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Take-out recs in Laguna Hills/Aliso Viejo Vicinity

Jade Palace II is the best Chinese I've ever had. I love the orange chicken, veggie chow mein and the Vietnamese pho! Maybe they had an off day but I go there twice a month and it's constantly great!
The food is far less greasy than typical Chinese yet is still bursting with flavor.

Jun 03, 2008
cgoob in Los Angeles Area

Morgantown, WV

And that reminds me...Dairy Mart has great Strombolis that are always ready in four great flavors (pepperoni is my fav).

Boston Beanery does a great Grilled Ham & Swiss.

Mar 12, 2008
cgoob in Mid-Atlantic

Any good Chinese in South Orange County???

The best Chinese food I have ever had is at....


in Aliso Viejo!!!!! It's on the corner of Aliso Creek and Pacific Park, right in from of the Ralphs!!!!
The menu offers a wide variety of really TASTY, not greasy Chinese options as well as Pho Vietnamese soup!!!!
It is a MUST when in South OC!!!!!!

Jan 29, 2008
cgoob in Los Angeles Area

Need recs for best fish and chips in south orange county

I find it so strange that when you ask for something in South OC people recommend something in Fullerton or Costa Mesa. Do they not realize that it is 30 minutes WITHOUT traffic?
I know of two places Turks and Harpoon Henry's both in the Dana Point Harbor. Turks is a cool fisherman themed restaurant/bar with great F&C. Harpoon Henry's is very popular with the baby boomer generation but has a really good happy hour. F&C during happy hour is only $7.95 and is really good!!!

Jan 29, 2008
cgoob in Los Angeles Area

Morgantown, WV

I am with Jelavich! Olivero's does suck. And there are lots of other good restaurants in this town!

Jan 10, 2008
cgoob in Mid-Atlantic

Looking for Tart Yogurt in South Orange County

I am on a search for good froyo in South OC. Can anyone help me? The only place I know of that has it is called frozen cup. Any other ideas?

Sep 10, 2007
cgoob in Los Angeles Area

Lunch specials in Central/South OC area under $15 ??

Styx Pacific Grill on Greenfeild/Crown Valley off the 73 in Laguna Niguel. $6- $8 Asian lunch specials. Nice quiet restaurant, good/friendly service and tasty food. You can't beat the value.

Souplantation is also great. Huge, fresh salad/soup buffet for under $10 with a soda!

That's all I've got at the moment.

Aug 16, 2007
cgoob in Los Angeles Area

seeking good local eats in Buffalo, NY

I have just read all the posts and no one mentioned Bocce Club Pizza. There are two locations: the original on Bailey and the newer one on Hopkins and Dodge in Williamville. I grew up around the corner from the Hopkins location. The hot peppers are a must!

Top Chef - best cut ever (obviously a spoiler...)

Oh yea. Basically if the producers start showing someone that isn't one of the main people they follow closely, then you know that person is off!!!
But I liked Sara. I think Howie or CJ deserved to go. Howie is too arrogant and can't work in a team in a kitchen. That is what chefs must be able to do. And CJ was a terrible leader who has not made anything impressive this whole time on the show. I believe he did win one, but it was a team event. Sara has at least showed she is good.

Aug 09, 2007
cgoob in Food Media & News

Not to miss Buffalo eats next weekend?!

Jims Steakout is the best! You must order a chicken finger sub with hot(or medium) sauce and blue cheese. It comes on a 12" roll with LTO. Can not be missed!

My Tomato Pie in Amherst is also good. It's a cute Italian casual restaurant. Very healthy prepared dishes. Try the tomato-basil soup and a side of toasted pita bread. Salads are great too.