last year quoting Mr. Schueller, a few other vendors making the certified Hatch claim, and a TV news story from last Friday, days after the NM program launched.

It's worth watching for the perspective of farmers opposed to the program, but most germane to our discussion is this:

"The new certified chile program also allows for a registered chile grower in any part of the state to call the chile they grow Hatch green chile."


Jack's Oyster Bar & Fish House-Jack London [Oakland]

We went to Jack's Sunday afternoon. We ordered a dozen of the $1.50 oyster (Steamboat, a new one for me) and after trying each of the three sauces, stuck to lemon- the habanero was particularly ill-suited as an oyster accompaniment. I doubt they'll sell much of the other oysters before 6pm given the huge price gap ($36 to $48 a dozen). These took quite awhile to come out, as there was just one shucker.

The poke was good, with crisply-fried sheets of seaweed and a superfluous quail egg yolk, but we only got 5 or 6 small cubes of ahi for $14 (perhaps I'm biased- I'll be buying poke by the pound on Kaua'i for less than that in a few weeks).

The clam chowder is really bacon chowder- we had two undistinguished clams. The smoked potatoes seemed like ordinary potatoes, and were undercooked with a crisp, apple-like texture. It is on the menu as a "small bowl," but at $9 it's priced like a bowl and served like a cup.

Cocktails were good, but continue the diminutive-yet-pricey theme- $11 or $12 for a small martini glass and an even smaller, wine festival-type glass for the Manhattan, both 2/3 full.

The television seems out of place for what I think they're aiming for.

JLS needs a decent seafood-focused restaurant but I fear Jack's is not it. From the rest of the menu, they meddle with the lobster roll by grafting it onto a pretzel bun and adding cole slaw, and I don't think I could ever justify $23 fish and chips.

Hatch Green Chiles 2014

East End.

Anula's Cafe (Oakland)

Sad news- Luke Tsai reports that a health inspector has decreed that Anula's can no longer serve meat:


Hatch Green Chiles 2014

I doubt the provenance of the chile being sold at Mollie Stone's. While the word Hatch appears often on their website, they identify their supplier as Melissa's Produce.

Melissa's has this to say about their source:

"These chiles are named after the original growing area in Hatch, New Mexico. No other chile is prized more than this variety which grows in the Mesilla Valley, just north of Las Cruces."


Las Cruces is 40 miles SE of the Hatch area.

Whisky bars in Oakland area?

Do you mean to draw a distinction between, say bourbon and Scotch by using the whisky spelling?

For bourbon, Pican. For both bourbon and Scotch, District would be hard to beat- particularly strong rye selection.

Edit: didn't notice the date of the OP.

Grand Lake Kwik Way reopened: drive-thru burgers and fries [Oakland]

Count me an idiot with extremely bad taste, or acknowledge that Miller's corn dogs hand-dipped and fried to order were legitimately awesome- take your pick, I don't mind.

But what's "the Korean owner" supposed to mean?

Lost & Found Beer Garden - Oakland

I haven't posted because I haven't tried the food but it's certainly one of the more pleasant places to drink beer in town- hard to beat the towering back wall emblazoned "PARAMOUNT" for Oakland charm, and it really is garden-like.

Initially I was hearing a lot of Romper Room comparisons with kids running amok, but I haven't observed that, including on weekend afternoons.

The FiveThirtyEight Does Burritos

I haven't been to the one in SF in years but El Farolito is head of the class for indoor taqueria fare in Oakland.

Lately I'm fond of the quesadilla suiza over the burrito.

Eating in Season: Squash Blossoms

At Nido last night I had two dishes featuring, but not highlighting, flor de calabaza. The tlacoyo de chicharos con calabacitas actually had more squash than peas, and the flores were somewhat buried in the mix, which didn’t hinder its deliciousness.

Similarly, the flores in the pollo sobado en pipian verde were blended into the pipian with the pepitas. Again, a very good dish. The highlight of the meal flor-wise was the most perfect, small, fresh squash blossom I’ve ever seen perched on the side of the plate. I ate it unadorned, and life was good.

The Governor was leaving as we were in between courses- fresh off the plane from Mexico, and his first stop was Nido!

Westbrae Biergarten (Berkeley)

No Worries is vegan Filipino ( a contradiction in terms IMHO)- faux meat.

I was excited to see a Filipino truck at the 12th St. pod last week, until I saw the menu and recalled that this is the former brick and mortar spot that didn't last long near 14th and Franklin.

The place is a bit controversial in the nabe, fueled by the World Cup:


Pub to sample California Microbrews

It's a bit of a trek from LA but my best beer experience on a recent trip to LA (for Game Two of the Stanley Cup Final!) was at Beachwood in Long Beach. Very California-centric list, including their own beers, served from the "flux capacitor."

I wouldn't have gone had I not flown out of Long Beach, but I might go out of my way in the future as I didn't even get to try the barbecue.

Pub to sample California Microbrews

As to service, yes it gets crowded. I've always found that making eye contact, nodding, and waiting patiently for the server behind the bar to go through his/her strategy for serving patrons in front of you mitigates any surliness, and you're treated well the next time you come up for another round- primarily because some people shout out, wave cash around etc and that gets the opposite treatment.

Pub to sample California Microbrews

Oh, and the Toronado doesn't have food, but you're welcome to bring some in from Rosamunde (sausages) next door, or Memphis Minnie's across the street (barbecue).

Pub to sample California Microbrews

Per the beer list currently posted online, approximately a quarter of them are from California.

Like you said, OP wants a California microbrew focus for what may be his one chance to hit a pub in SF.

Home made frozen dumplings, East Bay?

Second Tian Jin.

Regular menu items: pork with chive and pork w/ cabbage, $6.99 for 20, $17.50 for 50.

Order a day ahead, minumum order of 50: pork/celery $14.95; pork, chive, shrimp and egg; beef and carrot; flounder and celery all $19.95/50.

I haven't ordered any of the special dumplings, but the two regular are delicious.

Pub to sample California Microbrews

Copenhagen-based, with outposts in Stockholm, Bangkok...hard to get less local than that.

Pub to sample California Microbrews

If you can only go to one, the Toronado has got to be it. Not 100% local, but there will be plenty there for you.

They seem to be updating their list these days, take a look:


Unique to SF or Cal - Must eats for out-of towners

Archetypal Mission burrito at Taqueria el Farolito.

I fully expect someone to reply saying that burritos are not a local specialty because they exist outside SF/CA- there seems to be as much negative feedback in this thread than positive...

Eastbay Mediterranean Deli with takeout salads (besides Oasis)

Adam's on Franklin between 14th and 15th in Oakland doesn't check all your boxes, but more than half, along with other items you didn't mention:



Marrow in Oakland has served a great, unconventional version with corned beef in place of dried beef, though I haven't seen it in awhile.

I make mine at home with bresaola.

Horrifying Jello Recipes

The Mid Century Menu is indispensable on this and related matters:


new Oakland lunch place - Uncle Dougie's

According to the SF mag Oakland 100 list discussed in another thread, Uncle Dougie is plying his trade at the Layover, 10pm-2am Weds-Sat. 15th & Franklin.

Josh Sens's Oakland top 100

Think this is really Sens' top 10; entries beyond page 1 are initialed SD, RFM, or EC (when initialed at all).

New Korean takeout in Oakland - EM Deli

EM Market next to Chopstick closed.

EM Deli and Catering is directly across the street; website says they opened in May.