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Canning Supplies in DC Metro Area?

Where can one buy canning jars and the like in DC? I checked at the Wal-mart in Reston and they claim they no longer carry them... anyone else out there find them? I'd prefer to not buy them on line as the shipping is usually as expensive as the jars themselves. Thanks!

Leftovers: The Career Killer

YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME. If your upward mobility in your office is affected by your purchase of crappy sandwiches from Cosi or bringing your own lunch, then the quality of your work must me so mediocre that it's down to your luncheon plans to differentiate you from others. Sad.

Aug 08, 2007
shiftlessbadger in Features

Restaurant Supply in DC?

Thanks! I am going to check out Best Equipment this week and I let you know what I find out- I might try WEI this weekend. Thanks again!

Good Restaurant Supply in the Mid-Atlantic

I am looking for a good restaurant supply shop or cookware store in the Washington DC area- I'm tired of lugging all my stuff back from Zabar's and the Bowery in New York! Please share your recommendations!

Aug 02, 2007
shiftlessbadger in Cookware

Restaurant Supply in DC?

Can anyone recommend any good restaurant supply/ cookware supply shops in DC? I get tired of lugging everything back from Zabar's or the Bowery in New York... Nothing fancy, just need a place that I can buy a pastry bag or a spatula for less that twenty dollars. Thanks!