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Hatch Chiles 2015

Their peppers on their site don't look very "roasted"

This is how I like mine roasted for easy skin removal.

Maybe I'm over roasting?

about 3 hours ago
Mission in San Francisco Bay Area

The Dark Side of Backyard Chickens

"Setting up a coop with maintenance, tools, cleaning equipment, heating and cooling appliances, dishes, nets, food storage, a scale, fencing, security locks, lighting, motion detectors, monitors, cameras, and a city permit to make sure the whole thing is legal costs about $5,000."

I bet there is not one person in the world that bought all that crap for a few chickens!

Aug 30, 2015
Mission in Features

The Dark Side of Backyard Chickens

"Why the massive jump? Britton Clouse blames the urban husbandry fad" on white yuppie's!

"For a demographic so enamored with the 'natural,' people are hopelessly ignorant about basic biology and chicken behavior," says Britton Clouse.

What about the large influx of undocumented immigrants?

Who grew up with cockfighting.

Same reason why chihuahuas are so abundant in shelters.

Aug 30, 2015
Mission in Features

Hatch Chiles 2015

Q. When cleaning off the roasted people retain some of the seeds for extra heat?

Q. Has anyone tried growing "Hatch" chili's in the Bay Area from the seeds? Just wondering how they came out?

Hatch Chiles 2015

Oakland Rockridge Safeway had the heat level noted on its small display.

99 Cents/pound.

Hatch Chiles 2015

The "pro" will probably be a slacker who does not understand what the concept or goal of roasting peppers even is!

The Growlers' Arms [Glenview, Oakland]

Restaurants with stupid names rarely last long.

A bad name can be indicative of many other poor decisions made by the owner or management.

Germany has banned "FoodPorn" photography in Restaurants!

Will this soon be coming to America?

Good or bad?

Aug 15, 2015
Mission in Food Media & News

Germany has banned "FoodPorn" photography in Restaurants!

Aug 15, 2015
Mission in Food Media & News

Doug's BBQ- are they open again?

I would love some Doug's Smoked goat!

Oakland – Sushi – Shogun

I think the same owner used to own this place in Napa?

Oakland – Sushi – Shogun

Ozumo a good deal?

Ozumo is probably the worst deal on sushi in the Eastbay!

Which Berkeley Bowl is less annoying?

Oregon/Shattuck Ave is the most annoying store in all of Northern California.

From the minute you arrive into their parking lot...its PC torture.

The first 3 times I went to that store I left without buying anything...I could not handle it.

West Berkeley is way better...there is not enough parking during prime time shopping however.

Hatch Chiles 2015

Been to Nob Hill in Alameda roastings 4 times...only got roasted chili's one time due to assorted incompetence on their part.

However...they always had some to buy for self-roasting.

Best to roast yourself in a charcoal chimney anyway.

Cholo Soy, mini mall for $5 ceviche in the Mission, SF? thanks

Oakland – Sushi – Shogun


I'll check it out.

Oakland – Sushi – Shogun

Sounds like my cup of green they have a sushi bar?

Or just tables?

Do you know anything about their happy hour?


Best Bay Area bagels?

The vast majority of pizza places in NYC use worst ingredients than Round Table.

Best Bay Area bagels?

The vast majority of pizza places in NYC are no better than Round Table.

Coffee house? w/couches in oakland or emeryville (grand-lake area preferred)

Cole Coffee
307 63rd St @ College ave.
Oakland, CA 94618

Has a couch and some nice chairs to lounge in.

Where to go out in Berkeley?

Kingfish Pub & Cafe

Address: 5227 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609
Phone:(510) 655-7373

Where to go out in Berkeley?

The newly moved and reopened KingFish Cafe and Pub is a straight shot down Telegraph in Oakland and has a very lively young scene and great drink prices.

Super new outdoor bar.

Plus after drinks you can walk a block or two and have great food in the Temescal district.

Mourad's family-style lamb shoulder [San Francisco]

Is this the place in Milpitas?

Any boysenberry sightings at local farmers markets?

Mid June is prime time for my boysenberries in Oakland.

Fuse Box restaurant Oakland

Bay Wolf to close after 40 years in Oakland on Piedmont Ave.

Good one had me going there.

Sadly that would still not surprise me if something like that goes in.

Bay Wolf to close after 40 years in Oakland on Piedmont Ave.

Please,please don't become another burger and craft beer joint.

Anyone try Mistura the new Peruvian chicken place on Piedmont ave.Oakland?

Anyone seen any ground Goat meat or a Goat burger in Eastbay?

I've heard it makes a great burger and would like give it a try.

Best Authentic Chinese in Richmond, CA

Why no mention of Oakland's Chinatown?

I think the OP will find many similar style dishes and takeaway Chinese food store fronts that is mentioned and seen in his link.