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Looking for a caterer for an at home party

I did a cocktail party for my birthday with Dining in Chez Vous last year and Chef Robyn was wonderful! She provided a server and a bartender and they were both incredible. The menu is on their site. Good luck with the party.

Where to buy the best cinnamon buns in TO

Two wonderful spots very close to each other (but VERY different). Both I would highly recommend!

Courage Foods on Kingston Road does an amazing rich cinnamon bun with lots of caramel and butter.

The other style is at Beaches Bakeshop & Cafe ( also on Kingston Road. Light and bun like it has a lovely cinnamon & cardamon flavour.

Lactantia® My Country Cultured Unsalted Butter STICKS - WHAT is going on???

Googs - though I would be the first to admit that nothing works as well as the sticks I ended up picking up one of these from Lee Valley and it actually works really well. Even measures in tablespoons.

Canadian treats for delivery to the UK

I would have to agree about Laura Secord - not worth it. I would recommend maybe a bit of Soma chocolate. I had a friend here from Caymans and she went wild for it. They do have a few interesting flavours that might be fun to include.

If you can find a place that sells Forbes Wild Foods they also have some interesting things - wild blueberry jam, cloudberry jam etc. I know they are at the Brickworks on Saturdays.

best coffee and/or best pastry within a 10 minute walk of Union Station?

I did not realize it was open already. Thank you!

Buttermilk Brands in Toronto?

I was going to suggest the same thing. THey only have it for a brief time. (not all year)

Local (Ontario or Canada) walnuts, chestnuts and other Christmas baking ingredients

For Chocolate try Chocosol's Darkness or Vanilla. It adds a lovely depth!

St. Lawrence Market - Peameal / Backbacon uncooked

Try Sausage King - I found a stunning peameal there the other day.

Beamsville area

If you are in Beamsville make sure to stop in a the Beamsville Bakery for doughnuts... trust me it's worth it.

Your favourite and least favourite cinnamon buns

I had the cinnamon buns from Beaches Bake Shop this weekend and they are incredibly worthy!

Not overly sweet but an amazing soft texture. If you like gooey sweet it might not be the bun for you BUT if you like a lovely soft sweet bready bun with pearl sugar on top you MUST try these...

anyone else visit multiple stores to complete shopping trip?

I'm the same as Jenna - the weekly ones are Brickworks, Carrot, butcher, local shop, bakery.

There are a few things that I will go to Loblaws/Longos or McEwens for...

Chef's Knives ...

It's true the site really is brutal. Luckily the in-shop service is good!

Chef's Knives ...

I got a chance to visit Hacher & Krain last year and was really very impressed. Small spot but wonderful quality and the owners are very knowledgeable!

Lamb Bacon

I was about to post saying that Buschbecks carries lamb bacon. I know they don't always have it but I've seen them post on their twitter feed @Buschbeckfarm if they are going to have it that week.

I've bought quite a bit of stuff from them and I really find that both their beef and lamb are really good!

To Tobermory via Hwy 6 or Hwy 10? Food wise, any advice?

There is an excellent Indian restaurant in Owen Sound - it used to be the Rocky Raccoon Cafe but apparently the name has changed to the Kathmandu Cafe.

I will admit that I have never been to the restaurant but I have heard raves...

What to bring back from Quebec (Montreal, Gatineau, Quebec City)

I would agree with the Creton recommendation - you can get it here but it just isn't the same.

Also Herbes Salees du Bas du Fleuve. This stuff is amazing on chicken, potatoes... anything! -

Best Lunch and Dinner Restaurant Req's for Toronto Near Blue Jays Stadium?


Best 'early morning' weekday brunch downtown?

There is a longer thread on this one -


Best Ontario Food Cities--Beyond Toronto?

We are heading to Bartlett Lodge (also in Algonquin Park) next week. I have heard glowing things about the food there as well!

NOTL & area restaurants

I love going to this area.

My favourite spot in the bench (not too far from Jordan) for lunch is the Good Earth Food and Wine Co. stunning patio looking out on the vineyard and the food is wonderful - They also offer picnic baskets if you want to take it somewhere else.

For Brunch you MUST try the Bleu Turtle Bistro - it is only open for breakfast and lunch but wonderful food. The Eggs Benedict with Pork belly is incredible.

Featherstone Winery offers light meals on their veranda. The view is stunning and the Charcute is really quite nice. I would call in advance to make sure they are serving though -

Oh BTW since you will be there in August go to the little market at 13th Street Winery and get some of their blackberries. You won't regret it.

best coffee and/or best pastry within a 10 minute walk of Union Station?

They have just opened a new cafe inside the Ritz Carleton at Simcoe and Wellington. It is on the main floor in the sushi bar location. (just to the left of the front door)

The cafe is only open from 6am to 1pm but they offer Pilot coffee. The pastries are apparently done in house and I have to admit they were pretty darn good! Service was excellent.

Your favourite and least favourite cinnamon buns

OK that is Wild I was found myself there this weekend - never been but it looked interesting. They also have really good buttertarts!

Need North York recommendation for a 50th wedding anniversary dinner

What about something like Grano? - South of Yonge & Eglinton - not too expensive but very lovely? Admittedly I haven't been there in ta few years though

Société-Orignal Maple Syrup from Quebec

My inlaws have done syrup every year for at least the last 40 years - typically they do about 250L of syrup per year.

What I have found is the Amber is from the end of the season. The light is typically from the very first few taps. The darker the syrup the later the time frame of the tapping.

As to what is high and low for quality IMHO it depends on where you are from. In Quebec I have seen that traditionally light is the premium, in Ontario people prefer darker. I just like a really good syrup - light or dark - but I have my own supplier. :)

I have seen years where there isn't much in terms of light and it goes straight to medium. Usually when the weather is warmer.

Bakeries that bake birthday cake from scratch

Andrea's Gerrard Street bakery does possibly the best Chocolate cake I have ever had.

Near Kingston Road and Vic Park

Other option there is Green Dragon. Its always pretty busy but food is pretty good. Also No Bull Burger is good as well.

These is a bit more on this thread -

Business/company dinner in downtown Toronto for 12-14

I would suggest Vertical in First Canadian Place and request one of their private rooms.

Road trips for yummy food?

Niagara Bench area for sure
- Bleu Turtle Bistro in St Catherines for breakfast (have the pork belly eggs benny - you will not regret it...)
- Beamsville Bakery for doughnuts
- Good Food & Earth Wine for lunch
- Featherstone Winery for charcute on their stunning porch
and well anywhere there for good wine!

If you want to stay over (and you might) then try Black Walnut Manor and do the Top Chef package - Rob Berry (from Bleu Turtle) comes and cooks for you at the manor. Plus the breakfasts are amazing and they know a number of people in the area.

Your favourite and least favourite cinnamon buns

The cinnamon buns at Courage Foods on Kingston Road have always been my fave. I think they only make them on weekends though.

Update on Broadview and Gerrard

I am actually a big fan of Pho House. Really cheap but filling pho.

Also Andrea's Gerrard Street Bakery is incredible. Go there and try one of their street car sandwiches or an empanada. The chocolate cake is also not to be missed.